Saturday 10 June 2023

Lansdown Road

The walk between the Park and Ride and the Apex Hotel was pleasant in the morning, a good start to the day, it was all downhill. Coming back in the evening was hard work. 
Lansdown Park and Ride is surrounded by playing fields. There are some changing room type buildings which look a bit abandoned. One of them has two toilets, 20p in the slot to use. Walk a bit further past them and it opens out into this lovely view. Walk diagonally across a playing field and you come out on the road to the centre of the city. 
The top of Beckfords Tower is visible through the trees, the other side of a high wall. The gold paint on the top catches the sunlight. Access to the tower is blocked off due to renovation work being carried out. The gate was open so I had a sneaky look at the spooky graveyard. More info here.  
Onward down Lansdown Road. I like this hippy door. 
Further down the hill a school can be seen over a high wall. 

The main gate was open so I took a quick look. 

At a junction further down the hill stood this magnificent church. 
Doesn't this building look fab. No idea what it is. 

Another similar building opposite. No time to look around for clues, I am here for a conference. 
Sweet little cottages everywhere, on steep narrow streets. Parking is an absolute nightmare in Bath. 

Just a few pics of the walk, mainly Lansdown Road. 
I left Bath on the Monday morning to take the scenic route back through the Cotswolds. More pics to come in the next posts. 
Enjoy your weekend. Sunny here. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Bath looks a lovely place from your photos.I have only been once about 8 years ago but it was on an afternoon trip as part of a weekend coach tour so only got a few hours to explore.I would have loved the chance to get to the outskirts and look around the surrounding country side.What a great Hippy door!x

    1. Bath is a fascinating place. A whole week would be needed to see it all.


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