Saturday, 21 September 2019

Fab coastal walk. Saltburn to Staithes.

Monday morning and it's time to leave the hotel and go for a walk. The plan is to take the coastal path, The Cleveland Way, and walk to Staithes. If I get on with it I might have time to walk back as well. It's about 8 miles each way I left my car at the hotel, and set off. Up the road to get on the path. 
Climbing up to the top, there is a big stone marking the route. 
Looking down at Saltburn. 
Along the cliff top are several of these stones with messages on them. Some of them have the phone number of the Samaritans on them. It is pretty high up here, with nothing to stop someone going over the edge. 
The metal sculpture, it's still here. Check this previous blog post from my last visit and you will see the same picture. In fact you will see copies of other pictures as well. 
I arrived at Skinningrove and sat down for ten minutes, knowing I had to climb these steps.
Made it. I like looking back at where I have come from. That cliff over there in the distance is where the path goes. 
Down there is Skinningrove.

Keep going, onward and upward. Not far to go now. sign at Boulby.
Still looks the same after six years. The houses are all crammed together on the side of the hill. There is no parking for visitors, unless the property you are staying at has a small space next to it. Holiday makers and some residents have to park in a designated car park at the top of the hill, and walk down to the old town, and walk back up again. 

This cottage looks like it has had a fresh coat of paint. It's got a bit more foliage around it than last time I saw it. 
Staithes has two sides, the footbridge links them.

After a look around, I found an arts and crafts shop, I realised I hadn't got enough time to walk back. I went up to the bus stop on the main road. Ten minutes later I got on the bus, they run every half hour. Through Easington, Loftus, and Skinningrove, getting off at the next village, Brotton. From there I walked back to the car. 
Time to drive back home. I thought I was going to be too late at Tesco for the yellow stickers, at 8pm, but luckily the trolley was wheeled out with some bargains to choose from. A good end to two days away. 
Writing this on Saturday morning, it looks like another sunny day. My walking miles are on target so I don't need to go for another walk, except a short one around my village. Ten days left of this month, plenty of time to squeeze a few more miles in. I did a walk with Vicki on Thursday so that has given me a few extra. Some pics of that to come. 
I was out in the summer house yesterday, so I'll probably do that again today, after a bit of garden tidying. Just got an idea for a new artwork. It will be smaller than the last one so shouldn't take so long to do. I have started planning for the talk and demo I am giving at the sewing shop in two weeks time. need to get on with that. Enjoy your weekend. 
Toodle pip. ilona  


  1. Did The car park above Staithes pong? Every time I have been there. There is a dreadful smell of rotting seaweed. Still love the place though.

    1. I didn't go into the car park, just asked at the information centre where the buses stopped.

  2. I've always wanted to go to Staithes, so thank you for the photos. As good as going myself. I really love Yorkshire. Lincolnshire too as my husband's family came from the wolds.

  3. I like the metal sculpture Ilona and the stone with the message on -it's just my sort of thing.If I get depressed those words shall lift me- thank you x

  4. It really does look a lovely area!.And like Flis said...words like that really lift you..and she is so right!.I really do wish that I could do things like body is capable,but family commitments mean that I have to be about for them.So glad that you have had such a great break there.What ever you paid is worth every penny!xx

  5. Wow Ilona what stunning views. Great photos.

  6. Lovely pics. I love Yorkshire too. I really dislike the metal " artwork" that is scattered round the coasts. These places don't need anything to enhance them when they already have a natural beauty.

  7. Great post I love Saltburn and Staithes ! How do I subscribe to your blog thanks Emma

    1. Hello. You can click on 'Follow' underneath the list of followers on the sidebar. I'm not sure what happens after that, whether you get notifications or not.

      A bit higher up on the sidebar you will see 'Follow by email' I think if you click on that you will get notification.

      You don't have to do any of that if you don't want to. Anyone can read the blog. Just keep coming back every few days and there will be something else to read. I tend to post almost every day, sometimes having a day off now and again when I can't be bothered or don't have much to say.

  8. Thankyou again for lovely photos I will never be able to get to see these lovely places in person and I love sharing your holidays