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1st January 2021 

This is a new page which is for recording my research into the Corona Virus. I have been following this for almost a year, with all it's twists and turns, it's interesting to watch it  develop. They say the virus is mutating into different strains, which changes the way that scientists are dealing with it. It's a story which will never end. I poke around on the internet discovering new information which is hardly ever covered in the main stream media. My notes here will be about what I have found, plus my thoughts on where I think this is all leading. Anyone can read, but comments will not be published. It is a safe place where I can collect my thoughts and ideas together, without the interference of those who have a different opinion. It will be updated as and when I find something relevant about the virus, or about future implications. It will be a year long project. Posts will be added at the top underneath this. Scroll down for older posts.

This page is becoming very big and is slow to load. I have started a new page. Find it on R Aug - Dec. This will stay here for reference. 

30th August 2021 

The UK Government has ordered 35 million doses of the fizzzzzer jabberwocky to be delivered by late 2022. They say they are preparing a programme of boosters. They have now ordered more than 540 million doses of eight different types. Mr Javid says we are continuing to build a wall of defence. It's vital we do everything we can to protect the country for the future. Read the BBC article here. 

This has lit up the Twitttterattttaaa. Here are some of the responses. This is the feed that they come from. 

According to the BBC the number is 540 million. There are 52 million adults n the U.K. That’s 10 jabs per adult.

Massive transfer of wealth to the pharmaceutical companies who are lead by individuals & investors that are intent on implementing a world government. Standby by for global technocracy. Parliaments become impotent & democracy a show for window dressing for totalitarian intent.

It’s all about wealth transference. Theyre creating a public debt that we will have to pay for indefinitely.

The banks are about to go bust - all of them worldwide. This is a scam to take billions of pounds of public money, exchange it for hard assets - land, property metals etc. - before the crash when Fiat currency becomes worthless. The whole Covid pandemic was a means to an end.

Canada has ordered the same amount per person. Best bit, we get to pay for a new Moderna lab with our taxes.

They have just announced in Israel that vaccine passports now only last for 6 months.

Then it looks like they want to milk the pandemic cash cow story for 3 more years, assuming a booster every 5 months

29th August 2021

Dr Christina Parks speaks out. Yooohoootooob video. 

29th August 2021

Public Health Agency Canada announces funding for Covid 19 safe voluntary isolation sites in Ontario. Read the document here

The Government of Canada is providing up to $5,525,126 in funding to four projects across Ontario to operate nine isolation sites totalling 194 rooms. The Government of Canada is working with partners to protect the health and safety of Canadians and to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and its variants in Canada. Self-isolation is one of the most effective ways to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

29th August 2021

I have just watched a zoom conference. Members of the Vaccine Choice Canada group met for a talk by guest speaker, David Martin, He is the founding CEO of M-CAM Inc, the leading intelectual property based financial risk management. In his presentation he talks about how this has been planned for a long time. How the vaccine is not a vaccine, it is an experimental gene therapy. How it works in the body, and how it is going to kill a lot of people. He says the conspiracy is not a theory it is fact. The world leaders are the criminals, as are the media, and they will be pursued until justice prevails. You can watch this zoom meeting on Bitchute, 

The Vaccine Choice Canada web site is here. 

28th August 2021

Australia have had it pretty rough with it's lockdowns. People are getting close to erupting with anger. They feel they have to do something. They have a plan to grind the country to a halt, pulling all trucks off the road, and stopping all deliveries. I for one can't blame them, I think this will happen in other places. When protest rallies don't work it has to be taken to another level. If it is not then we slide further down the greasy pole to an authoritarian regime. Watch this video, Max Igan gives a brief talk about why they need to take this next step. 

Max has many videos on the yooohoootooob. Take a look at this one for seven minutes.

If anyone still thinks this is about a virus then they don't have a life. If anyone is still waiting for the next set of instructions, if they have stopped thinking for themselves, then they don't have a life. Please please wake up before it's too late. It is said that those who are not getting jabbbbbed, for whatever reason, are selfish because they are keeping the lockdowns and rules going. In truth, it is the jabbed people who are complicit with the draconian measures which are constantly changing. Can you not see that. Get jabbbed and you will get a health passport and be able to do things that unjabbbbbed people cannot. Yet the jabbbbed can still catch the virus and pass it on. You have been duped. Say no to the restrictions, no to more jabbbbs, it will never stop, no to passports, delete it from your phones. As long as you are complicit it will never end.  

28th August 2021

Want to know what is going on in China right now regarding employment and investments. Serpentza is the man in the know. He lived there for 14 years. Now he is saying the party is over, China is done. There are no opportunities for foreigners to move there for work. 

28th August 2021

I look for a glimmer of hope in the daily headlines, hopeful that people are waking up, hopeful that the truth will come out, and hopeful that this nightmare will eventually end. But every day I despair when I see headlines which can only mean that they are intent on carrying on their destruction of life as we know it. There is no sign of a let up, spreading fear is relentless. Cases still on the rise. New methods of testing are being invented. Rules constantly changing for travellers, rush to get home. New experimental oral medicine, let's keep them hooked on drugs. Reporting on animals to tug on the heart strings. Determination to jab everybody, now after your children. The words, 'side effects' now being used instead of adverse reactions, doesn't sound as frightening. 

Scotland has recorded its highest number of daily COVID cases ever but the government has denied it will go into a circuit breaker lockdown.

 Rapid COVID-19 antigen tests are nearly as accurate as laboratory tests at detecting infections when used twice a week, a new study suggests.

Travellers arriving from Montenegro and Thailand after 4am on Monday face mandatory hotel quarantine as the two nations join the red list – forcing thousands of Britons to scramble together plans to rush home before the deadline.

The experimental oral medicine which should be taken once a day could provide a less invasive option for patients who are usually given treatments that involve injecting a metal removing solution into the blood or zinc therapy.

Extreme demand for puppies over the course of pandemic has led to an increased risk to puppy health and welfare, a study has found.

Boris Johnson wants the NHS to 'crack on' with vaccinating children as young as 12 amid mounting frustration with scientific advisers who are yet to approve the move.

The side effects of receiving a Pfizer-manufactured coronavirus vaccine are mild to moderate in children aged between 12 and 15 and considered vulnerable to the disease, according to new research.

26th August 2021

Shocking and so sad, a waste of a life. Lisa Shaw died after the A Z shot. Many more have died, and many more will die if this is not stopped now. Don't forget, this is an experiment. Do you want to take the chance, do you want to play Russian Roulette with your own life. Have you researched well enough to know what the complications could be if you go ahead. It doesn't end with two jabs, there will be more. Please make an informed choice, then think about what you will be doing to your family if anything goes horribly wrong. They want to jab kids without parental permission. Think very hard about that, you may wish to consider taking them out of school. 

25th August 2021

The Daily Expose has been banned from all major platforms. They investigate all aspects of this current situation. If you go to their home page you will find numerous articles, a good place to start your own research. There are too many for me to cover here. Good look, and never stop looking and reading untill the whole sorry mess is exposed. 

23rd August 2021

An up to date interview with Dr Mike Yeadon on Rumble. He has been consistent all the way through this. He has come out of retirement because he is passionate about getting his message out there to warn people of the dangers of the jabberwokki, and the fact that the government have lied to us all the way through it. Please listen, he knows what he is talking about. He doesn't have to speak out he is a wealthy man, he could sit at home and enjoy himself. But he doesn't.  

23rd August 2021

This is the kind of MP we want. George Christenson. On da twiiiiterer.   https://twitter.com/i/status/1429719719813201920

23rd August 2021

Residents in South Australia are required to put a sign on their door to say no visitors, we are quarantining. Tweeeeeted by Darren. Verified by Matt. 

22nd August 2021

This is a horrible story in The Sydney Morning Herald. Australia have lost the plot. Found on twittttter. 

Several impounded dogs due to be rescued by a shelter have instead been shot dead by a rural council in NSW under its interpretation of COVID-19 restrictions, alarming animal activists and prompting a government probe.

21st August 2021

Thanks to a reader for alerting me to this document. A letter to the unvaccinated, published in Global Research

OCLA researcher Dr. Denis Rancourt and several fellow Canadian academics penned an open letter to support those who have decided not to accept the COVID-19 vaccine.

The group emphasizes the voluntary nature of this medical treatment as well as the need for informed consent and individual risk-benefit assessment. They reject the pressure exerted by public health officials, the news and social media, and fellow citizens.

20th August 2021

Every time I find something else, I think, it's getting worse. Tracey O'Mahony is a barrister at law. She has been made aware of a letter from Beaumont Hospital advising that anyone who is waiting for a transplant and has not been jabbed should be taken off the waiting list. She has drafted a letter that can be sent to the hospital objecting to this. Watch her on yooohoootooob where she reads out the letter. 

20th August 2021

James Delingpole interviews Mark Crispin Millar, who is a professor of media culture, and communication at New York University.  This is a long video, 1 hour 40 minutes. In it he discusses every twist and turn of the whole thing, finishing with the conclusion that it isn't about money, but looks like a depopulation effort. 

The last year and a half has staggered me, it’s taken my breath away. I never thought I would ever see anything like this. I never thought I would see so much of the worlds media consistently and shamelessly lying

20th August 2021

Thank you to a reader who sent me this link. The Reverend Sideways asks, Is your mind struggling with life at the moment? A twenty minute chat on how to cope. Listen carefully because he has to be mindful of the words he uses, in case his videos are taken down. 

19th August 2021

I wonder when people are going to wake up to what is really going on. They are stuck in plague mode, they are blinkered and can see no further than that. I think people are realising that we won't be going back to the old normal, we are moving on to the new normal. But what is that? They have no idea of the complexity of that, We are being nudged in one direction only, which is The Great Reset. This is being brought into play by the World Economic Forum, right now. Their plan is mapped out on the WEF web site. Go there and read every word of it, and watch the videos. It is not a conspiracy theory, it is happening now. 

Who are the WEF? A network of Global elites shaping the direction of the world, where the rich will prosper and the poor will get pushed even further to the bottom of the pile. There is a thread on the twiiittterata with appropriate links to everything you need to know. Threadreader has made it easier to follow. 

The future. Our freedoms are being erroded at a fast pace. The only way to stop it is to not comply. stop being scared. Throw away your phones. Think for yourselves and make your own decisions. 

If you want to control humans, keep them isolated. Children to be educated alone at home rather than building real relationships. Ordering your meals online rather than go to a restaurant with friends. Lasers to identify you by your heartbeat!

Just look at all the masks and dividing perspex everywhere. ...and you will own nothing they tell you. So who will own the entire world? The 1% ofc. You will need to rent everything from them, whilst being monitored and controlled by technology they operate!

It's the dream of Klauss Schwab, founder of WEF. Our world leaders meet with big business & WEF every year at Davos. It's no surprise they're all singing from the same hymn sheet to change society now.

I've discussed the situation with many who say 'but they wouldn't destroy the economy, they need it to make profit'. You have to ditch the current model completely to understand what comes next. Try to imagine a new system where the elite 1% are trustees/owners of the world.

We will be given/work for Central Bank Digital Currency 'money' via our digital ID app. The way it's spent will be monitored & controlled if necessary (they've already said this, it's not a theory). Your access to society & funds will be reliant on your compliance.

18th August 2021

In the beginning there was no information about the dangers of getting jabbed. Now there is plenty. You can't make an informed choice if you don't have all the information, now you can. A few entries on the twiiitterataaa. There are many many more. Make your decisions on facts, not what the Government and Main Stream Media tell you. 

So my sister in law, double jabbed, was taken into hospital yesterday, with a bleed on the brain. I’m not gloating. Quite the reverse. I’m angry and sad. What is worse, is that she is of a nervous disposition and has been fooled and frightened to death through this whole charade. She is a good, kind, unselfish woman who’s been tricked into taking an unnecessary cocktail of drugs that may have caused her life threatening condition.

I had anaphylactic shock reaction to the first jab that could have killed me if wasn't for the quick reaction of the staff at the vaccination centre. I have chosen not to have the second jab. No vaccine passport for me because I'm apparently too selfish to risk my own life!

I had similar with two family members. One went blind in one eye and the other never fully recovered from her stroke. Both times following their second jab.

Please please please stop with these leaky jabz before it’s too late: they’re emboldening the virus through a well known process of escape and evade.

Friend died last Monday of bleed on brain, sister in law no circulation to right leg embolism, father in law about to have toes amputated clot in the lower leg ... I could go on but sure it is all coincidence surely.

Similar situation here with relative having right leg 'blockage' causing pain when walking; having to wait weeks for consultant appointment. Won't admit it's vaccine associated, just a coincidence

Guy in work his dad collapsed with the same. Double jabbed. Doctors told him it was clots not bleeds that was a risk from the vax.

My friend had a heart attack 2 days after her 2nd jab in May. She’s been told she won’t walk again. The nerve that sends the message to the legs has been damaged. She also has slurred speech due to having a stroke as well. I pray your sis in law is ok. I have so much anger too.

My ex wife got the double jab. Then had a clot stroke from a blood clot. My kids world turned upside down.

I haven’t felt right since after the second shot. I got gastritis really bad after the first one. My gut is still not okay. I got severe pain in my thumbs and fingers and my feet after the second one. What have I done to myself.

My best friend's sister-in-law, double jabbed, just had a stroke. She's in her 50's. She's overweight so they're trying to say it wasn't bec of the j@b. Just a coincidence!

My nieghbour had his jabs-then his hands felt like electric and shaking-he now has a carer. So Sad-he used to play golf every weekend-now can't do much.

My sister is va*cinated, at the moment after a dozen of few weeks, she complains about non-regular periods and cessation of bleeding, she is 42 years old, my father vac*inated, has liver enlargement and very bad blood results, he has tests done in immediate mode.

17th August 2021

Laura Dodsworth, author of the book, A State of Fear, tweeeeeted this. An article in The Telegraph written by Annabel Elliot, Two jabs won't buy you holiday freedom.   

17th August 2021

It's not very good in Australia right now. Despite the low cases they are determined to push ahead with jabbing children. 24,000 children will be jabbed in a stadium next week. No parents will be allowed access. Vid on the twittterataaa. 

Some comments on the thread. 

Sickening who would comply to this. I would fight for my kids. What parent would march their children off to some weird centre.

Are people insane to send their kids in to such a scene? Australians are clearly off their rockers if they comply to handing their kids over to the government!

This MUST be prevented by any means,this is tyranny and worse. In complete breach of Nuremberg Code imho. This MUST NOT be allowed to take place. What the hell is happening in Australia?

There is something very, very wrong with this....every bodily sense is on alert when listening to this propaganda message, parents need to trust their instincts and fight this madness.

16th August 2021

David Scott from Northern Exposure is part of the UK Column News team. In this video he interviews Katy Jo Murfin about the support group she is involved in. Her expertise is in home schooling and she regularly takes part in the London marches. She is a breath of fresh air, with loads of common sense, and a passion for justice. 

This is the support group that Katy mentioned. Hastings and Rye Community Cooperative. A short promo film.   

16th August 2021

Rachel Elnaugh from Dragons Den fame, posted this on yooohoootooob. A short radio interview she caught on the car radio the other day. A listener named John called into the Jeremy Vine show. He used a sneaky tactic to get his call broadcast, by giving a false story to the researcher. He said he had caught coavid and wished that he had got the jab. What he actually said live on the radio was that he hasn't had the jab because of all the adverse reactions reported, and that people have died from it. Jeremy Vine has shown himself to be indoctrinated into the cult. He constantly talked over John, and eventually cut him off. John used the 'Broken Record' method of reply. When you know you are right, keep repeating the same words over and over again. Do not waver, even when someone is trying to slap you down. 

15th August 2021

The Government sets out new plans to help build trust in use of digital identities. Document published on the 11th of February 2021. Be aware people that they are pushing towards everyone having a digital chip inserted into their bodies. Here we go, it's all about the money. Read the whole document. 

Economists have estimated the cost of manual offline identity proofing could be as high as £3.3 billion per year. The new plans will not only make people’s lives easier but also give a boost to the country’s £149 billion digital economy by creating new opportunities for innovation, enabling smoother, cheaper and more secure online transactions, and saving businesses time and money.

Be aware people that this is the end game, they will not stop. If you don't want to be part of it you must act now. Just say no. Get rid of your smart phones, pay with cash where you can. Just think, if everyone chucked their phones they could not bring this in. 

15th August 2021

A megalab in Leamington Spa has been officially opened by Sajid Javid. It can process 1000's of covid tests per day. This confirms that they are going to keep this going. If people keep on getting tested that gives them the numbers to keep the fear alive and bring in more rules. 

14th August 2021

This is a good idea. Print a load of placards and stand on a busy road into a city centre, spread out along the route. Maybe twenty or so would do it. Thumbs up to Liverpool. 

12th August 2021

Big mistake to let Sleepy Joe take over the top job. The USA is in a mess. People piling in through the borders, not tested, not masked, not jabbed. Loading them into planes, sending them to anywhere and everywhere. Fox News reports

12th August 2021

Rand Paul is a US Senator, he is outspoken and says it like it is. He is in hot water with yooohoootooob, I'm surprised that this video is still there. If it gets taken down look for it on Blaze TV. This man is very brave. I wish him well. They can't arrest all of us

11th August 2021

This is an incredible story of how a woman got her husband out of ICU in three and a half days by demanding that they treat him with Ivermectin, zinc, and vitamin D. He went in with pneumonia, they tested him for covid, then all hell broke loose. This is one brave woman, she shares her story to tell others what really happens in ICU, and fought their protocol, and won. Kate Dalley story on Rumble. 

Kate also made this video in November 2020, it's on yoohoootooob

Check out her web site

10th August 2021

Colonel Jacques Amiot wrote a letter to the boss of France, you know the one, in which he addresses him as a criminal. I doubt it will make any difference to Mr M's way of thinking. Read it here. 

10th August 2021

New Dawn is a magazine for people who think for themselves. This article caught my attention as my interest mainly lies in how people can easily be manipulated. The word menticide keeps appearing, as more and more people are waking up to it. 

Extract :  The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) was founded by the UK’s Tory-Liberal coalition government in 2010. The Cabinet Office said: “The Behavioural Insights Team, often called the ‘Nudge Unit’, draws on insights from academic research in behavioural economics and psychology

10th August 2021

I spotted a couple of things to add to this page late last night. It was 1am when I went to bed, too tired to do any more. This video is getting a lot of retweeeeets, but has been banned from faycebuk. People are finding new ways to get them out there, different platforms It takes a lot of ducking and diving to find them. This is from a school board meeting in Indiana. Doctor Dan Stock stands up and delivers some home truths. Underneath the video are all the links he investigated to verify his claims. What he says is common sense. 

9th August 2021

A good read from The Conservative Woman. Time is running out to stop the Vaxx control project. 

A leading epidemiologist in Iceland says the same thing. My thoughts: you can't jab your way out of a virus, it has to run it's course. 

9th August 2021

A powerful speech by Senator Malcolm Roberts from Queensland. He speaks honestly and with integrity. Another confirmation about the dire situation in Australia. On da toooob here. 

For a written transcription check this out. 

9th August 2021

Australia is a massive prison camp right now. Here is a video which sheds some light on the situation. Monopoly : The influence of Big Pharma in Australia. Prescription drug addiction continues to fly under the radar as the leading cause of drug induced deaths. Information is suppressed to ensure medical giants continue to profit from pain and addiction. This is why they are locked down, it has nothing to do with health, it's all about the money. Push the jabberwocky and they will want more.  Vid on da toooob

8th August 2021

The Government has awarded a contract to a company called Entrust, who will be providing the software for the digital vaxx passports. Yes, they are going to come in, even thought the Government said they would not. The contract is for one year, with the possibility of extending it. The Amazing Polly has been doing some digging, she is good at that, and lo and behold she has found out that Entrust has connections with the Nazi Germany party in it's history. It's a fascinating story. Click on this link to find out more. 

Here is a story in the Daily Mail from 2013 which backs up Polly's story. 

8th August 2021

Thanks to a reader for sending me a link to this video on Rumble. Ryan Cole MD gives a presentation to an audience. A PATHOLOGIST SUMMARY OF WHAT THESE JABS DO TO THE BRAIN AND OTHER ORGANS. 

8th August 2021

The plan to get everybody hooked on drugs is going well. Get them jabbed once, then twice, then offer them all kinds of add on's to suposedly enhance the protection they already have. Just like buying a new iphone then selling them more add on apps. When is this going to end? The answer is never. They are not bothered if you already have a natural immune system, not bothered if you already have a good understanding on how to keep yourself safe by not mixing indoors with other people. No, they want to take over all that for you by keep sticking pills down your throat. Loadsa money to be made in taking control of your life. Article in the Daily Fail

7th August 2021

Here is your weekend reading. The book The Rape of the Mind, by A M Meerloo MD. The video Mass Psychosis was based on this book. Put the link into your Favourites folder so you can go back to it for reference.  

The Rape of the Mind explores the Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing. Published in 1956 and written by Joost A. M. Meerloo, M.D., Instructor in Psychiatry, Columbia University Lecturer in Social Psychology, New School for Social Research, Former Chief, Psychological Department, Netherlands Forces.

6th August 2021

A must watch video. Mass Psychosis, how an entire population becomes mentally ill. 

In this video we are going to explore the most dangerous of all psychic epidemics, the mass psychosis. A mass psychosis is an epidemic of madness and it occurs when a large portion of a society loses touch with reality and descends into delusions.

6th August 2021

I want to put this on the main blog, in fact I would like to put all the research links on the main blog, but I fear that the whole blog will be taken down. Censoring is rife on social media. People who speak out in contradiction of the narrative churned out by the Government and main stream media are being blocked, deleted, and thrown to the wolves. Please pass on any of the links which you have explored and found to have been useful. I will continue with this because I worry for the children. Evil awaits them. They need to be protected from anyone who wants to control their life. Think very carefully about the plan to jab kids, is it in their best interests. I think it is the worst possible thing they can do. The substance that they want to put into human bodies is a plan to coerce people into drug addiction. Get them hooked and they will beg for more. 

The post which I won't put on the main blog.  

This post is for those who have opened their eyes, not suitable for those who are still stuck in the belief that it is all about a virus. It is not. 
Why was Hydroxychloroquine, and Ivermectin, not used for the treatment of the virus? This video is from Sky News Australia, was posted on 29th November 2020. Watch on yoohoootooob and read the comments. https://youtu.be/R1eXkeW444w

Some comments.
“The only reason that the “pandemic” continues is that Western public health officials are financially tied in one way or another with Big Pharma, and public health officials are using their positions in the interest of these financial connections. “

Shows you that the government isn’t interested in saving lives. It’s about how much money they will make from buying the shares in these companies

The medical community in the United States is criminal, saying HQC does not work when many Doctors have used it and saved hundreds each.

I live in Guinea West Africa and this malaria drug is given immediately when covid symptoms are present and we have had only 75 total deaths during the past 7 months! It works!

The emergency use provision for the dangerous, ineffective experimental vaccine could never be utilised had there been effective drug treatments. Therefore any proven drug treatments had to be banned first.

5th August 2021. 

Thanks to a reader who sent me this link. freedom Fighter Court Victory. Patrick King took on the Government in Alberta, and won. The fight for freedom is a world wide effort, he gives a detailed description of the process he had to go through. Determination paid off in the end. It all hinged on the fact that the coronavirus has never been isolated and there is no evidence that it exists. Mask, lockdowns, quarantining, and social distancing are all illegal. Stew Peters is the interviewer. The video is on Rumble.  

5th August 2021

There are two videos on this facebuck page. The first one was made in September 2020. Gym Bro is very vocal about his beliefs, and his predictions are coming to pass. Best not to ignore him, watch listen and make your own mind up. Scroll down to the second video posted in the comments.  

Now go to Chris Sky's web site, realchrissky.com and check out what else he has to say. Watch some of his other video's. Canada Day Speech and Canada Day Interview. This man has vision.  

4th August 2021

Dear readers. Please excuse my absense for two days. I did a nine mile walk yesterday, and I am getting some work done on my garden. My garage is being dismantled and taken away. Sometimes it is best to take a few steps backwards from this bloody war that we are being forced into. Make no mistake, it is a war. The Government are on a mission to trash the economy, close down small businesses, put people out of work, force us to spend our money only useing plastic, stop us travelling by making it very difficult, now they are telling us that our cars won't work when they bring in a new grade of petrol. Life will never be the same again, but we have to fight back. I know this is not going to happen but give up your smart phones and they will not be able to control your life. Start paying cash for anything you can. Withdraw cash from your account and use it. Pay with a cheque if you can. Read up on Agenda 21, The World Economic Forum, The Great Reset, The Fourth Industrial Revolution. These are not conspiracy theories the information is out there if you look. The Cult as it is now being called will be able to control food production, they want to destroy the meat industry, in the name of Climate Crisis. They will be able to ration gas and electricity, so reject smart meters. Banks are closing in the High Streets, there will be a world wide colapse of the economy. They are printing money so it will become completely worthless eventually. They want to switch us all over to digital currency where they will have complete control of how much we spend and where we spend it. look at China, do you want to live in that kind of environment? If you don't make a stand now we are on the slippery slope, and there is no going back. 

1st August 2021

Doctor Christiane Northrop talks about vaccine shedding, interview with Mike Adams.  Like many other doctors, she advises against getting the shot. I urge you to watch this,  she talks about depopulation, and the fact that we are at war with our Governments. While you are on the brighteon site take a look at the other videos on the righthand sidebar. 

Dr. Christiane Northrup talked about the thousands of cases of women having menstrual irregularities and girls bleeding after spending time in the company of people injected with coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

<iframe src='https://www.brighteon.com/embed/2aaed9bc-aa22-4da2-bdf8-2b0f2059983a' width='560' height='315' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen></iframe>


1st August 2021

I fear for our future. Twitter thread, videos of police brutality. this is only going to get worse. 

J.S.7.3 on Twitter: "10. Freedom #Berlin ~ thank you police for keeping us safe from peaceful protestors...you are the best, the kindest, the nicest following orders people out there..." / Twitter

1st August 2021

This video is 50 minutes long. There are warnings that we all have to take a stand and fight for our freedom now. Standing still and doing nothing isn't an option. The reason they are pushing the jaberwockies is because they have a window of opportunity before the figures will be published detailing how many have died and how many have suffered life changing injuries after having a needle stuck in their arm. Once this is common knowledge, and they will try and supress the real figures, it will put a new slant on things. They will be clutching at straws to link all kinds of other illnesses to the virus. The pressure is about to hot up. Stay strong. 


Tidal wave of lawsuits coming against dangerous vaccine mandates - Thomas Renz interviewed by Mike Adams

1st August 2021

Sky News Australia has been suspended from yooohoootooob for seven days, for alegedly breaching their misinformation policy. They post numerous times a day and have 1.8 million followers. Alan Jones has been a critic of the Government since it all started. Three suspensions and a total ban usually follows. 

BREAKING: Sky News Australia SUSPENDED from YouTube - Rebel News

31st July 2021

Finland is awake. An announcement in the Finnish Parliament. Checking link. It's on Telegram which I am not signed up for. Checked. The link works. Copy and paste. 


Alternative.   Telegram: Contact @wakeupfromcovid

31st July 2021

The Prime Minister of Mexico knows there is something untoward going on with Big Pharma. Hope the link works. Subtitles. Yes, it works, tested, copy and paste. More people are beginning to wake up.  


Trying to make it easier with a real link. Gillian McKeith on Twitter: "Oh oh .... Mexico knows something.... https://t.co/dJin7VatQo" / Twitter 

30th July 2021

This is a harrowing video to watch. Two ladies had terrible adverse reactions from the jab, they are telling their story to The Highwire, on Brand New Tube. Their lives have been changed forever. The message is that all adverse reactions should be reported no matter how small they are. Follow this link. 40 minutes long. 

30th July 2021

Jennifer Arcuri had a relationship with Boris Johnson for four years. She probably  gained a lot of insider information during that time. In this interview for MoneyMagpie she gives her opinions on what she thinks is coming up in the future. She talks of the collapse of world banks, and advises everyone to withdraw their paper money before that happens. This is not financial advice, but how she sees it. Article in MoneyMagpie

30th July 2021

Thank you Hugo Talks for another one. Eruptions in Italy. Health passport protestors gatecrash the Italian Parliament. They carry placards saying No to Green Pass. 


29th July 2021

Hugo Talks has a new video. he puts them out on a daily basis, sometimes twice a day. In this one he talks about how the NHS Track and Trace App has morphed into a vax passport. It used to be for showing when travelling abroad, now they have added the word 'domestic' meaning it is a pass to get into pubs and events in the UK. A very crafty way for the Government to gain more control over what you are allowed to do and monitor your every move. This which will exclude anyone who doesn't have a smart phone and who hasn't been jabbed. The dictatorship is coming, and people are sleepwalking into it. 


28th July 2021

I have been following Stefan of Sanity for Sweden for a long time, on the toooob. Definitely worth a watch. 


28th July 2021

Another video from Gerald Celente, from Trends Journal. I love the way he says it like it is, no holding back from Gerald. Be prepared for very colourful language. Skip this one if swearing offends you. 


27th July 2021

Numbers are not my strong point. Here is Steve Deace to crunch some numbers for you. The real unvarnished data on vaxx rates. He breaks down some of the data for the vaxx rates in the USA states, and countries all around the world. At the end he says, it's not about Covid, it's about something else. 

26th July 2021

I have been saying this for a long time, get rid of your smart phones. Hugo Talks asks everyone to smash up their phones. They can track your every movement, they build up a profile of your life, enabling Governments to have total control over you. In turn you become a slave. Is that what you want. Just think about it, if you don't have one of these phones it is the way to freedom. Get a small Nokia for texts and calls, no Apps. Watch and listen very carefully to Hugo. 


26th July 2021

If you are wondering why the boats are coming across the channel and nothing is being done to stop them, have a read of this. The Kalergi Plan, as reported in this article from 2018, sheds some light on the situation. It's all leading to the New World Order, one Government, one religion, with Globalist control. 

Godfrey Bloom has sussed it. 


24th July 2021

People need to be aware that this is coming. We need to act now to block Britains Social Credit System. An article in the Spectator.

 ‘There is a model for what will be coming our way if we do not resist vaccination passports and electronic ID cards: China’s social credit system, which blacklists people for numerous antisocial offences. This morning it was reported that the government is planning to introduce a health app in January which will monitor our shopping, our exercise levels, or intake of fruit and vegetables.'

24th July 2021

Here we go, the start. The Museum of Human Rights in Canada is re opening to vaccinated visitors. The great divide is happening. Passports needed. 

23rd July 2021

The Americans are hell bent on jabbing everybody. Their fear mongering is ramped up every day. This is not going to stop, but some people are waking up to what is really going on. The pressure is bad enough here, I'm glad I don't live over the pond. An Independant article, Vaccine push comes with strong words. 

22nd July 2021

Collateral Global have an interview with Lord Sumption on their site. Jay Bhattacharya is the interviewer. 

Watch the whole video here.

British author, historian, and retired Supreme Court Judge, Lord Sumption, has been vocal throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, questioning the wisdom, necessity, and legality of the British government’s use of the 1984 Public Health Act to implement extraordinary lockdown measures.

There is a transcript available on this site. Here is a short extract.

The essential problem about the lockdown and similar methods of social distancing is that they are designed to prevent us from carrying out our own risk assessments. Now that is, I think, a serious problem in any circumstances for mainly two reasons. The first is we may not actually want to be completely safe. There’s a trade-off between safety and the actual content of our lives. We may be quite willing to decide that we would rather take the risk of living a little less long in order to have a richer life while we are alive.

21st July 2021

Hugo Talks says we are heading for a dictatorship. He is right. He talks about censoring anything that does not follow the official narrative put out by the Governments all over the world. We have to stop complying, we have to stand up for ourselves. Our freedoms are being taken away from us. Spread the word and share information. 


21st July 2021

Once again, Christian from Ice Age Farmer is warning us about food shortages. He talks about food production having problems all around the world caused by weather and distribution. 


21st July 2021

Watch this. A young Dutch MP questioning the Dutch Prime Minister. Gotcha. I hope the link opens. 


20th July 2021

There is a long discussion about Boris going on at the moment on Twitter. I won't name names, and I can't verify any of it, it could be gossip. 

WHY do people struggle to see this?! The imposter of No 10 has NO say in what’s happening here. None. He’s both a puppet and a prisoner- he’s threatened to comply and has NO POWER.

He has privately admitted that he's not in charge, that he's just obeying orders. Their silence is at least as inexcusable as Boris's compliance.

Everyone can research it- it’s def NOT hidden. The blind faith in authority, and complicity is what needs to end.

He looks haunted and miserable: and that’s the truth

I suspect there’s a compromising video somewhere. His ‘hospital visit’ last year was more like a session of informing what will happen, the rules, etc

What have they got on him, why is he complying?

Everyone skirts around the issue. Like you. No one will come out and say why he has no choice. It’s pretty obvious he is being controlled but it would be helpful to understand if it’s his eugenisist father or blackmail etc

20th July 2021

Health passports are being pushed all around the world. RT Question More has an article about this. Boris Johnson has said that proof of double jabs will be required at nightclubs in England in September.  

WATCH mass protests erupt in Greece after government bans unvaccinated from indoor public spaces & allows teens to receive jab

18th July 2021

Thanks to a reader who sent me a link to the Find a Tender page on the Government web site. This is the page where they put jobs out to tender to invite applications from various companies who might be able to fulfil the various contracts they have on offer. Here they have 2 million £'s to spend on promoting the jab. So expect to get bombarded further. Full details here. 

The Executive Office requires the immediate appointment of an advertising contractor to build on and continue to deliver a multimedia advertising campaign on COVID-19. The contract duration is for two years commencing on 1 April 2021. The maximum budget is £2 million exclusive of VAT.

18th July 2021

Thank you to a reader who has sent me a link to this interview. Dr Reiner Fuellmich is an international trial lawyer who has successfully sued large fraudulent corporations. He is part of a worldwide network of lawyers. They have collected undeniable evidence that the pandemic is a planned criminal operation. He gives me hope that eventually we will come out of this nightmare, and the criminals will be brought before a court of law. 

Watch this video on Brand New Tube.  23 minutes long.

There is a longer version on odysee, interview by jermwarfare. 1 hour long. 

16th July 2021

There is no let up, the lies are coming thick and fast. Look at this BBC article, written by Hugh Pym, health editor. Medical staff distressed by third wave. We are planning for war and praying for peace. Look at the language they use, Staff already exhausted and demoralised. Rates are ballooning. People are getting frightened, it's a nightmare. We are absolutely gutted. 

Now read this tweeeeeter thread. James uncovers it as a BBC and NHS propaganda article. There is no evidence that what they are predicting will happen, is going to happen. They are working on assumptions, to inject more fear into the already volatile situation. 

People are feeding into this hysteria by having the NHS track and trace app on their phone. They are accelerating the fear by getting tested when they show no symptoms. The Government are now back to using those number as cases. It is never going to end. 

14th July 2021

Thanks to a reader who sent me this link. It's an interview between Dr David Martin and Reiner Fuellmich. The title is A Manufactured Illusion. It is over an hour long, and goes back to the beginning when Sars vaccines were first being investigated in 2004. Surprisingly, this was when the term, New Normal, first arrived on the scene. Patents were taken out years before the virus emerged. 73 patents were issued before 2019. The flu had run it's course so something else was needed to continue to get people jabbed. 

David Martin states there was no lab leak at Wuhan, it was an intentional bio weapon of spike protein to inject into people to get them addicted to a corona virus vaccine. It is all about money. He goes on to say, this is not a public health crisis, it was an opportunist marketing campaign to address a stated objective. They needed the media to create the hype and investors would follow where they see profit. 

Patent lawyers are afraid to come forward, but people are working in the background to get the truth out there. Try this link to the BNT page, if you have difficulty copying and pasting the video link.

A manufactured illusion. Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich 9/7/21 (brandnewtube.com)


13th July 2021

I like Alan Jones, news presenter for Sky News. He tells it like it is. 


12th July 2021

Fear continues to be peddled. Sky News report. We have to learn to live with it. Continue wearing masks. The gasping woman. 


12th July 2021

Here is a selection of Ad campaigns from all over the world. Get jabbed everyone. Look at the woman gasping for air, she is acting. There is no let up. Do not be bullied. If you want to get a jab make sure you are well informed, and that means you know exactly the risks you are taking. Then if anything goes wrong it's down to you. They call it informed consent. Be aware that you cannot sue the company who make the jabs, cannot sue your doctor, cannot sue the person who administered it to you. 


12th July 2021

If anyone hasn't made up their mind whether to get jabbed or not, maybe this will help you to decide. I wonder how much money the NHS has paid for this video. Personally this makes me feel sick. Are there any depths they will not sink to, to get their bullying message out there. 


11th July 2021

A naval officer (USA) has spent the last 15 years on active service now faces being forcibly discharged because he won't submit to taking the coavid jab. His 31 tweets have been condensed into one easy to read document by Threadreader. He explains his feelings and presents some very good reasons why young and health military personnel should not be bullied into taking part in this global experiment. Why are they pushing the jab so hard in the military. It's a sure fire way to break it down and disable it. The jab is now being used as a weapon to break down law and order. If you want to read all the comments to this thread click on his name which will take you to the original twitttter thread. The response to his thread is phenomenal, the numbers of likes and retweeets are going up constantly. 

9th July 2021

Laura Dodsworth has written a book, it's called State of fear. I would suggest you listen to every word of her interview, and you will realise that all this was planned. I knew from the start that it is all about fear. If you understand the psychology behind what the Government has done, you maybe won't feel so scared. coavid is not the virus, fear is the virus. 

Laura Dodsworth discusses her new book: "STATE OF FEAR - How the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic." A superb read explaining how the Government used the Science of Psychology to delude us into a form of mass psychosis. Learn how to innoculate yourself against these totalitarian methods!


8th July 2021

Important, what is in the jabs? Pinball Preparedness reveals. 


Link to his research. Science Direct. 

Spanish Researchers - graphene oxide. 

8th July 2021

I am currently looking for a more manageable balance to my life. This has been taking priority, I am struggling to fit in everything I want to do. Summer means going outside more often. More information is coming out, I will start adding to this soon.  

2nd July 2021

I'm going to have to step back from this for a while. Too many hours on the computer is taking it's toll, both mentally and physically. I feel drained. I care about what is happening to the world, what direction it is going in. There is corruption everywhere. It used to be called a conspiracy theory, now as time goes on it is not a theory, it is real. But the conspiracy is not driven by ordinary people, those that might be called cranks. It is the very richest people on earth who think they are God. David Icke calls it a cult, and I agree with him. The only way for ordinary people to fight for their freedom is to rebel against the new normal. They use the term Build Back Better, but it is they, Big Tech and Big Pharma, who are  destroying the world. We are all sheep if we keep quiet. Speak up, speak out, at every opportunity, if you don't it will be the children who suffer. 

30th June 2021

It is heartbreaking to watch this video, but these people are speaking out because it needs to be discussed. People are dying from the jab, people are suffering a multitude of adverse reactions affecting their quality of life, some of them may never recover. People who were healthy before the jab, now are disabled. 

Anyone not jabbed please think very carefully. In the beginning they said it was safe, it was tested, and everybody should have it. All lies. They didn't say that everyone would be taking part in an experiment. They said that no one could claim compensation if it all went wrong. 

Jabbing needs to stop now. Children should not be jabbed. There are no long term records for this experiment. No one knows what will happen in a year, two years, five years down the line.  


Three thousand comments on this video. Here are some of them. 

My daughter was forced to take vaccine for her job in Healthcare, she is now dealing with blood pressure issues, migraines and seizures, her doctors also said it was anxiety. Medical community needs to take this seriously, government needs to get out of our personal choices and we need to defund pharmaceutical companies.

My daughter works in emergency room and she says they have a lot of young people with heart problems developed after covid19 vaccine. And that doctors telling people to get vaccine but quietly stopping their own children from getting it

This is terrible to hear. I had a good friend pass away the next day after the second dose of Pfizer. Started with terrible abdominal pain and not able to go to the bathroom, went to urgent care, they sent him home saying food poisoning. Ended up with a bunch of blood clots in the kidneys ending in cardiac arrest and strokes. RIP brother. Be careful out there folks.

My sister got the pfitzer. Very healthy young woman. She ended up at the hospital with difficulty breathing..now she has been under asthmatic medicine since that day because of her new chronic lungs inflammation.. my friend's grandma died a few days after the jab , she became sick two days after and died.. vaccine is safe ?? My friend , 47 , healthy, fit man got a heart inflammation one month after the jab, that screwed his heart. He is going under heart surgery next month..

My wife also had a horrible reaction to the vaccine. Test after exspensive test. They said vaccine reaction. The symptoms are still on going.

I have been an R.N. x 44 years and opted out of getting the vax but most all my R.N. and physician colleagues got it. Two colleagues were diagnosed with pretty severe cases of Covid within a week post getting the bad. One R.N. developed what was originally thought to be a liver abscess. This week she got the results of her liver biopsy and results were positive for cancer.

My uncle died of blood clots 2 weeks after getting vaccinated. He never had heart problems, was totally fit and had no health issues.

My husband had a massive heart attack 2 weeks after 2nd vaccine. He coded 4 times. He did survive against all odds. He had a large blood clot in the main ventricle to his heart. (Widow makers heart attack) three weeks later he is recovering but slowly.

29th June 2021

This is an interesting article. It's asking the question about the difference between natural immunity and vaccine immunity. Overwhelmingly they say that people who have had covid and recovered should not be getting jabbed. Biz News article. 

29th June 2021 

 It has been known for a long time that the PCR test for covid is unreliable. It was never meant for blanket testing. It came to light early on that the reported deaths from covid as marked on the death certificates, was not true. Many did not die of covid. The whole pandemic has been built on lies, engineered to keep people living in fear. It is no longer a pandemic, it was downgraded to endemic, but they still keep using that term. They need to keep the fear going during the summer, while they transfer it to the next  pandemic. We are on the long road to Globalisation. I am hopeful that more people will wake up to what is going on. 

Following a citizen’s petition, a Lisbon court was forced to provide verified COVID-19 mortality data. According to the ruling (read full judgment below), the number of verified COVID-19 deaths from January 2020 to April 2021 is only 152, not about 17,000 as claimed by government ministries.

You can read the full report here. 

27th June 2021

Jim Waterman is media editor at The Guardian Newspaper. He tweeted this. Read the whole thread, I'm amazed at the response. It appears that people are running around London like headless chickens trying to jet jabbed at a drop in centre. There is a lot of confusion about the time between first and second jab, people want to bring it forward. I can't believe how desperate people are, they are travelling miles and waiting in long queue's. I wonder if this is another desperate attempt at frightening people into getting jabbed. 

Jim Waterson on Twitter: "Just got second dose of Pfizer at Science Museum in London, they’re doing them for anyone who had their first jab 21+ days ago on a walk-in basis with no need to book. It was brilliant, the staff, the volunteers were brilliant. Ten minute queue, go do it Londoners!" / Twitter

26th June 2021

Once again I have been contacted by my doctors surgery offering me my first jab. This time it was by text, I had missed a couple of phone calls. They say...Grab your jab at a vaccine walk in service near you this weekend, no appointment is needed.  I don't reply to them. 

I am concerned that they are now pushing the jab out to children. Doctors say this should not happen. Dr Suneel Dhand has made this video. This is what he says. 

In a meeting this week about cases of heart inflammation (myocarditis and pericarditis)... is this really what the CDC recommended? RE-THINK needed ASAP...


25th June 2021

I don't know whether to share this one or not, because it might cause a heart attack for someone who is not used to swearing. But hey ho, don't listen if you don't want to. Gerald Celente does not hold back as he goes through the news headlines. I laughed till I cried, it doesn't offend me. 


24th June 2021

And so it begins, The New Nuremberg Trials 2021. 

A team of over 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich have begun legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO & the Davos Group for crimes against humanity.

24th June 2021

Thanks to a reader who sent me this link. Rosa Koire wrote a book called Behind the Green Mask, Agenda 21. She made this speech in 2013, and everything she said is now happening. It is uncanny how accurate she was. Sadly she passed away last month, she had been ill for a while and died of lung cancer. If anyone is still thinking that what is going on is a conspiracy theory watch this video. Rosa spells it all out. This has been planned for a long time. If you want to know where this is all going, listen to Rosa. 


This is a blog about the book, Behind the Green Mask. There are more videos on this site. Here is another video. Take note of what she said, she lays it all out in easy to understand language. The Great Reset is a 100 year long plan, designed to be implemented by all countries of the world. It has been written into the laws of each country, it will change life as we know it. 


24th June 2021

We are coming up to the half year mark since I started this. A brief summary. After reading up about the jabs I know my decision not to get it was the right one. A lot of people are becoming ill after having it, and a lot have died. People have said that getting covid is worse. My answer is that I look after myself by staying away from people, and not going to places where I might come in contact with it. I don't want to live with the worry of an unknown substance in my body which might have long lasting effects for years to come. I know people who have been jabbed, they are saying that they are constantly tired and have no energy. Is that caused by getting older and slowing down naturally, or is it because of the jab. There are too many uncertainties. I am suspicious about why the Government are still pushing it, when there are so few cases now. They say the hospitals are full and we have to protect them, but what are they full of? People with adverse reactions seeking help maybe. There are far more worrying things going on in the name of climate change. They have a plan. All currency to be digital throughout the world. A massive monetary crash is coming, paper money will be worthless. We will pay for everything with a smart phone. I won't because I won't have one, and I will be dead by then. Humanity is being steered in one direction only, globalisation. The only wat to stop it is to say no. But I don't think enough people will. They will lie back and take it. Think of the children, they won't have the freedoms that we have had. It's all about control, and the virus gave them a platform to prime people into accepting any rules and instructions thrown at them. 

24th June 2021

In this video Dr Moran talks about whether people who have had covid need to be jabbed. Natural immunity is rarely talked about in the media, because they are intent on getting as many people jabbed as they can. Look for the cats in this. 


22nd June 2021

The virus is asleep at the moment and attempts at keeping the fear going are subsiding, but don't worry, it will be back later in the year when new variants come out and the third jab comes in. In the meantime they need another way to keep the fear going. Don't worry there will always be another one waiting in the background. Here is an article which talks about emergency alerts which will send a siren to your mobile phone. It is part of a test, nothing to fear in the beginning, but if this is shown to induce panic into people then it will become the norm. Be aware that they are testing your reaction to it, that will be their measure of if it actually works or not. Read this article in the Independent.  If you don't want to be a part of this experiment leave your phone at home, only use it for emergency phone calls and texts. Or I suggest you might like to get rid of it altogether. 

21st June 2021

I do like Godfrey Bloom, he tells it like it is. In this video he lets rip. Tells everyone to take our freedoms back, the freedoms that belong to us and not the Government. The freedoms that our fathers and grandfathers fought for. We were born into a free country. 


21st June 2021

Next they are coming for the children. Why would they want to jab children when they are the group that are least at risk, and a great many adults have been jabbed as well. There is some other reason for this, and it's not to protect them from catching a nasty cold.


21st June 2021

Thanks to a blog reader for sending me this link. Ice Age Farmer is warning of food shortages to come. Shops are already running low on some food items. All this is planned by the technocrats. They want to kill off conventional food growing methods under the banner of global warming. No more meat production, instead eat plastic meat made in a laboratory. There is a shortage of workers in the farming industry, the food processing industry, shortage of steel to make cans, and shortage of drivers to transport raw materials and finished goods to the stores. Watch the video to see where all this is leading.


20th June 2021

David Icke has a new positive video out. Very inspirational. 


18th June 2021

They are having the same problems in Australia. This is a world wide scamdemic. A couple have flown from the USA to say goodbye to their dying father. They have been prevented from doing so because of lockdown. A lot of people are fighting their corner for them, Pauline Hanson speaks up for them. The restrictions are barbaric and heartless. Sky news report. 


18th June 2021

Luigi Warren invented the MRNA technology on which Moderna was founded. If it weren't for Luigi, Moderna wouldn't exist. The video is over an hour long. He is in conversation with Nick Hudson, and the presenter who calls himself Jermwarfare. The first half an hour Luigi goes into great detail about how an MRNA vaccine works when it is injected into the body. He then becomes pretty outspoken about his views on the whole of the pandemic. He says, there was a lot of rubbish spouted at the G7, that Global Warming is absurd, and how centralisation is a failure. In his words, intellectual culture has imploded, and the marketing of the pandemic has been a horrific hijacking of the prestige of science to sell people bullshit. He compares what is happening today to Nazi Germany. He names Fauci as probably responsible for this disaster. Catch the video on Odysee

Luigi Warren, Moderna's mRNA inventor (odysee.com)

18th June 2021

This is a bit shocking. Tweeeeeted by Apsana Begum, Labout MP.  

Walk in and get the Pfizer vaccine this Saturday. No NHS number or proof of ID needed, just turn up. Saturday 19th June 8.30am - 7.30pm. Arts Pavilion E3 4QY. Whether you are an undocumented migrant or have insecure immigration status, you can get the jab. 

Some of the following Tweeeeets. 

What happens if they get a reaction to the vaccine? Is there provision to help with that? I know its not common but just in case.

Although I think it is a great offer I would genuinely like to know how those without NHS numbers or proof of ID are recorded? Surely the idea is to know who has been jabbed?

Keeping score is important. What happens when someone who is undocumented turns up to a proper place for their second Pfizer jab and they have no record of them? Or if there’s no way of them proving through the nhs app they’ve had it?

So can everyone claim to have had the vaccine for vaccine passport purposes regardless of whether they have had it?

There is a space for a second appointment on the vax card. They could also leave a mobile contact number. If they are motivated to get the first, we should trust them to turn up for the second. And even if they can’t come back, one jab is better than none.

Getting desperate now . Maybe should have border force hiding somewhere so we can check status and deport the illegals

Doesn't that mean you will be vaccinated without informed consent as with no NHS number or any info on the patients other conditions/medicines they are not giving informed consent. I believe this is illegal?

17th June 2021

The silent majority are speaking out. David Icke talks sense. 


17th June 2021

An interview with Eric Clapton, who is in my opinion the best guitarist in the world. He has had terrible adverse reactions after taking the jab. He is 73 and wants to get back to work. This whole thing has turned his life upside down. At one time he worried that he might never play again. He knew right from the beginning that there was something dark going on with how the government played out the pandemic as they called it. Watch and listen to Eric, he tells it like it is. 


15th June 2021

Alan Jones is my favourite news presenter. If you like straight talking go to Sky News Australia. 


15th June 2021

Watch and listen to Sharri Markson. Here she explains in great detail the results of her research into the Wuhan laboratory. She has written a book about it. If you goooooglie her name you will find that her track record for investigative journalism is top notch. Here she reveals the involvement of the French Government with the building of the laoratory, and how they were kicked out once the building was completed. She exposes the conflicts of interest of Fauchi, and the WHO, who have said there were no bats in the laboratory, when there clearly were. Their lies are being exposed. Donald Trump was ridiculed as a conspiracy theorist, when he was right. 


14th June 2021

Sharri Markson is an investigative journalist for Sky News Australia. She is making headway into the bat theory at Wuhan laboratory. A team went over there to investigate and came back with nothing. Now Sharri has found video evidence that they did use bats in experiments. There are still a lot of questions to ask, but Sharri will not give up. She is getting closer to the truth. It is looking highly likely that this whole thing was orchestrated. The conspiracy theory is no longer deemed a theory. Watch the interview with Sharri. 

Nationals Senator Matt Canavan says he thinks Sharri Markson has "uncovered the greatest scientific scandal of all time".


14th June 2021

Three experts talking about what the covid vaccine does, and what it does not do. It is not like any other vaccine. We are still in the trial period which is set to last until 2023. Darkhorse podcast discusses. Brett has had one of his videos taken down, I expect more will disappear. 


13th June 2021

I've just seen a Tucker Carlson video which is a compilation of news items about the  censoring of anything which goes against the narrative of main stream media. Videos are being removed all the time. Big Tech is calling all the shots, it is they who are ruling the world. Important information is not getting through. The real truth is being stifled. The governments are just the puppets. I don't know if this link will work. The video was on face book but I believe it was taken down. 


12th June 2021

Tucker Carlson reports that something is going on in the housing market in the USA. People who are selling their house are getting a lot more for it because they are being bought up by large corporations. They then find that they can't afford to buy, because all properties are escalating in price, and they are also being bought up by investors. Home owners are being systematically being squeezed out of the housing market. The rental market is growing. This is being called a land grab. People will find themselves unable to buy, and the only option is to pay extortionate rent for a home. You can see where living in a van or an RV is becoming very appealing. 

Giving people the freedom of owning and living in their own home is being taken away. They want everyone living in boxes. Donald Trump said,  They aren't after me, they are after you. I am just in their way. Klaus whatshisname said, You will own nothing, and be happy. This is what he means. People are being stripped of their assets. 


11th June 2021

What George Orwell warned us about in 1984, is happening now. Alan Jones from Sky News Australia reports. 


11th June 2021

Gareth Icke is a regular contributor to his father's web site. People will always bring up something David said many years ago, to ridicule him. Thankfully he overcame all those attacks, and still shares his knowledge and wisdom with anyone who wants to listen. The latest offering from Gareth. To read the full article click on the link. 

The World Economic Forum (WEF) will team up with the Russian government and global banks this July to simulate a major supply-chain “cyberpandemic” that could potentially “bring down the entire system.”

Cyber Polygon 2021: Cult Runs Simulation Of a Coming ‘Cyber Pandemic’ To Prepare For Economic Reset – David Icke

10th June 2021

The Evidence Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd is an independent medical research company. They have recently sent a report to Dr Raine of MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency), setting out their findings of their studies of the Yellow Card data. This records adverse reactions which have been reported up to 28th of May. Their conclusion is that vaccinations should be halted immediately. Paragraph copied from the report. Read the whole report here. 

The MHRA now has more than enough evidence on the Yellow Card system to declare the COVID-19 vaccines unsafe for use in humans. Preparation should be made to scale up humanitarian efforts to assist those harmed by the COVID-19 vaccines and to anticipate and ameliorate medium to longer term effects. As the mechanism for harms from the vaccines appears to be similar to COVID-19 itself, this includes engaging with numerous international doctors and scientists with expertise in successfully treating COVID-19.

10th June 2021

This is a message of hope from David Icke. We have to have hope. This nightmare will end someday, it's how we deal with it that counts. The evil must be broken by us saying stop, no more, I am taking my freedom back. 


9th June 2021

There is so much uncertainty at the moment about the lockdowns, and about the jab. We were promised that the 21st of June would be the end of restrictions and everything could open up again. People have made arrangements for holidays and weddings. Now there is some doubt. Is Boris going to go back on his word? I think he possibley could going by his track record of never telling the truth. The G7 is soon to begin. They have turned Cornwall upside down, to potect the world leaders who will be coming here. We could well do without the inconvenience of this. The cost must be enormous. Bus loads of police officers have arrived from all over the UK. The land around the hotel has been fenced off, the roads will be closed, new buildings have been errected with no planning permission. Total chaos.

I think there is only one way to release ourselves from the the Government restrictions, and that is to say no. The wearing of masks should be voluntary, I haven't worn one since the beginning. Anyone can exempt themselves, no doctors note required. Just say no. People can get rid of their track and trace apps from their phones, in fact it would be a good idea to get rid of your smart phone altogether. People can stop getting tested, stop testing themselves, if they haven't any symptoms. 

I said right from the beginning that this isn't about a virus, it's about control, and a mask is a symbol of compliance. Look how it has split everyone up. Now they are bringing in health passports. Those not jabbed will be limited as to what they can do. I don't mind about that, it won't affect me very much, but for the younger people who want to go out, and go on holiday, it will cause a lot of disruption to plans. 

I feel sorry for the younger generation, and now they want to jab kids as well. The Governments are power crazed evil people. I really hope the day will come when they will all be brought in front of a judge and be made to pay for their crimes against humanity. 

7th June 2021

The NHS want to share your details with NHS Digital. They may want to share it with independent bodies, who know where your medical information will end up. You can opt out of this, it must be done soon. Follow the link through to the end. 

 How to manage your choice online - Choose if data from your health records is shared for research and planning (service.nhs.uk)

An article about this in The Guardian.

The Tories have worked out how to pull off an NHS data grab: do it during a pandemic | Marina Hyde | The Guardian

BlackBeltBarrister has made a video about this topic. He thinks a lot of people will not have heard about it. He has started a petition because he says it should be an 'opt in' and not an 'opt out'. Watch his video. 


7th June 2021

A reader alerted me to The Daily Expose a month or so ago. I have just got round to taking a look at it. What has prompted me is a new David Icke video. He looks back to when the plandemic first came into the public eye in 2020. Remember when they shipped old people out of hospital and into care homes, to save the NHS? Care homes were not ready for it, and many residents died. The Liverpool end of life pathway came into being a few years ago but it was seen as barbaric to end someone's life that way, and was abandoned. Last year very large amounts of the drug Midazolam were ordered by the Government to be administered in care homes, which was said to make patients comfortable in their last days of life. They stockpiled it. It has now come to light that this drug was misused, the deaths were attributed to Covid 19. A group of lawyers are now working to bring the perpetrators to justice. 

This article is about the Liverpool Pathway and what Midazolam is for. 

The Liverpool Care Pathway – #WeNeedToTalkAboutMidazolam – Daily Expose

More information about Midazolam

We need to talk about Midazolam… – Daily Expose

To watch David Icke's version of this story go to Brand New Tube. It's one hour long.

The Real First Wave - Midazolam - Genocide Of The Elderly - David Icke. (brandnewtube.com)

7th June 2021

A message from David Icke. The one thing that they can't control will set us free. We all have to become free thinkers to beat the suppression we are pushing against. We have to stand up tall, and say no. They can only rule by fear, once we show that we are not fearful is when they crumble. 


6th June 2021

Thank you to a reader for sending this to me. The Health Advisory Recovery Team have composed a letter from UK Doctors to Dr June Raine, Chief Executive MHRA. The letter heading reads : Covid 19 Child Vaccination : safety and ethical concerns. There are long term concerns with the vaccine, the trials are ongoing, and are not due to finish until late 2022, early 2023. 

We conclude that it is irresponsible, unethical and indeed, unnecessary, to include children under 18 years in the national COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Clinical trials in children also pose huge ethical dilemmas, in light of the lack of potential benefit to trial participants and the unknown risks.

COVID-19 child vaccination: safety and ethical concerns – HART (hartgroup.org)

6th June 2021

There is a drug that can be used to fight the virus, but Ivermectin is not mentioned by the Governments of the world, because it is cheap. If used early it can save a lot of lives. If you read and watch main stream media you will have the jab pushed relentlessly. To give everyone the jab will cost billions, good news for Big Pharma. Read this article in The Desert Review. Thank you to a reader who sent me this this link.  

Ivermectin obliterates 97 percent of Delhi cases | National | thedesertreview.com

6th June 2021

Sky News Australia have been reporting what is happening on the ground, since this began. The state of Victoria are having a particularly hard time with endless lockdowns. In this video a business man slams the Government for mishandling the situation and closing down businesses. This is the main theme throughout the world. Destroy small businesses and the bigger ones will become even bigger. 


4th June 2021

Thanks to a reader for sending me this link. An interview with Dr Byram Brindle, Professor of viral immunology University of Guelph. He talks about the spike protein and what is causing the adverse reactions and deaths of those who have been jabbed.  


4th June 2021

UK Column News today had a guest speaker, Dolores Cahill. This news programme has been banned from yoootooob, and can be accessed on their own web site. A very interesting discussion bringing up to date news. The legal wheels have been set in motion to bring people to account. The World Doctors Alliance are starting to issue documents asking for evidence of every measures that have been undertaken and continue to be undertaken. Hopefully this will lead to people taking legal action against the perpetrators. Everyone who has taken part in administering the experimental gene therapy can be sued for their part in it.

UK Column News - 4th June 2021 | UKColumn

3rd June 2021

An article spotted this morning. Vaccine hesitancy needs to be tackled, using a five pronged strategy. And so it goes on. Using psychology to beat people into submission is inhuman. It's not about a virus, it's about control. 

 Vaccine hesitancy needs to be tackled using a ‘five-pronged strategy’ (msn.com)

2nd June 2021

This is very worrying. Record numbers of people are coming across the channel in boats, and the UK authorities can't cope. The illegal immigrants are demanding housing, they know they have strength in numbers. Covid testing has stopped because there are that many of them. Any of them could be carriers. There is talk of extending the lockdown to beyond the 21st of June, yet all these people are allowed to come here and do as they like. I fear that our Great Britain is losing the way. I wrote in a blog post a long time ago that we are being invaded, and we still are. 

Illegal channel migrants threaten ‘mob unrest’ on arrival over housing delays (msn.com)

1st June 2021

If you watch this video and you have not been jabbed, you will know you have made the right decision. If you watch this video and you have been jabbed, you should be very worried. I cannot believe that people still argue that everyone should be jabbed. The Government propaganda rumbles on and on, it is relentless. People's disregard about what they are putting into their own bodies is mind boggling. They blindly queue to get poison jabbed into their arms. As Sherri Tenpenny says, this will have repercussions for years to come. 


31st May 2021

I was chatting to a friend on Saturday, she told me of the horrendous experience she encountered after having a PCR test. The one where they push a six inch cotton bud up your nose as far as it will go. At the time she flinched and expressed how uncomfortable it was. The woman doing the test made some flippant remark and said 'oh dear'. Since then she has had four nose bleeds, and has never had one before. The last one was very bad, she said it was pouring out of her, not just a drip, but like a tap running. She went to hospital and was kept in overnight as she had lost so much blood. She ended up having to have a vessel cauterized to stop it. True story.  

30th May 2021

Thanks to a reader who sent me this link. Dr Mike Yeadon is interviewed by Ministry Now. The programme is broadcast around the world by Daystar TV. Dr Yeadon came out of retirement because he was so concerned about the way the virus was becoming a weapon of fear. He does not hold back, his message is clear, people have not been given the whole truth and therefore cannot make an informed choice as to whether to get jabbed or not. He categorically states that children must not be jabbed. This is an experiment, no one can say what the effects will be in a few years time. Listen to every word he says. Fast forward to 18 minutes if you want to get straight into the interview. 


30th May 2021

Some of us understand. 

29th May 2021

An article which appeared in the British Medical Journal in December 2020. It's about Asymptomatic transmission of covid 19. The full article can be read here. 

The UK’s £100bn “Operation Moonshot” to roll out mass testing for covid-19 to cities and universities around the country raises two key questions. How infectious are people who test positive but have no symptoms? And, what is their contribution to transmission of live virus?

The absence of strong evidence that asymptomatic people are a driver of transmission is another good reason for pausing the roll out of mass testing in schools, universities, and communities.

Searching for people who are asymptomatic yet infectious is like searching for needles that appear and reappear transiently in haystacks, particularly when rates are falling.19 Mass testing risks the harmful diversion of scarce resources. A further concern is the use of inadequately evaluated tests as screening tools in healthy populations.20

28th May 2021

This argument is set to roll for a few more years. It's like a flowing river, it will go in one direction, then change course and go in another direction. To get jabbed or not to get jabbed. As more follow ups come out on the health status of those who have been jabbed, only time will tell whether it was a good idea or not. The trial is due to end in 2023. 


28th May 2021

Report of the SAGE working group on vaccine hesitancy. This document is from 2014, but is relevant now. They have spent years on working out how to encourage people to get jabbed. A very complex set of tools has been put together to help health personnel to achieve their targets. An exerpt from the report. 

 As vaccine hesitancy is a complex behavioural phenomenon, and no single best practice intervention to address hesitancy in all its contexts has been found, more nuanced, locally tailored and multicomponent approaches are required. 

Microsoft Word - Oct 3 WORKING GROUP on vaccine hesitancy_final.docx (who.int) 

28th May 2021

Here is an article from the UK Column News web site. It's about the failure of vaccine centre staff to provide informed choice to those considering accepting a vaccination. A video shows what happened when someone entered the centre, the questions they asked, and replies given. A video documents this, and a transcript of the coversation is included. 

Greater Manchester Vaccination Centre and MHRA's Yellow Card ADR Scam - Part 1 | UKColumn

27th May 2021

I put this post on my main blog this morning so some of you might have seen it there. It needs to be said, that some people have to watch their relatives suffer serious side effects after having the jab. Thanks to Stefan for speaking out about what has happened to his brother. 

Life After Money: Sad news from Sweden (meanqueen-lifeaftermoney.blogspot.com)

26th May 2021

It seems that the push for everyone getting jabbed is gaining momentum. How long will they hound us for before giving up. Will their coerssion tactics escalate to full blown threats to withold any medical treatment if we are not jabbed. It's good to know that they cannot force us to have it. As explained in this video from Black belt Barrister. 


25th May 2021

David Icke latest video on Brand New Tube. He joins the dots, explains how the events of the last year or so are linked to the next stage of the plan. The rush to get everyone jabbed, one world one Government, cashless society, electronic chips linking us to AI, taking all our freedoms away. You might want to ignore the rapping at the end. I don't like rapping. 

David Icke New Talking About The Protest &amp; The Truth Movement By Oracle Films (brandnewtube.com)

24th May 2021

I've found this video on Brand New Tube, the 'go to' platform for anyone who wants to speak freely without getting censored. James Delingpole is interviewing Dr Reiner Fuelmich who is a German-American lawyer working to bring the Governments, and all those involved with the vaccinating of the entire planet, to court. He says these are crimes against humanity. The Coronavirus has always been a scam, and the jab is not a vaccine, it's an experimental gene therapy. He advises not to take it. The key to this scam is the PCR test, which should never have been used to detect a virus. This video lays it all out. People are dying after getting jabbed, a lot will suffer the effects of it up to a year later, and may also die. 

This video is also on odysee.com

Dr Reiner Fuellmich with James Delingpole (brandnewtube.com)

24th May 2021

I have just come across a video which addresses some of the points in the documentary, Planet of the Humans. I posted a link to it on May 16th. Just Have a Think, looks closely at the content of the documentary and points out many misrepresentations. The presenter claims that it uses out of date footage to put their points across. Things have moved on considerably since then. The documentary has a lot of good points, and it has made people take notice. You might want to look at this video for alternative viewpoints. There are a lot of links in the video description if you want to look further into it. 


22nd May 2021

I have recently come across Gerald Celente. The title of this video caught my eye, 'The most outspoken Trend Forecaster'. What is a trend forecaster, and why does he forecast what is coming in the future?  Cash Flow Options are asking the questions which is a clue. Investers and savers need to know what changes are in the pipeline so they can invest and move their money about to their advantage. You wouldn't blindly invest in something that is about to collapse. You invest in a company which is on their way up, and sell before they head back down again. Not that that interests me, I would not gamble in that way. Try this video. He is outspoken, no holds barred, says it like it is. The first five minutes are the introduction by the presenter. I shall be watching some more of his videos. 

Here is the blurb from his yoootooob channel.............Gerald Celente is the Founder/Director of the Trends Research Institute and Publisher of the Trends Journal. With a 40-year track record of identifying, tracking and forecasting trends, Celente is world-renowned as today's #1 Trend Forecaster.

Unencumbered by political dogma, rigid ideology, or conventional wisdom, Celente, whose motto is “Think for Yourself,” observes and analyzes the current events forming future trends for what they are – not for the way he wants them to be.


22nd May 2021

Track and trace is not pushed so much now, except in the areas where they say new variants have been found. So they have to do something to keep up the numbers of cases, which will back up their campaign to get everybody jabbed. Now they are after your shit, literally. Taking samples from sewage plants has been ramped up to cover larger areas. 

Read all about it here.  

20th May 2021

Suitably refreshed, onwards and upwards. The writer of this article should be arrested for incitement to hate. And to think they get paid for spouting this misinformation. 

19th May 2021

I've been away for a few days. Need to catch up. 

16th May 2021

Tucker Carlson interviews Peter McCullough. The world has gone off the rails with treating Covid 19. Peter talks about how many lives could have been saved if doctors had been allowed to treat patients early on with other drugs like Ivermectin. Tucker pushes him for answers. By his facial expressions I guess that Peter knows what is going on, but is afraid to spill the beans. 


16th May 2021

A video on Bitchute which shows photographs of people who have died after having the so called vaccine. that isn't a vaccine.  


16th May 2021

This video was made by Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs, it was posted to yoootooob in April 2020. It was taken down soon after because people and companies named in it didn't like what it was saying. They used the excuse that there was copyright material in it. Four seconds from another film was taken out and it was re instated. 

Planet of the Humans is a documentary about how we are losing the battle to stop climate change. The first Earth Day was 50 years ago, Michael asks, have we moved on from then? Is the world a better place now? The conclusion, no. 

These words are spoken a few minutes from the end of the film. Here I insert a warning. There are two heartbreaking scenes towards the end to avoid if mis treatment of animals upsets you. I cried buckets.  

Jeff speaks. Now I know that this all might seem overwhelming. It's the kind of thing that we normally don't try and think about. But by not thinking about it, it stands a good chance of doing us in. I truly believe that the path to change comes from awareness. That awareness alone can begin to create the transformation. There is a way out of this. We humans must accept that infinate growth on a finite planet is suicide. We must accept that our human presence is already far beyond sustainability. And all that that implies. We must take control of our environmental movement and our future, from billionaires and their permanent war on Planet Earth. They are not our friends. Less must be the new more, and instead of climate change we must at long last accept that it is not the carbon dioxide which is destroying the planet, but everything we humans are doing. A human - caused apocalypse. If we get ourselves under control, all things are possible. If we don't . . . . . . . . . . 


15th May 2021

This is a video on Brand New Tube at the moment. It is easy to follow, simple to understand, it talks about the jab. 

SHARE with Loved Ones: If They get Jabbed after watching this They Are Beyond Saving (brandnewtube.com)

15th May 2021

Are you a hugger? Well good news, after the 17th of May you can start hugging again, but be careful. There are some helpful hints and tips on how you should do it, in case you have forgotten. 

Covid: What are the social distancing rules and the rule of six? - BBC News

14th May 2021

I haven't watched any of Ice Age Farmers videos for a while so I thought I would catch up with him today. The title of this one caught my eye, Brace for Impact, about to get much worse. He talks about shipping, the shortage of containers to move products around the world, and the impact that has on just about everything. Inflation. Grains shortage. Meat shortages and how we must now eat GMO foods. Here is the introduction to this video. It is 45 minutes long. 

We are staring down the barrel of a confluence of several scenarios--each of which individually is a significant, life-changing event--but which are together conspiring is a dangerous and incendiary situation: food shortages, inflation, and a breakdown of the supply chain. A new media narrative today acknowledges food shortages, and blames animal agriculture, indicating we are reaching an inflection point in the collapse. Expect things to accelerate from here.


14th May 2021

People have ridiculed David Icke for years. Now the tide is turning and they now realise he was right all along. Here is his latest video. He talks about how people have been sucked in like sheep, how they believe what they are being told, and how they are complying with the rules presented to them. 


12th May 2021

The Conservative Woman is a good read. An opening paragraph.....Left-liberal thinking dominates the news media (most worryingly the licence fee-funded BBC), entertainment and academia, destroying independent and critical thought in the attempt to control how we speak and think. Whether on climate, gender, relations between the sexes or race, it can feel as if we are entering a new Dark Age of anti-reason.

 Our Mission | The Conservative Woman

12th May 2021

I have just discovered Jane Burgermeister through links on the twittering channel. She made this video in 2012 and it adds another dimension to what is going on now. Although it's about the economy and world banks, it's all linked to the big plan being pushed by globalists. 

Our privatised money system explained. Jane Burgermeisters explains why changing our money system -- privatized in stealth without people realising it -- must be our first priority.


12th May 2021

People who are experiencing side effects from any of the jabs should be reporting them with the Yellow Card system that the Government have set up. From what I read on blogs and forums etc, many are just accepting any adverse reactions as normal, because a lot of people are saying the same thing. Reactions can be anything from a sore arm at the point the needle enters, right through to death at the other end of the scale. More and more people are reporting quite frightening reactions but are still reluctant to record them on a Yellow Card. The Government would rather not hear about them, because they are intent on jabbing everybody. Adverse reactions must be reported, or else how can they test the safety of what they are sticking into your body. The results are collected by the Government, but their method of storing is not easy to read. UK Column News have set up their own Yellow Card analysis, and it's easy to follow. They take their numbers from the Government document, so these figures are hopefully true and not made up. This will be updated on a regular basis, and can easily be navigated for the different jabs. 

COVID-19 Yellow Card Data | UKColumn

11th May 2021

I think it will be clear to most that I have not had a Covid jab. When the jabbing business took off I was contacted several times by letter, by phone, and by text, inviting me to go. I ignored the letters and texts, and replied to the phone calls that I hadn't decided and was thinking about it. They left me alone for a while, until today. A text has arrived. 'You are invited to book for your 1st Covid vaccination at Central Surgery. We have limited appointments available, so please book now using link below. Thank you'. I will not reply to this one.  

10th May 2021

An article in the Daily Express this morning. Covid experts are urging people who have had the AstraZenica vaccine to be wary of five troubling after effects that could be dangerous. 

Recipients of AstraZeneca Covid vaccine must watch out for five concerning after effects (msn.com)

9th May 2021

Tucker Carlson digs deep and asks questions. How many people have died after taking a jab?

Tucker Carlson: How many Americans have died after taking the COVID vaccine? | Fox News

8th May 2021

This video has five doctors discussing the so called vaccine that isn't a vaccine. They agree that the Covid 19 injections are bioweapons, and what can be done about it. It's a long video, 1 hour 20 minutes. Reports are coming to the surface that people who have chosen not to recieve the experimental shot but have been exposed to them who have recieved it have suffered what appears to be infections coming from the fully jabbed people. This turns the theory that jabbed people are safe, when they are not, and also turns them into an army of volunteers to go out and spread their nasties to anyone who comes close to them. Some straight talking here. 


8th May 2021

Godfrey Bloom speaks a lot of common sense. His latest video is about the concerns for vaccinating children. He points out that everyone has an immune system, and 99.9% of those who catch the virus will not die. He urges everyone to think carefully about the implications of allowing their children to be vaccinated. 


Godfrey has a web site which is loaded with links to other sources of information, and to his own articles. Looking after your own body is the way to look after your immune system. Good diet, plenty of exercise. 

YOUR HEALTH | Godfrey Bloom

6th May 2021

John Williams has made a video asking questions about why Bill and Mel are divorcing. Something fishy going on there. What does Bill know that we don't. John  asks for ideas. 

Bill Gates is America's largest farmland owner.. He owns a string of non profits, charities and for profit businesses that make him what some would consider the richest man in the world (it's hard to know what he really owns under all of his companies).. However one thing that is undisputed is he is one of the most powerful people on the face of the earth


5th May 2021

And so it goes on. Jeremy Jurgens from the World Economic Forum talks about the next virus. 'There will be another crisis. It will be more significant, and we need to actually start preparing for it now. And I would anticipate that when we do see this next crisis it will be faster than what we've seen with Covid, the exponential growth rate will be much steeper, the impact will be greater, and as a result the economic and social implications will be even more significant'.


This video came out in November 2020. How come Jeremy Jurgens predicts this will happen? It's obvious to me, since reading up about the W E F and the Great Reset. This is a cult, this is planned, it's not about Corona. Everyone should be scared of them. Check out The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Check out Big Pharma. Check out Artificial Intelligence. 

5th May 2021

In the news. A third jab will be needed, it will be a booster and will be administered in October. Talk is that two jabs a year will be needed in the future. This experiment is ongoing. 

THIRD jab for ALL over-50s before winter: Covid boosters will be given alongside flu vaccinations | Daily Mail Online

4th May 2021

Brian Gerrish has been working tirelessly for UK Column News. Here he interviews a Senior NHS Board member who speaks anonymously about what they have seen and heard behind the scenes in their place of work. It's a long read, this is a transcript of a telephone conversation. this is how it starts.,,,,

The senior NHS Board Member warns that the government is now controlling the NHS, and it is the government that is actually dictating what the NHS should do during Covid emergency measures. She states that the result of the government's enforced Covid and Vaccination Policies can be described as genocide. 

Senior NHS Board Member Warns: Stop The Genocide Or Our Children Are Next | UKColumn

2nd May 2021

This is a video about the distribution of vaccines to the whole world. How the rich countries are first in line for the first doses, and they have the means to buy up as much as they need. The poor countries are getting left behind. 

How rich countries are making the pandemic last longer. Covax has been set up to distribute covid 19 vaccines fairly. Is it working? 


30th April 2021

This is a must see video. Dr Ron Brown has joined the long list of doctors speaking out about how the Government have handled the whole shambles of controlling the virus. He discusses his Medicina Paper talking about the reporting bias in Covid19 MRNA clinical trials. He goes into a lot of details about how the efficacy of the coronavirus vaccine is calculated. It is a bit like wading through treacle in the beginning, but listen carefully and stick with it. It all becomes clear in the end. What the Government doesn't  tell you are that the trials are ongoing. There is a chance that some of the video links I am putting on will not be found, because of censoring. 

Dr. Ron Brown discusses the danger of outcome reporting bias and the misleading conclusions and violations of informed consent from outcome reporting bias in COVID-19 mRNA vaccine clinical trials.


30th April 2021

Thanks to a reader for sending me a link to The Light. It's a people funded paper available on-line and paper copies are distributed in many city and town centres. There are some very interesting articles in there, including one from Doctor Vernon Coleman. The front page article in this edition is Vaccines Threatening Humanity, written by Darren Smith. The print is very small on my screen but I can zoom into it to make it easier to read. 

The-Light-Issue-8-FINAL.pdf (thelightpaper.co.uk)

29th April 2021

I am hearing more and more that yooootoooob are shutting down channels. Some are suspended, apparently they allow a second chance to amend content, but three strikes and you are out. Their censorship is becoming more stringent, people are looking for other platforms to post their videos. Here are links to other places which have little or no censorship. 



Brand New Tube

You have to question why this is happening. If the Government is honest and sincere about saving lives, if they are working for the best interests of our citizens and our country, then we should get behind them and support them. But they are not. If they are telling the truth every step of the way then there is no need to question them. But they are not. They are part of something which is happening worldwide, and their actions should be scrutinised. 

27th April 2021

Several people have asked who are 'they', when talking about the future and controlling the world. Rob Braxman Tech explains exactly who 'they', are in this video, You need to see this - Society is Changing. Here is his blurb, copied from his channel.

I'm the Internet Privacy Guy. I'm a public interest technologist. I'm here to educate. You are losing your Internet privacy and Internet security every day if you don't fight for it. Your data is collected with endless permanent data mining.

Society is changing. With the advent of centralized data on each person and permanent records, certain expectations of human behavior will no longer apply. We will be judged according to a new set of rules that is based on a lifetime record. What started out to be a Credit Score will now be expanded to a social score and used in ways we cannot even imagine.


27th April 2021

A letter from a Doctor in India. A lot of deaths in India could be avoided by the use of Ivermectin. 

26th April 2021

The Times of India printed this article in January. 2021. Xi Jinping's use of hysteria as warfare. The article is in three parts. Written by Sanjeev Sabhlock. 

 Xi Jinping’s use of hysteria as warfare – Part 1 (indiatimes.com)

26th April 2021

It is important to question the number of deaths attributed to the virus, as the numbers have been manipulated by the Government. In this article UK Column News drill down into the details. 

A Deceptive Construction - Why We Must Question The COVID 19 Mortality Statistics | UKColumn

UK Column have recently been removed from yooootoooob because they included an interview in their programme about a woman who's husband suffered a life threatening reaction to the jab. I think the suspension was for a week as I see their Friday's programme was back online. I expect to see them at 1pm today. 

EDIT. UK Column was not on yooootoooob. It looks like the ban still stands. I watched it on their own web site. 

26th April 2021

Thanks to a reader who emailed this to me. An interview with Dr Mike Yeadon, in The Daily Expose. Another must read article. Here he takes it to the ultimate conclusion, what is planned, who is planning it. Although it has elements of science fiction in it, his words should not be ignored. Use the information to make plans for your own life. 

An exclusive interview with Dr Mike Yeadon – Daily Expose

25th April 2021

Another video from Geert Vandem Bossche. He says this will be the last one, I hope not. He gives us hope that the tide will turn and he will be proven right. This video goes into why mass vaccination is the wrong thing to do. It's a bit difficult to follow, but stick with it. The message I got was that the vaccine, and I use that term loosely, it isn't a vaccine as in the conventional sense of the word. The jab is an experimental gene therapy, and it will compromise a person's natural immunity. There will be more jabs to come and each one will destroy the body's immunity, leaving everyone needing jabs for the rest of their lives. This leaves them at risk, and also those who have not had any jabs. Watch and listen to his video. This man knows his stuff, he has no need to lie. If you go to his web site there are transcripts, you can read about all of his work. 


25th April 2021

There is a lot of information on the internet about Ivermectin. This drug can be used to fight coronavirus, but they, (Big Pharma) don't want you to know about it. The drug can be bought quite cheaply, and if used in the early stages of the infection it can severely reduce the symptoms and get rid of the virus. Testemony from a lady who took it. People are being left to die because they are refused any other treatment except the jab. 


24th April 2021

An article in the Telegraph. It is behind a paywall, and has been rescued and archived. Written by    AND 

Lockdown proponents can’t escape the blame for the biggest public health fiasco in history

Shutting down society did not save the vulnerable so advocates of such measures are seeking scapegoats. 

Lockdown proponents can’t escape the blame for the biggest public health fiasco in history (archive.vn)

24th April 2021

If anyone likes a straight talking doctor you will like Dr John Bergman. Although he is plugging a health website, he has a charismatic way of putting things into perspective. The video is a year old, and 39 minutes long. The sales pitch is towards the end. The title is, 'I am NOT afraid of the coronavirus.'


24th April 2021

I see that people are coming here to this page to access links to additional reading and video information. It warms me to think that they are questioning everything about this virus, and are not just merrily going along with what the main stream media are churning out. Things are moving along to the next level. While the virus is very much in everyone's mind, there is an air of optimism creeping in. People imagine they can see the light at the end of the tunnel, which is a good thing. We need hope, something to look forward to. The summer months will cheer people up as they start coming out of their prisons. 

I watch and read a lot on the internet. There are predictions of yet another wave of new variants. They, the Government, are keeping up their scare tactics. Keeping us on our toes, ready for the winter months when they say everyone will need another jab to top up the two that they have already had. So be prepared to be called back in October. 

I predict that there will be another lockdown, but it may not be linked to the virus. They have moved on to Climate Change as their weapon to control us. They have emissions targets to meet, and will be pushing for that. Stay in your home, don't drive anywhere, no flying around the world to other countries. Let's see how that pans out in the coming months as they work towards another lockdown. We have already had a lot of practice on following rules. I may be wrong, I don't have a crystal ball, it's just that I don't trust the Government for one moment to tell the truth. 

22nd April 2021

A reader has contacted me about Lifesite, a News channel. The editor, John-Henry Westen, interviews the Psychiatrist Doctor Peter Breggin. He tears the whole Covid/Corona virus thing to shreds. He has written a book which is shortly to be published, called Covid 19 and the Global predators: We are the prey. His closing line in this interview is, don't take the vaccine. Here is an introduction to this interview. 

Dr. Breggin is a first-rate scholar. And his knowledge shines through on my podcast today. Among other things, he explains to me how Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, and Klaus Schwab have been openly coordinating during the coronavirus “pandemic.” We also talked about the psychological impact the virus is having.

“We’re facing a vast political push of top-down government to crush the spontaneity of the human being,” he said. These forces are “using public health … to increase docility in the population.”

The video is 1 hour 11 minutes long. It's slow to start as he tells a story, but stick with it. 

Go to Lifesite for the video, and more information. 

20th April 2021

Thanks to a reader who has sent me this link.  It's from the Hertfordshire Behaviour Change Unit. It's very similar to a document that the Government have put out.   Covid 19 Vaccination. Reducing vaccine hesitancy. Review and recommendations. 

Example: Utilise the influence of thought leaders and respected voices to promote messaging through sources of information trusted by the community. For example, interviews on a local radio station or posts on a community Facebook group. Avoid excluding people who are not digitally connected by providing information through other sources e.g. in the local paper or through leaflet drops.

Basically they are using psychology to push out the mass vaccination programme. 

20th April 2021

I have been watching several of Vandana Shiva's interviews. Here she is talking about  world food shortage. One of the stages of the Great Reset is intensify the production of food with chemicals. To push small farmers off their land. Food is becoming a weapon. 

Trained as a physicist, Vandana Shiva is an organic farmer, social activist and renowned environmentalist. She warns that global hunger is a product of “intensive chemical farming” which turns biodiverse land into monocultures that are too costly for farmers to sustain and produces too little nutritional crops for local consumption.


19th April 2021

The previous entry was also on my normal blog page. As I have not allowed any comments on this page, I thought you might be interested in the comments that were sent in. There was a good response, people wrote long comments about how they feel, and their opinions. Well worth a read. 

 Life After Money: Hope, not hopeless. (meanqueen-lifeaftermoney.blogspot.com)

18th April 2021

I woke early this morning, the sun is shining. I like to prop myself up in bed with an extra pillow and give myself another half hour to gather the thoughts in my head, before I get up. There are so many thoughts to untangle and I need to make some sense of what I have been reading and watching. 

I think the Government are floundering in a swamp at the moment. They are realising that the tide is turning and the alternative way of thinking is gaining ground. They can no longer push the same old well worn narrative and have to think of new ways to deliver their suffocating messages. 

The science that the Government follows is all about modelling. They import a snippet of information from the experts they employ, then feed it into a computer programme to give them the numbers they are looking for. This is what they have been doing from the start. They have to have something, anything, to base their policies on. As time has gone on, they recall and tweak the numbers to push things forward in the direction that has been created for them. 

The push for PCR testing and now the Lateral Testing, are creating the so called Road Map which the Government say will get us back to normal. This is part of their psychology to control what we can and cannot be allowed to do. The tests are now known to not be accurate, but they keep using it. They need the case numbers to increase the control they have over us. 

As I see it science is not exact. It has to be continually challenged, and questioned. It is always evolving. Many other scientists have come forward, some of them more qualified than those employed by the Government, but their theories are brushed aside because they are not in line with the path the Government has chosen to follow. 

Independent scientists have no ulterior motive. Exact science is not about making things up, manipulating what bit of evidence you have to give the desired result, which fits the plan, it is searching for the truth. On the other hand those who are working for the Government are part of a much bigger and wider network of businesses and organisations, who are working towards The Great Reset. 

So who is driving things? What is the driving force? For a start, it is money, but then you have to dig deeper to find out what the end goal is. People may think that this all started with a virus, but it began many years before. I will stop now because I am hungry, I need to eat, but there is a lot more to it than most people realise. This period in our lives will evolve. It seems to be going in one direction only, the outcome appears to be inevitable. I like to think there is hope to change that direction. There has to be hope.   

16th April 2021

UK Column News has been suspended from yooootoooob, apparently for breaching community guidelines. We all know that they didn't like a news item because it went against the usual mainstream narrative. Their news programme can be accessed through their own web site, and from Bitchute. 

16th April 2021

I'm going to pick out a few headlines which give cause for concern. All are from MSM which appears on my screen when I open a new tab.

Kimberley Lockwood, 34, suffered a "catastrophic brain bleed" 10 days after the jab. She was dashed to hospital after initially experiencing vomiting, headaches and other unpleasant symptoms, reports Yorkshire Live.

Check out the full article here

Link to Yorkshire Live. It's a tragic story. Kimberley had underlying health conditions. They are doing an autopsy to see if the jab had anything to do with her death. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Lockdown woes : Experts suggest shutting down whole streets to tackle variants. Dr Jeffrey Barrett director of the Covid 19 Genomics Initiative at the Wellcome Sangar Institute suggests shutting down entire streets. This was from an interview for BBC Radio 4, with Robert Peston. 

A bit bonkers in my opinion. The article is here

Link to Sangar Institute.    Now that's interesting. The person speaking on the video in the article is said to be Jeffrey Barrett, and the person listed as Director of Sangar is a different person, also named as Jeffrey Barrett. These people are milking the system. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Alarm bells over Covid rapid tests. Leaked emails have raised urgent concerns about the accuracy of rapid coronavirus results. The Government is considering scaling back the wide scale testing of people without symptoms because of the problems with false positives. Read the article here. It is taken from The Guardian. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Hancock accused of 'cronyism' after it emerges he has shares in family firm used by the NHS. The company, Topwood Limited, has been awarded two contracts worth £300,000 by NHS Wales. Mr Hancock said he was gifted 15% of the share capitol of his sisters business, Topwood Ltd. As reported on Sky News. Article here.  Here is a link to Topwood. A similar article appears in Huffington Post.  I draw the conclusion that he is looking after himself and his family. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Reports of infected people who have had a vaccine dose. Story from The mail.

I think that's enough for now. The reason I am writing this page is to address the balance. Stories are being censored, people are being silenced, and people are afraid to speak out. Science evolves. Some of the measures taken a year ago to supress the virus are not applicable now. We have moved on. The Government needs to move on. The Road Map as they speak about is not a straight road, it has branches off it which must be explored. 

15th April 2021

I have just found a wonderful lady. This video is 18 months old, and I will search out more of them. I'm in a rush now, but please find time to watch this one. The blurb in the introduction on yoootooob.

Our guest is Vandana Shiva, a world-famous environmental activist from India. Her latest book is entitled "One Earth, One Humanity vs. the 1%". She tell us about more her opposition to big multinationals such as Monsanto for their nefarious influence on agriculture. But Shiva also singles out billionaires like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg for criticism. "When Bill Gates pours money into Africa for feeding the poor in Africa and preventing famine, he’s pushing the failed Green Revolution, he’s pushing chemicals, pushing GMOs, pushing patterns", she tells FRANCE 24's Marc Perelman.


14th April 2021

UK Column News today kicked off with an NHS whistleblower reading out her statement. She is a senior nurse working on the vaccine programme. She asks that she cannot be identified because she could lose her job. She is the breadwinner in her family after her husband lost his job. More NHS staff are coming forward with their stories. It's important that they are heard. There is a technical delay with the audio at the beginning  of this video. Listen to her account of what is really going on inside her hospital, the first fifteen minutes of the programme. 


13th April 2021

Russell Brand is not one of my favourite entertainers, but he talks a lot of sense. In this video he explores the dangers of health passports being introduced. It's looking more and more likely that this will happen. 

Vaccination passports are creating public and political dispute across the world. Is this debate a matter of civil liberties, and can the state compel you to take a vaccine with the reward of everyday freedoms?


13th April 2021

Every morning I read something about the virus and it makes me want to shout at the screen. I relieve my frustrations by writing here. Just when you think that things are slowly getting sorted, the Government throw another fly in the ointment. They come up with yet more scare stories, more rules, more laws that we are supposed to follow. It's obvious to me where all this is leading

Numbers of infections and deaths are very low at the moment, because we are into spring and summer. The virus is a seasonal thing, it will come back in the winter, so to keep us on our toes, they keep on spewing out new rules. They have to, to keep up the fear. New variants will pop up, reports of other countries being in a state of panic and confusion as they try and keep a hold on things. Selective reporting on the situation is a psychological tactic to keep you on your toes. 

Here is a headline from the Daily Express. Full article here. You need to check in with an NHS app on your smart phone every time you visit a pub. Why? So they can keep track of your movements, it's all about control. The hospitals are not overwhelmed, Medical staff are coming forward to confirm this. UK Column News are gathering information from whistle blowers who are brave enough to step forward and reveal what is happening inside hospitals. 

You can comply with this if you wish, but be aware that when you give away your freedoms you won't get them back. You are helping to divide the country even further. My answer to this is to not download any apps at all. Use your smart phone to make phone calls and send texts. Surf the net if you wish to get information relevant to you. Even without apps your phone will still track your movements. Consider leaving it at home, better still, get rid of it altogether. Do you want big brother watching you? 

As restrictions begin to ease across England and Wales, smartphone owners will once again be asked to use the NHS Covid-19 app to keep tabs on their movements by scanning QR codes when they enter a shop, restaurant, bar, gym, hair-dresser or business.

10th April 2021

I have watched an interview, with Knutt Wittkowski, for Journeyman Pictures. He has done interviews before which were taken down by yoootooob. Watch this now before it disappears. Knutt talks about how masks, social distancing, and lockdowns were the wrong thing to do. He explains how herd immunity happens. The right thing to do was to protect the vulnerable while letting the younger people get on with their lives. The virus would have become weaker and fizzled out by now. By preventing it from spreading it will keep coming back. If they continue with lockdowns the virus will be around for a long time.  

In this episode, we check back in with an epidemiologist who got millions of views on this channel before he was summarily canceled. Now Knut Wittkowski has a dire warning for the world: lockdowns only breed new variants of the virus.


10th April 2021

This sort of censorship is annoying. A group of Doctors, formed themselves into a group, because they want to present their informed opinion on the Covid situation. They are professionals, I wouldn't expect them to tell lies. Let's break this down. Twitter uses the words, 'times of crisis and instability'. That might have been the case in the beginning, but it is the Government and main stream media who are keeping it going. We are no longer in a crisis, and the only reason for the current instability is because they want to keep ramping up the fear. 

Twitter accuse the Doctors of spreading misleading information and potentially harmful information. No, it's the Government who are doing that. The Doctors are only trying to put forward an alternative narrative, the way they see it. Basically if anyone says anything different to the authorized narrative, they will be taken down. That also goes for yoootooob and facebuck, and possibly blogggger in the future. I think we have a good idea why this is happening. Money talks. 

8th April 2021

It is well publicised that Ivermectin is a drug that can used to combat Coronavirus. It is being blocked by Governments around the world because it can be bought very cheaply from India. Vaccines are being pushed out which cost billions. Big Pharma are doing very nicely thank you very much. Similar story with hydroxychloroquine, another drug that can help but has been blocked. The Governments are working with Big Pharmaceuticals. They got emergency use authorisation for the vaccines which was rushed through, because they said there are no other drugs available. They lied. They have deliberately allowed people to die when they could have been treated with the cheaper drugs. 

Dr Tess Lawrie appeals to the public to inform themselves by looking at the evidence on ivermectin and share the overwhelming proof that it works with their friends, and especially their doctors. What is ivermectin? Please see the evidence. Visit www.e-bmc.co.uk and www.covid19criticalcare.com and www.ivmmeta.com


7th April 2021

This campaign towards a police state is getting messier by the day. There are many reports of heavy handed police wading in to break up meetings and protests. They even resort to forcing their way into a building.  

A few days ago a video came out about a Good Friday church service in London, where the police went in there and closed it down. It was a Roman Catholic church, the police walked in and stopped the service. Choir boys at the ready on the front pews, gowns were worn by those conducting the service. The police used the pa system to tell everyone to leave. They all got up and left. 
Here is a similar situation. A Pastor in Canada, of Polish origin was at his church when the police walked in. He wasn't having any of it. He forced them to leave. Here is the interview he gave to Fox News. Listen to him, he escaped a Russian regime and doesn't want to go back to that way of living. 


5th April 2021

This article in The Critic came up on my Twitter feed. Vaccine passports would undermine one of the most fundamental rights in a civilised society, autonomy over one's own body. 

Vaccine passports and the recalibration of social ethics | Tom Moran | The Critic Magazine

4th April 2021

This video is a must for everyone to watch. Dr Ryan Cole CEO and medical director of Cole Diagnostics regarding Covid vaccine and treatments. Ivermectin has been used as a treatment and has a very high success rate. It is very hard to get in the USA, they don't want you to have it, because it can be bought very cheaply from India. Dr Cole describes the long term effects of the Covid vaccines, which are not vaccines in the true sense of the word. 


4th April 2021

Lynette Zang is an expert in monetary matters. She talks about why the governments are pushing a cashless society, and why gold and silver are the best commodities to buy right now. Self sufficiency is the way to go. The Great Reset has already started. The Universal Basic Income is being brought in. She warns to get out of the banking system. 


2nd April 2021

Doctors for Covid Ethics have published a press release which accuses the medical regulator of downplaying Covid 19 vaccine dangers. The European Medicines Agency is misleading citizens into medical experimentation, experts warn. Excerpt from the letter. Read the whole thing here.   “Misleading populations into accepting investigational agents such as the gene-based COVID-19 ‘vaccines’, or coercing them through ‘vaccine passports’, constitutes clear and egregious violations of the Nuremberg Code”, they caution. 

1st April 2021

UK Column News came up with some interesting points yesterday. World leaders call for a pandemic treaty. No Government can address the threat of pandemics alone - we must come together. We must be better prepared to predict, prevent, detect, assess and effectively respond. the Covid 19 pandemic is the biggest challenge to the global community since the 1940's. We can build a more robust international health architecture that will protect future generations. It would be rooted in the constitution of  the World Health Organisation, drawing in other relevant organisations key to this endeavour, in support of the principle of health for all. Pandemic preparedness needs global leadership for a global health system fit for this millennium. To make this commitment a reality, we must be guided by solidarity, fairness, transparency, inclusiveness and equity. . .  Can you see where all this is leading? Globalisation. One Government, one religion.  


31st March 2021

And so it starts. The Government have bulldozed their way through this pandemic by spending £23 million on a contract with Palantir, a CIA backed data firm. 

Open Democracy are reporting an important victory. . . . . . . 

We've won our lawsuit over Matt Hancock's £23m NHS data deal with Palantir. 

For a year they have been fighting legal battles over the British Governments secret NHS data deals with controversial spy tech firm, Palantir. Initial deals were framed as short term, emergency Covid response. The new contract revealed this was going to go on well beyond the pandemic. This is important to know. 

Who are Plantir.  Click here. 

Government lawyers insist that citizens have no right to a say in major contracts with big tech. Open Democracy believe that the public does have rights, so they sued. 

Click here for the full article. 

28th March 2021

I am being stalked by a troll, so I am taking this down for a while. I will continue to add to it but it won't be published until later. 

27th March 2021

'It's Worse Than I Thought' Prepare now. Motivational video about Agenda 21. This is about what is to come. 


27th March 2021

Shocking pictures in the news this morning, police brutality is getting worse. It's all been kicking off in Bristol, people protesting. The police have the answer, beat people up. Awful video clip of a woman being smashed in the face, she falls backwards onto the ground. Another clip, a chap was standing filming, a police person hit him and he stumbled backwards. These people in uniform are not your normal police. They are sent out in full riot gear. There have been reports with video evidence that even if a protest starts out peaceful, it always ends up nasty, mostly started by the police. In contrast, the Muslim community in Batley have been protesting outside a school, and the police do nothing to disperse the illegal gathering. Why do they not punch these people in the face? Because they are scared of being called racist. Nothing is fair any more. There will be more confrontations in the coming months. 

26th March 2021

Something disturbing in the news this morning. In the Independent. Misinformation is a new word meaning lies. The media seem to be moving away to a more polite way of saying someone is a liar. As far as I can see, the Government are the biggest liars, yet they get away with it. They use applied psychology tactics which is based on lies, to get people to comply. Anyone who disputes their numbers on Covid cases, and deaths, are called conspiracy theorists. Big Tech are searching out these people and removing them from their platforms. One day, Big Tech will rule the world. They can destroy what ever they like with a few clicks. Watch them.  

An estimated 65 per cent of the viral anti-vaccine content on Facebook and Twitter in the US is attributable to 12 anti-vaxxers who play a leading role in spreading digital misinformation, a new study has claimed. “Since introducing our Covid-19 guidance last year, we have removed more than 22,400 tweets and challenged 11.7 million accounts worldwide,” the Twitter spokesperson added.

Read the full article here. 

Study names 12 most dangerous anti-vaxxers in America (msn.com)

26th March 2021

I read that the Government has voted to extend the law that they can continue with making and changing laws around Covid. For another six months they can do as they like. They can decide what freedoms we are allowed. They can remove our freedoms whenever they please. We are all in fact at the mercy of whatever they have planned for us, because the majority of people go along with whatever they are told to do. When I look into the future I don't like what I see. My only way out will be death, but I will do all I can to protect myself. My beliefs in my own abilities are strong. 

23rd March 2021

This is good news.

Covid19 Assembly is setting up a national audit team to investigate every official Covid death in the UK. Overseen by pathologist, Dr Clare Craig, the Covid19 Assembly team comprises experienced health professionals, researchers, data analysts and legal experts. They are now collecting evidence from medical staff, coroners, bereaved family members, registrars, funeral directors and mortuary staff. The aim is to ascertain to what extent (if any) official figures have been skewed by legislative changes to the registration of deaths.

Covid Deaths Audit – Covid19 Assembly

23rd March 2021

This article in The Critic explains fully about what the Government has been doing. Well worth a read. More and more people are saying exactly this. How long will it be for everybody to get the message. When will they realise that there isn't a conspiracy theory, it is fact, and it is happening. 

Dr Gary Sidley analyses the language of fear that has been pedalled throughout the pandemic

A year of fear | Dr Gary Sidley | The Critic Magazine

23rd March 2021

Reports are coming out that Donald trump is setting up his own social media platform. He was banned from Twitter. Now he is coming back. This will be interesting to see how it pans out. 


21st March 2021

Yesterday freedom protests took place in many cities in countries all around the world. Hugo Talks has put a video up with short clips of where they took place. Thousands flocked to London. Many people are at breaking point and have had enough of lockdowns. This is not going away, I think there will be many more to follow. 


18th March 2021

Justin Barrett is the leader of the National Party. He gave a very passionate speech on St Patricks Day. It brought me to tears. 


18th March 2021

When a medical doctor says that they will not be getting the jabbbbbb, that tells me something. Dr Sam Bailey was kicked off a TV programme for saying just that. I trust this person. Here she hosts a Q & A session, and presents the facts in an articulate and  and easy to understand way. 


17th March 2021

UK Column News is broadcast live on yoootooob every Mon/Wed/Fri at 1pm. Here is a link to todays programme. You wont find any of this on main stream media.


16th March 2021

Godfrey Bloom has popped up again, as he does from time to time. In this video he is concerned that some people are being threatened by their employer that they will no longer have a job if they refuse the jab. He is building a legal case and is asking for evidence that this is happening. Contact him if this is happening to you.


14th March 2021

I've been having a look around brandnewtube, the platform which does not censor. This video is part of a pattern emerging where many are confirming the same story. The vaccine should not be called a vaccine, it is a gene altering experimental drug. This is part three of a four part series, Something is not right. 

<iframe src="https://brandnewtube.com/embed/9YPEsXqPECMi4vQ" frameborder="0" width="700" height="400" allowfullscreen></iframe>

14th March 2021

I am trying very hard to understand how the vaseline works. Gert Vandem Bossche is an expert and very qualified to speak about what jabbing everybody will achieve. He has worked for years in this field. He has a warning that the Governments have got it all wrong in their approach to eliminate the virus. People are happy that they have had a jab, but they don't realise that they are storing a whole lot of problems for themselves. The Government don't tell you the truth, they are using a sticking plaster to stop a disaster. As Doctor Vernon Coleman says, what is happening is a massive crime against humanity. The video is on brandnewtube, and on the Highwire.com web site. 

<iframe src="https://brandnewtube.com/embed/bikEriEbkYDQXJK" frameborder="0" width="700" height="400" allowfullscreen></iframe>

13th March 2021

The Global Compact for Migration will facilitate and force mass migration into the west, while shutting down all opposition to the agenda. This is the United Nations Kalergi Plan, and can be read in full here. 

Microsoft Word - 180711_Final Draft.docx (un.org)

The heads of state met in Morocco in 2018 and adopted this Global Compact for safe, orderly, and regular migration. 

There is a video highlighting key points. 


12th March 2021

A link was sent to me of a video, the title, First court case against mandatory fact sin nation. (Like it, three syllables one word). Spiro Skorous interviews the Attorney Ana Garner, who is bringing a case against the County for it's policy of no jab no job, on behalf of her client. She is determined to take it all the way through the courts. The timeline for this could be 6 - 8 months, but it is significant because it could set a precedent. It is wrong to sack someone because they won't be jabbed. Ana is also working on a second case that challenges the Governor of New Mexico. The wheels are in motion for ordinary folk to make a stand. 


10th March 2021

Justin Barret is the leader of the National Party. In this video he discusses Resets, Debt Slavery, and Nationalist Economics. He discusses Irelands economic future. I found this very interesting, not having a good understanding of the nuts and bolts of economics. He speaks very slowly and clearly, about The Great Reset, conspiracy theories, and Klaus Shwarb and the World Economic Forum. We are heading for a bank collapse and the only way out of it is a Reset. A heavy subject but worth spending one hour watching it. 


10th March 2021

This is copied and pasted from the blog post I wrote yesterday. It's worth going to the post to read the comments that came in. Link to the post.

Life After Money: From the heart (meanqueen-lifeaftermoney.blogspot.com)

I watched a video last night after I had unpacked the shopping. It was getting late but I like to have a sit down for half an hour before I retire to bed. The video was made by someone who lived in China for 14 years, he has left now, because he couldn't stand to witness the control that the Government dish out to ordinary seemingly innocent people. 

It was shocking to see the brutality of the police attacking people, even women, dragging them to the ground and handcuffing them for the smallest of misdemeanours. There was a warning that there would be some distressing scenes, and I wondered whether to continue watching it at such a late hour. Would it give me nightmares. I stuck with it. 

I had previously seen another of his videos, he has made many, which showed the public toilets that the Chinese have to put up with. The sight and the stench from them would make me throw up. Even bathrooms, (toilets) at a shopping mall and a petrol station were just as bad. Behind all the shiny shop fronts a world of disease and germs lurk. 

Anyway, if you have the stomach for the violent cops video, it is an eye opener, here's the link. I won't post the full video. Watch if you are interested, pass it by if you are not. 


8th March 2021

I have just watched this video from a man who has lived in China for 14 years. He got out. I am curious to know what it is like living in China. I know nothing about it. This is certainly an eye opener. China's police brutality exposed. I can see that this is the direction we are heading if we keep giving in to our Government. The way they have handled the covid thing is the first step, and people are going along with it. It worries me greatly. Watch the video.  this isn't the only one, he has made a lot more. 


8th March 2021

Some interesting videos coming out now. People are rebelling, they have had enough. A mask burning protest in Idaho.


4th March 2021

Lord Sumption is a retired barrister. Over the past year his lockdown criticisms have turned him into a renegade. In this interview he asserts that it is becoming morally acceptable to ignore Covid regulations, and warns that a campaign of civil disobedience has already begun. I have seen several of his interviews now, and find his calm and measured words explain his points in a relaxed and easy to listen to way. 


4th March 2021

There are a lot of conflicting opinions on the internet about the jab. Whether to get it or not. People need to make the decision for themselves. This video talks about the reactions to it which some people will experience, from very little reactions, to the more serious issues which might occur, such as headaches, sweating, feverish shivers, and an all over tiredness. It's worth reading some of the comments following the video. 


4th March 2021

Not my words, plucked off yoootooob, but I could have easily said them. 

World leaders is a contradictory term These days - the 'leaders' of the world are self centred people almost solely identified with their egos. They aren't leading in the real sense of the word, yet so many of us blindly follow them, yet to realise we are following them into their and possibly our own demise. we have the power they want to control because there is safety in numbers. We are rising up as we awaken and can bring forth a return to nature by loving and identify with our oneness with ALL LIFE

3rd March 2021

It's looking like Rishi is extending the Furlough Scheme again. They will carry on paying people to stay at home and do nothing, until September. It seems to me that there is a systematic plan to close down all small business. Not many will survive this latest onslaught against their freedom to trade. Some people will be getting used to staying at  home and doing nothing. Some won't care as long as the Government keep on feeding their bank account with cash. Others will be suffering mentally because they want to work, but there doesn't seem much point in getting up in the morning. Expect more suicides, and more bullying in the home, as people sink to a new low. The Furlough Scheme will be replaced by a Universal Credit Scheme, which will effectively put people reliant on the state for the rest of their lives. I hope I am wrong but that's how I see it.  Carl Vernon reports on this in his video.  


1st March 2021

Alex Belfield has reported that Peter Hitchens has had the jab, because he has family abroad and will want to travel at some point. This is the decision being forced upon people now. The Government said that there will be no health passports, but it is becoming increasingly evident that a piece of paper will be needed to access certain activities, including travel. As I have said before, it's not about the virus, it's about control. It is happening. 


27th February 2021

Sky News Australia is a common sense news channel. They have been banned from face book, but continue on yooootoooob. In this video they talk about how China is the cause of all the disruptions in the world. It might have started with the virus, but it isn't going to stop there. There is bigger fish to fry, and the rest of the world are little tiddlers scrambling to get a piece of the cake. 


26th February 2021

Protests against the vaccine. Sky News Australia. 


22nd February 2021

Following on from yesterday. I have just watched a video which states that chemtrails do not exist. The trails you see coming out of the back of aircraft are just vapour trails. So who to believe? I watched another video which talks about cloud seeding. A method used by many countries to manipulate the weather. This cannot be used to send rain to where it's needed eg drought areas, because there has to be clouds there in the first place. Have a look at the video, and make up your own mind. 


21st February 2021

I picked up a link which took me to Mike Morales channel on yooootooob. I was curious so I watched. The title said Texas Was Planned Target. You might have seen on the news that Texas has had a massive ice and snow storm which has brought the place to it's knees. Normally it's a hot weather state, so this big freeze is not normal. Burst pipes everywhere, electricity outages, no water, the shops are stripped bare so people are forming massive queues to pick up a few supplies. The few homes that do have electricity are advised to turn everything off, because the price of electricity is going to sky rocket. What is more shocking about this is that it was all planned. There is a Weather Modification Programme being implemented in the USA. The weather can be manipulated by aircraft spraying heavy metal chemicals into the atmosphere. This is all part of the Great Reset. I suggest you to watch the video. It may be taken down at some point but Mike Morals is putting videos in other places. 


21st February 2021

I have recently come across Gad Saad, a Professor of Evolutionary Psychology. I am becoming more interested in the psychological side of Covid, and the effects that it has on how people think. He talks about identity politics and cancel culture. He has a newly released book, The Parasitic Mind - How infectious ideas are killing common sense. He says political correctness is destroying the truth. There is an epidemic of idea pathogens which are spreading like a virus and killing common sense in the west. Fascinating stuff. Video on yoootooob.


19th February 2021

Hugo Talks has put out another video. This one he talks about what comes next, and it's frightening. Health passports will be introduced, those who haven't had the Vaseline will be severely restricted as to what they can do. There is a reason why the lockdowns are continuing, and it's not because of the virus. Take a look at this, do you want every aspect of your life controlled. 


19th February 2021

There are quite a few horror stories coming out at the moment about people suffering very adverse reaction after having the Vaseline. Some of the complications are going to be long term, strokes and brain damage have been mentioned. I think it is expected that there will be some minor reactions, people are reporting that they have recovered after 48 hours, and many people have said they have had no reactions at all other than a sore arm. There seems to be different reactions depending on which one you get. UK Column News did a very informative programme on Wednesday, you might want to take a look at that. 


17th February 2021

Every morning I check the computer first thing while drinking my coffee, and every morning I despair. People are hopeful that the lockdown will be lifted soon, and they will be able to resume their normal lifestyle. The date for this re start keeps getting pushed back, and the same old excuses are reeled out. The numbers of cases are not low enough, new more dangerous mutants have been discovered, we need to wait until more people have been vaccinated. And so it goes on. The goalposts are constantly moved, they dangle a carrot and snatch it away. People's mental health is being systematically being torn to shreds. 

I am trying not to write about this on my main page, because there are people out there who are so brainwashed, they are looking for any excuse to pull me down. I am appalled at how many people are willing to go along with this bullshit, I can't believe that they are happy to give away almost all of their freedoms. You only have to look at a Communist country to see where all this is going. How can they prefer that way of life over our freedom to go where we like, say what we like, and make our own decisions. It is beyond my comprehension that they think we will get back to normal at some point. We won't, it's that simple. The more we give away, the more we lose. It's gone forever. 

Here are some comments I gleaned from various sources. There are many more, but I will be accused of plagiarism if I copy and paste too much. 

The fact that they want ´social distancing’ to continue in the summer for a seasonal virus tells us that they want this to continue into 2022 & beyond. Because in the autumn the ´NHS won’t be able to cope’ line will begin to get played again to take us into another lockdown.

The Government is planning a nationwide blitz of lateral flow testing to lift lockdown. Royal Mail has been told to prepare to put 3 million rapid tests in the post every week. Kids will be tested twice a week, as will their parents, then programme will expand to workplaces

And the pharmaceutical industry - which funds or employs the majority of SAGE members- has made a killing from tests and will do long-term from vaccines.

When everyone is considered ‘safe’ from COVID, so many people will have been brainwashed to be perpetually anxious that they will seek out a new threat. Life is not a ‘safe’ undertaking. Neurotic and obsessive risk aversion is not life.

16th February 2021

Hugo Talks has been posting videos on several platforms for a while now. His latest video has clocked up 24,385 views on yooootoooob, in 24 hours. With the threat of his videos being taken down he has posted them all on his own channel. To access them go here.

Hugo Talks

14th February 2021.

I published this post on the main blog yesterday. I talk about the plans to do vaccine trials on children from the age of 6 up to 17. Oxford University are looking for 300 volunteers. You might want to read the comments which came in.

Life After Money: Guinea pigs (meanqueen-lifeaftermoney.blogspot.com)

14th February 2021

Daniel Barnett is a lawyer. He answers the question, Can the Government force me to have the Covid 19 vaccine. He explains in this video. 


12th February 2021

Sir Charles Walker is one of a few Conservative MP's who are talking any sense. In this video he talks to Sky News. He says the Government is robbing people of hope by refusing to give a date when they might be able to go on holiday or hug a relative. He says there's no reason for further restriction later this year. I like this man. 


8th February 2021

People are happy to trundle along and do whatever the Government asks of them, backed up by the main stream media. They frighten people into complying with the rules. Some of us are questioning what happens next, where is all this leading. When are lockdowns going to end? Hugo doesn't think they are and I tend to agree with him. There will always be reasons why we are ordered to stay at home. When the virus is not as dangerous as they have made out, there will be another shock horror story to keep up that control. The only way out of this mess is to stick together and say no more. Check out Hugo's latest video.


7th February 2021

I have just found this web site, it is very upsetting to read. It documents reports from people who have had adverse reactions from the Vaseline (you know what I mean). Some of the reports are from friends and relatives where the person has passed away. Please do your research, this is a serious decision you have to make.

Anecdotal Experiences: C.V.V by Susanne Edwards on Prezi Design

6th February 2021

The latest video from Nigel Farage reports about the recent uprising at Napier Barracks near Folkestone where hundreds of illegal immigrants are being housed while waiting for their application to be processed to stay in the UK. Nigel has been reporting on the boats crossing the channel for a long time. Pritti Patel, the Home secretary appears to be at a loss as to how to solve the problem. It makes me wonder why the Government is allowing so many to enter illegally. 


5th February 2021

Rachel Elnaugh is a former Dragon, appearing on Dragon's Den. I always liked her straight talking manner. She has been kicked off yooootoooob for speaking out, now she is on Brand New Tube. In this video she talks about Dr Vernon Coleman, and shows a clip from UK Column News. She believes that everyone involved at the moment in the Vaseline, (deliberate spelling error), should be brought to trial for crimes against humanity. This is her web site where you will find links to her videos.  Rachel Elnaugh : Entrepreneur : Business Speaker 

5th February 2021

More people are coming forward and speaking out, and making videos. I get a lot of links from my Twitter feed because I follow the right people. This one highlights how many deaths have occurred in Israel, after they have had the vaccine. Some after the first dose, and slightly more after the second dose. As usual, in the comments are people who question the validity of the information shown. People have been so brainwashed they block anything they don't want to hear. 

WordFromYerushalaim made this video. He plays a clip from Israelnewstalkradio.com

His words copied from the video description

I made this short video with an audio broadcast of Mordechai Sones; so that I could pass on the information that many people here in Israel have been dying after receiving the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine. But none of this information seems to be making it into the mainline media. I am calling on everyone to pray and seek the Lord to have this evil thing stopped immediately.


4th February 2021

Dr Vernon Coleman has been making videos for a long time. He had to move over to a new platform when Yooootooob started deleting them He can be found on Brand New Tube, a platform that does not censor. In this one he talks about how celebrities and  politicians are speaking about how everybody should get the Covid vaccine because it is safe. Dr Coleman, with his fifty years experience in the medical profession, says this is all lies. It is not a vaccine, it is an experimental gene altering drug, and the experiment will continue until 2022. People are already dying, and many more will be storing up problems for years to come if they take it. At the end of the video Dr Coleman breaks down, it's very sad to see. Here is a man who has dedicated his whole life to his patients, and is now feeling totally helpless because people are blindly walking towards their own demise. 

<iframe src="https://brandnewtube.com/embed/7tNEBnZogbdlEXu" frameborder="0" width="700" height="400" allowfullscreen></iframe>

31st January 2021

I am becoming very weary now with this never ending fear mongering, which gives no hope for the future. I can carry on, but many cannot. There is nothing to look forward to. Can't make plans, now they are pushing for people to wear two masks. I can't even wear one. Slow suffocation does not appeal to me. I am still shopping late when there are no people about, and will continue to do so. I spend £60+ every three weeks. With some planning that is fine. 

The focus has now gone onto vaccines, they are being pushed, and people are happy to take them. I have been reading up about them, they have been pushed out far too quickly, without proper experiments and trials. Long term no one seems to know the consequences of inserting dodgy chemicals into the body. People say they are so happy to get it. They say it is such a relief. But this is not a vaccine, it is an experiment and people are wanting to become guinea pigs. Dolores Cahill says health problems will come later, after the second injection. We shall see. Watch and listen here....

Dolores Cahill PhD speaking about mRNA vaccines (rumble.com)

28th January 2021

I like this man, Mallen Baker, he speaks clearly and concisely. In this video he asks, are we being manipulated? 

Some blurb from his yoootooob channel. 

Is government able to manipulate us into compliance without us even realising it? The UK government has been interested for some time in behavioural science, since it set up the so-called nudge unit under prime minister David Cameron in 2010. Some are now arguing, both with the pandemic and also with climate change, that governments are using these techniques in ways that should concern us. That this is an insidious and powerful form of control. Are they right? In this video, we’ll look at how this works, what are the key objections people have raised. How is it being used around Covid-19 and has it crossed the line?


27th January 2021

The USA are heading for a crisis. Millions of people from Mexico are heading for the border to get into America. Mr B has instructed that the wall which Trump was building should be taken down so they will be allowed in. This is a Fox News interview on the situation. 


26th January 2021

A video from Hugh Talks. The World Economic Forum are meeting this week, remotely. They usually meet at Davos, this has been moved back to later in the year. In this video Klaus Schwarb introduces Ursula Von de Leyen. 


26th January 2021

Hugo Talks makes videos. He digs deep to find stories. In this one he talks about Gates, Zuckerberg, and Bezos's plan to control what we eat. 


24th January 2021

Doctor Vernon Coleman has made another video. He has posted it on yooootoooob, even though they have deleted a lot of his other videos. He has moved to Brand New Tube, a platform which does not censor. This one is a short rundown of how past tyrants have tried to rule the world. It ends at where we are now. 


21st January 2021

I put this on my main page today to see what kind of response I got. People are generally reluctant to get into a conversation about anything Covid related. People don't want to speak out. I think they are getting weary about it all. Fed up of lockdowns, waiting for the vaccine, waiting for it to all be over. 

Good morning.     This is why you need to live your life now, the future is uncertain, Many more people are going to become reliant on Government handouts. The country will sink further into debt. Those who are old enough to remember the war, think about the massive rebuilding programme that went on afterwards. The years it took to get back to normal.

This is why you need to live your life now. Hang on to your dreams and don't give up. Your life is valuable. Take one day at a time, fill every hour and every day doing the things that give you pleasure. Your hobbies, keeping in touch with your friends and families, and supporting each other. I wish you well in your endeavours to get back to normal. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

 Copied and pasted from cityam.com   

Rishi Sunak is reportedly set to extend the government’s furlough scheme beyond the end of April in his 3 March Budget.

The chancellor is drawing up plans to extend the £82bn scheme into the summer as the UK looks set to have strict Covid restrictions in place for several months.

The scheme, which sees the government pay up to 80 per cent of wages up to £2,500 a month, was originally supposed to end last October.

The UK’s Covid cases are steadily falling, however deaths are at their highest ever point as the UK rolls out the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines.

Foreign secretary Dominic Raab said on Sunday that he hoped the England Covid lockdown could be eased by March, while media reports on Monday speculated that stringent conditions could be in place until May.

A source close to Sunak told Bloomberg that “support for jobs isn’t going to end” while most businesses cannot open and that the chancellor is likely to extend the furlough scheme beyond April.

It comes days after the CBI and the British Chambers of Commerce, two of the UK’s largest business groups, called for an extension of Sunak’s furlough scheme.

CBI director-general Tony Danker said: “The government must once again stand shoulder-to-shoulder with businesses to underwrite support for the duration, helping viable enterprises to last the course.”

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan also backed the call for an extension of the furlough scheme and an extension of the business rates holiday past March.

“Current plans to end the business rates holiday in March and then the furlough scheme in April create a huge financial cliff edge for employers,” Khan said.

“Without the certainty that support will remain in place for as long as it is needed, many more businesses could decide to cut their losses and close permanently now.”

19th January 2021

This is another video about The Great Reset. It is explained by Neil McCoy Ward. Every time I watch one of these there is a little bit of information that I haven't seen before. It all knits together to make a full picture. 


18th January 2021

I've just watched this video from, This is John Williams. China is on course to take over the USA.   Is it fiction, or could it really happen? 

I believe China will become the leading super power in the world. They already own so much of America it is hard to believe! They control CNN, NBC, MSNBC, Washington Post, NY Times, Disney, ESPN and more. They own roughly 40% of AMC movie theaters with over 5,000 screens across 350 theaters. They own the Grand Canyon as well as Americas #1 Pork producer. They just purchased over 130,000 acres of US Soil. This is just the beginning. China is growing stronger and stronger by the day.


16th January 2021

There are reports coming out about the covid19 vaccination programme. Adverse reactions and deaths are occurring in some parts of the world. Not all vaccines are suitable for all ages, especially older people of 80 plus with other health conditions. China has called to suspend Pfizer nRNA vaccine. UK Column News covered this story on their programme on Friday the 15th of January. On yoooootoooob now. 


14th January 2021

A presentation from Dr Simone Gold - The truth about the CV19 vaccine.  She is part of America's Frontline Doctors, a truth seeking group.  www.AFLDS.com


13th January 2021.

A short video from Hugo Talks. It's easy to understand, and explains what the Great Reset is about, although there is little about joining the dots from the plague to the end game. It's that bridge in the middle that people can't get their head round. What is the connection between being locked down to try and stop transmission of the virus, to being under full control of a totalitarian state. 


12th January 2021

I have recently come across the yoootooober, Heise Says. He is Australian and puts out reviews he has found on different web sites. This one is from The Washington Times, an article written by Cheryl Cumley. The title, The great Reset is Corporate Communism.


10th January 2021

I have been thinking for a long time, in my simplistic way of looking at things, that the cause of all the problems we are going through, is the internet. Yes it can be a great tool for learning, for entertainment, and building up support networks. But, it can be used as a tool for promoting great evil. The way people can communicate in an instant globally is a perfect vehicle for the crooks in the world to destroy people's lives by manipulating great masses with the intention of supressing their freedoms. 

And I am not talking about the virus here, that is just a stepping stone. It's what follows which should be a greater concern for all of us. You might think things are going to get back to normal, to how they used to be, but I can't see that happening. I am being realistic here, life never goes backwards, it goes forwards. A rolling stone gathers no moss, right? No, actually it gathers a whole lot of moss on it's journey down the hill. It gets bigger and bigger and turns into a monster. 

Freedom of speech is being suppressed, those who hold all the cards have the power to silence anyone they please. Anyone that doesn't fit their narrative. Anyone who dares speak up directly opposing their plans. Parler, a social media platform has recently been closed down. Quote....the words of CEO John Matz......The company has been dropped by virtually all it's business alliances, after Amazon, Apple, and Google, ended their agreements with our social media services. The rest of the article is here

Last week Talk UK, a national radio station was banned from Google because someone didn't like the type of guests they were interviewing. They later had to re instate it. 

All over Twitter people are reporting that their follower numbers are being slashed.  Hundreds, sometimes thousands of followers are being deleted. 

Yooootooob is deleting a lot of videos which don't go along with their narrative. Toobers are moving elsewhere, where there is no censoring. 

Things are moving in a sinister direction. 

9th January 2021

I have just found Claudia and watched her video. A very moving story, which blasts the whole MSM narrative apart. You will need a tissue. This needs to go viral. 


8th January 2021.

I have seen numerous videos of Doctors speaking out about the lies being spouted by the Government and Main Stream Media. I am convinced that there is something more to this than a virus. Today I found this video. Doctor Stephen Malthouse was interviewed on a Canadian news channel.


6th January 2021

Great conversations this morning between Mike Graham and Julia Hartley Brewer, at Talk Radio. Free speech is not dead, and they are back to broadcast another day, and hopefully forever. We need a media outlet which will question everything which is being decided for us by the Government. There is always another side to the story, and the great British public should have the option of exploring every aspect of it, without it being censored. Common sense has prevailed. 

5th January 2021

A shock this morning to see that yooootoooob have removed Talk Radio from their site. Apparently someone complained because they always interview people with conflicting views to the main stream media. Free speech is being systematically deleted. Anyone who has a difference of opinion to the Government and MSM, are being silenced. Very worrying.  

4th January 2021

9pm. Boris has announced that we are going into another full lockdown. Everything closed except food shops. This is devastating for those who are already struggling to survive. Kids are closed until February. Businesses are going under never to open again. Jobs are lost, people have no income. This is a total disaster. 

4th January 2021

Nigel Farage issues a warning about China on course to dominate the world. The Corona Virus started there, some say deliberately, and a year later they have miraculously recovered from it, while the rest of the world are struggling. 

A link to a video from a news report on Sky News Australia.


Mr Smith spoke of a recent clip posted by Nigel Farage on Twitter, in which the Brexit Party leader spoke of the current threat of the Chinese Communist Party. "This Chinese Communist Party poses a massive threat to the world, a threat to our freedom, a threat to our way of life,” Mr Farage said. "So my next campaign is to make sure people understand who China are, what the Chinese Communist Party is, what it’s doing to its own people, what it wants to do to the rest of the world.

3rd January 2021

This video was recommended to me. If you are not familiar with The Great Reset, James Delingpole explains it in an easy to understand way. How it fits in with the Corona Virus. Copy and paste link into your browser. 


2nd January 2021

The Corona virus, or Covid has divided the nation and divided the world. It is thought to have originated in China. In the early days, no one knew how to tackle the problem. Different nations had different ideas. Most countries tried various forms of isolation and lockdowns. Most decided that masks should be worn, hands should be washed frequently, people should not congregate in groups, and safe distances should be maintained from others. Over time new rules were brought in, the country was split into tiers depending on the numbers of positive tests found. 

I started looking for more information on the internet, because I felt that the mainstream media was biased. Their agenda seemed to be scare the wits out of people, I didn't believe what they were reporting. I got the feeling that they were following a prescribed narrative. 

If I tried to talk to someone about what I was feeling, no one wanted to know. They appeared to go along with what they saw on the television and what they read in the national newspapers. They think that everything they were told is true. They still think that now.

There is a growing band of people who asking questions, many doctors, lawyers, and epidemiologists are coming forward to dispute what the Government is telling us. The Government have their own experts, and go along with everything they say. It is well known that the numbers of cases have been grossly inflated as have the numbers of deaths. Death certificates have been wrongly marked as the cause of death being Covid. 

The PCR test to detect the virus has been shown to be not accurate. The inventor of the test said before he died, that it was never meant to be a tool for detecting the virus. It should only be used to confirm the diagnosis after the patient has been admitted to hospital. It should not be used for mass testing on healthy people. 

All this is very suspicious, nothing adds up. People were moved out of hospitals and into care homes. They didn't have the staff or sufficient personal protection equipment for those looking after them, and many old people died. 

Those who are questioning what is going on are labelled conspiracy theorists. I believe there is something going on. Looking into it further reveals that it is not just about a virus, there are links to other organisations which are influencing how Governments are reacting to it. And so the gap between those who are prepared to go along with what the Government tells them to do, and those like me who question their motives, becomes wider. 

I believe that this is the plan, to deliberately turn people against each other. This is a war which won't be fought on the battle fields, it is a psychological war to poison peoples minds. 

Some of the social media sites are starting to census anything that goes against their guidlines, anything that they don't like. Videos are being taken down and the makers are having to move to other sites. freedom of speech is being eroded. Brand New Tube is not censoring, I have found this one. It is a group of experts who are working together to get to the truth. I haven't yet worked out to embed it. Copy and paste it into your address bar. 

<iframe src="https://brandnewtube.com/embed/qIsNohSIeSgfz2J" frameborder="0" width="700" height="400" allowfullscreen></iframe>