Sunday 29 September 2019

Keeping dry

It's hardly stopped raining at all in the last week. Getting a bit fed up of it now. The cats are fine though. Oscar is staying indoors a bit more often, his favourite spot at the moment.

I've lost my comfy office chair again to Mayze. She doesn't get up until almost lunchtime.

Heidi still prefers to be upstairs in her favourite window sill. The heating is on, getting a bit chilly now. 
This plant is doing really well, it has doubled in size since I took it on. I was given it by Joyce's family, it was the last small personal item to leave her house. It loves it's new home, at the top of the stairs in the window overlooking the wet back garden. 
I am getting stuff ready for the talk I am due to give at the sewing shop on Saturday. I will be showing how to make Suffolk Puffs, and explaining how I made my artworks. Looking forward to that.

I went to the Ropewalk at Barton yesterday to visit the Open Studios event, as I do every year about this time. It is usually over two weekends, but this year it's only one weekend. Had a smashing chat with Michael and Helen, and took photo's of a really good exhibition. I will put pics up of that sometime in the week.

Time for coffee break. Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. My lot are the same Ilona, all strewn about the place, usually in the seat you want to use. lol

  2. I've had to brave the weather here on the South coast as the dogs have had to go for a walk.I just put on my waterproof trousers and coat and go for it.At times it's been difficult to stand upright with the winds.Even when the sun's been out I'm still walking through muddy fields and paths and cowpats- did see a rainbow yesterday though.I'm looking forwards to seeing your photos of the Exhibition x

  3. At least you don't have to shovel rain! We had our first snow yesterday - I'm never ready for it until at least Halloween. I always enjoy seeing photos of your cats' antics. My daughter adopted a rescue cat just over a year ago and he is thriving. I was lucky to have a wide variety of animals growing up, but he is by far the jolliest cat I've ever met. Thank you for supporting and promoting rescue cats (and all animals). Hugs from Barbara (Canada)

  4. Yes I am thinking we have had enough rain it is so heavy.
    I like you plant and hope it stays for a long time.
    Glad you enjoyed the "Rope Walk"
    Suffolk Puffs are a lovely way of doing Patchwork, have you seen the little Christmas trees in that way.
    Hazel c uk

  5. We had rain overnight but it dried up for 4 hours with the sun giving an appearance. Good job as my daughter was holding a McMillan coffee morning event in her garden and summer house. Your audience will love your demonstration, you really are very arty.

  6. Agree with you Ilona the heavy downpours especially last night are going on too long. My two fur babies Amy and Benny are staying in more than usual and Amy cried last night she doesnt like the heavy rain at all. Beautiful photos of your lovely cats so cheering. It is getting colder now heating on here too. Have a lovely week. Love Liz Amy and Benny.xxxx

  7. My cats have been spending a lot more time laying about in home...Im lucky if I can find a comfy seat to sit on,lol.Its been really heavy rain here again,although we havent had to have the heating on yet.....oooooh,were made of tough stuff here in Leicester,lol.I do keep all the neighbours entertained though,by going in the street in the morning to feed the birds,as I have my dressing gown,with a coat on top and my wellies on and my hubbys football cap! I must say though that the plant is beautiful.Just my sort of thing.It must be very happy to thrive like that,xx

  8. To Jane Morrison who is trying to blitz my blog with adverts...…….GO AWAY YOU ARE NOT WANTED HERE.

  9. We had a chilly weekend and now it's raining for a few days. Coldest weather last weekend...71 years ago! Wow! I didn't go on a walk tonight as it was raining and chilly but my husband did. Just like a cat, I want to curl up under a blanket...I am now, with one over my lap and legs! We have our heat on as well and thankfully we got our thermostat fixed the other week. Take care!

  10. My cat pinched my hotwater bottle the other day i only got up to get my drink from the kitchen. 2 second rule lol xx


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