Friday, 23 March 2012

It does stack up

I don't need to use the cross trainer today, I've been a walk, 15 miles, so i think that's enough exercise. I'll put the photo's on tomorrow, it's too late now and I'm a bit tired. However I will leave you with instructions on how to make a frugal sandwich.
Here are the ingredients. Take three slices of bread from a reduced loaf, and some spread which was two for £1. A few thin slices of cucumber, which was 12p. Some Houmous, 10p.  
Spread + cheese
+ cucumber
Spread the third slice with houmous, add more cucumber.
There you have it, a triple decker.
Good eh! and dead cheap. I picked a bit of shopping up on the way back, including 12 tins of rice pudding for 13p a tin, so it hasn't gone up at my store yet. Toodle pip. Goodnight.


  1. to buy a can of rice pudding over here it is at least $1.99 a can and I love rice pudding.

    Gill in Canada

  2. Gill, it's over $2.25 out west. You lot in Ontario have lower prices than we do "transportation costs" is the usual line.

  3. I have never seen a can of rice pudding. But, it is sold in the large plastic containers like butter/margarine comes in. It is about $3.50. I suppose cans don't need refrigeration, but the plastic containers are refrigerated at the store and must be kept there at home. So, buying lots of pudding here in the US would not work for storing until ready to eat.

  4. A lunch for less than 10p. Sounds good to me!

  5. I never thought of putting houmous in a sandwich - I use it in pasta and on baked potato - I'll try that.
    I actually had to walk past loads of great reductions yesterday because I can't get even a piece of tissue in my chest freezer ! I must start using the stash !

  6. Humous in sandwiches is one of my favourite spreads. That looks a great tripple decker sarni.


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