Thursday, 28 January 2016

Would you like a cup of tea?

Hello Campers. Hi de Hi. I've been checking around the www to see what people are saying about my appearance on Good Morning Britain. There are both positive and negative comments, I've been answering some of them on their Facebook page. Of course it does not matter to me that people have a go at me, I find it quite amusing to be able to answer some of them. 
What does the inside of a mini TV studio looks like. It's an amazing array of screens and switches. The van is parked on the road outside my next door neighbours front because the signal is coming from between the two houses and the dish has to face that direction. 
Everything is set up inside the house and a cable is laid between van and house. Live filming is going to start in the living room, with the presenter Katy walking down the halway into the kitchen, where I will be waiting to do my piece. Katy enjoyed my mug of coffee :o)

Then the live filming is done, and twenty minutes later I can view it inside the van. She is asking me some questions. We had a little practice first, and I am trying not to hesitate, and remember the words. 
I already have the pan of veg stew, heated on the gas stove. I made it last night. We carry on talking as I am stirring.

I then spoon some into a bowl so she can taste it.

Katy hesitates, she doesn't look to impressed with the colour and texture. Go on Katy, Sprouts soup for breakfast is delicious, ha ha. 
YAY, she liked it and ate a couple of spoonfuls. I offered to put some into a plastic box so she could take some with her, I am generous like that, happy to share, but she declined my kind offer.

There was a lot of preparation beforehand, and it only took a few minutes to do it. With all the equipment packed away, Katy and the team were ready to go. .

Bye guys, have a good journey.

Don't forget to put the dish down.

Well that's all done and dusted. I've just had my lunch, the sprouts stew is lovely. Anybody for a cup of tea, I've got 159 tea bags left over, ha ha. No, I didn't buy them, the reporter from the Mail brought them with her. 
Here is the link to the piece on Good Morning Britain this morning. Thanks to Gill, that British Woman for finding it.

I've been having a mooch around the www and found some links to newspaper articles. I can't be bothered to read them all.
Daily Mail
Daily Mirror.
ITV News Calendar
The Sun
Yorkshire Post
Scunthorpe Telegraph
FAKT24 polish newspaper
Daily Express
Daily News
Real Fix 
Headline News
My Informs

I can't find a link to the Studio interview at Calendar Leeds. There is another article in the pipeline, it might appear this weekend. I think I'll have a rest now. Still not done any walking, unlike Jo, who has now crossed the finishing line at Liverpool. That woman is amazing, there has been times when I thought she might give up, she will be ready for a rest now.

Just been to the vet with Heidi. Another blood test because the last one didn't travel very well through the post to the lab. This time it will be tested on site at the vets as they have a new machine. She appears well at the moment.

Well I'm getting a bit tired now, I think it will be an early night for me. Thank you for popping in. Catch you soon.
Toodle pip.
PS. I have noticed that my members list has dropped by 50 people. Perhaps it is something to do with Google saying you have to sign up to something now. I don't understand it.


  1. Missed it this morning so loved being able to catch up. Well done you. That stew looked yummy.

  2. I'm laughing my head off at the teabags. Was she faking liking your sprout soup? lol. My daughter thought your artwork was 'coooool!'. I liked your curtains. Your program cheered me up today. Debbie.

    1. Hi Debbie. She actually liked my sprout stew, and I think she would have eaten more if it wasn't for the fact that it was early in the morning and stew is not what folks normally eat for breakfast.

    2. I never thought about that. Thank you. We really enjoyed the interview.

  3. I think you are going to be inundated by free tea bags!
    Can anyone in the U.S. find how we can view the t.v. interview?

    1. Just put in a uk post code eg sw15 2ah

    2. Chris thank you worked!. I live in Scotland would not let me access as STV region. Thanks for English postcode was able to watch xx

  4. I watched you this morning Ilona and thought you came over really well. Well done you. I know I've seen it on your blog, but I love your patchwork curtain. You have so much patience.

    Joan (Wales)

  5. The ITV interview isn't available to watch for anyone outside of UK but here is the interview on YouTube if you can handle the computer generated voice

    1. Thank you Joyful, I have seen that yoootooob vid. It's a still picture from a newspaper article with a computer generated voice speaking the words. It's weird. Made in India I think. Just goes to show that there are people searching the web for anything that they can add to their business.

    2. I just went back to look at it again as I thought there were many pictures but the video is now gone and the account terminated. Probably some kind of licensing issue which is why we don't have access abroad to your interview.

  6. Good Morning Britain is not available to watch here in America but I was able yo see a few photos on their website. It sounds like it went very well! It is amazing how some people who comment on the GMB Facebook site totally don't understand what you are doing. Sad. I think that your cat pouch bag was a big hit with a lot of people.

  7. I will have to check out all the links another day. Congrats on how you handled your 15 minutes of fame!

  8. Ilona you rock ! Just fab ! :)

  9. Good on you Ilona, you are an inspiration in a world where consumerism and image are so prevalent. I think what you are doing is brilliant and am sure you help many by your ideas etc. I couldn't access the tv link being in Australia alas !

  10. Illona a lot of bloggers are talking about stop in numbers of followers . I think it's the new Google thing ...

  11. Since i'm US, i still can't access the video; so bummed. But, i've read a few of the articles now and loved them! I'm so happy for you! We all need someone to show us how to live a good life with less! To do it with grace and good humor is testimony to the person you really are!

  12. You look to cute on TV! Love reading your blog

  13. Hugs for Heidi. Well done with your media adventures.

  14. Hi Ilona, re your "friends drop off" if you check out Pleasureinstitching blogspot post of Jan 11th (there are two - go back to older posts) -it will explain (better than I can) what has happened. I enjoyed your day of fame yesterday, and on viewing a re-run realise that the "boat" I mentioned isn't really a boat, but it sure made me think of one! Hope you enjoyed yourself and have fun today too. Glad Heidi cat is OK for now. Elaine

  15. Congrats sweet Ilona. Love the interviews, you did a fantastic job. If anyone can load the TV interview on youtube for those of us in US I would be so grateful. Tried to view but won't let me as out of area. Still busy upvoting all Ilona fans on Daily

    Love to you Ilona and all here,

    Angel xoxo

  16. Just watched your clip. Brilliant!

  17. Hello there!n You came across very well on GMB - I was pleased to see that the reporter gave attention to your art work. I liked your comment about people working more to buy more - it is a crazy way to live a life. By the way, I hate tea and don't drink coffee at all in the day, if I visit some people they are stumped as to what to offer me a drink. I usually have a few peppermint tea-bags with me!

  18. Great interview!
    I believe that face to face interviews (TV and radio) give a better idea of the person and what they want to say. Newspaper articles rarely seem to "get it right" and it is almost impossible to put right any errors. For various reasons I have been interviewed on TV, Radio and by newspapers over the years and am much happier with the outcome of the first two !
    I should imagine that your reduction in numbers (it's a Google thing and happening to everyone I think) will be more than made up for by those who will be following you after your interview.

  19. That was a great interview - maybe the young woman was converted to sprout stew! I tend to make soup from all the veg I have that is past its best and it's excellent. I love the way you decide what you will buy and no one else will prise money out of you. This is excellent and it's a pity more folk weren't like this. I confess I don't look at all the prices of things that we buy, but I do have a shopping list and we only buy what we need, not what we fancy (unless it's Christmas and then have a little splurge - but it is a little one, believe me.)
    Margaret P

  20. I thought you came across well but the content was much less than the newspaper articles and the presenters highly patronising. The newspaper articles were far better. What is the point of the production costs if they are in and out in seconds?

  21. Thanks for the link to the Good Morning Britain piece. You came over really well, what a well balanced piece.

  22. No deserves the notoriety as much as you with all your frugality. Who knows, you might be the next star of a TV show on cooking! Good job.

  23. Hi.I did try the link you kindly put up but was not able to watch.It's the first time that has happened using a link from you.Oh well,am too far away in Canada for it,I'm guessing.You did well and it was balanced as some say so that is very good to hear and well done you!Nice to know your going to relax a bit now,and hope you can find time to get some walking in.It's wonderful Jo met her goal!She is made of stern stuff.Bye for now,D.

  24. What an amazing week for you. I have enjoyed reading through the newspaper articles and wish I could watch the TV appearance. I think the coverage you have had is fantastic for promoting the minimalist lifestyle and making people aware that they can have a good life without spending a fortune. I guess that young, up-coming reporters conscious of their image cannot imagine a bottle of shampoo lasting a year or that a delicious soup can be made for next to nothing. You are such an inspiration Ilona to all of us. Thank you.

  25. Thought the TV interview went really well and I love your home its so cosy with the things you have made. If more people lived within their means (and learned to cook as some cant) there would be a lot less misery from debts. Im quite frugal like you and always shop around, buy secondhand etc cant see the point of buying new if you can get it cheap. Keep up the blog I love reading it


    This is the Good Morning Britain clip on YouTube that those of us outside of UK can access ... Well done Ilona!


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