Monday, 26 March 2012

Make 'em laugh

It's been a bit chaotic in my street today. The council must be a bit flush with money because all the pavements around here are being resurfaced. I think I might have contributed a small amount to this budget through my council tax, but it won't be much. I've just had my bill for the year, payable over ten monthly payments, and it's quite reasonable as I am eligible for 25% off for single occupancy, and a discount for low income and no savings.
So, this morning the first to turn up was the men who clear the debris off the pavements and mask up the bits they don't want covered in tarmac. Then the bin men came and emptied the grey, general rubbish bins. Then the gang came to lay the tarmac. Next another lorry came to collect the recycling in the boxes, tins, glass and paper. And finally the tarmac gang came back to take the signs away.
Here is my lone box awaiting collection, next to a brand spanking new pavement.
I wonder how long it will stay like that. When they did the other side of the village last year, the weeds started coming through a week after they did the job. Must have been a cowboy outfit, ha ha.

What else has been going on in my life today? I visited the mobile library and changed my books. I walked some dogs, Alfie, Ollie, and Rocky, not all together. I mowed my lawns, the first one of the season. It took quite a while because I left it as long as I dare, and there is more moss and weeds than grass in my lawns. Never mind, at least they are green. I went on the trainer. I had a visitor, Julie came to ask if I can help with looking after Jessie this week as she wants to go to Norfolk.

I have been invited to go on a bike ride tomorrow, by three medium sized boys who are always stopping to chat with me. I'm a bit like the pied piper round here, I attract dog walkers and their dogs because I always have treats in my pocket, for the dogs not the walkers, ha ha. And now I have a small gang of three boys who follow me around.

They asked what was the mess on my car windscreen. They laughed their socks off when I told them that someone had thrown a cheese sandwich at it. I was a bit miffed when I discovered it, but now I can see the funny side. I picked a piece of cheese off it and pretended to eat it, they laughed even more. Oh dear, ha ha, I think I am going into my second childhood. Time for bed. Toodle pip


  1. That was a lot of trucks on your street today. Some days I have the garbage truck, the recycling truck, the leaf truck, the limb truck, and the street sweeper truck. It does not happen over twice a year that they all show up on the same day, but it is noisy and chaotic when they do. Your street work, like ours, goes to the lowest bidder. That makes me feel great, like my money is spent well...NOT.

    The grass does not show through, but the edges crumble off, bit by bit, until it is dangerous to step off the curb to look in the mail box! I stumble around on broken chunks of asphalt.

    Usually kids who ask about mishaps are the ones responsible, especially throw things. Watch out on the bike ride.

  2. You do make me laugh. Hope tomorrow goes well too.

  3. I have a small gang of three boys who follow me around.

    sigh, so did I when I was 16, those were the days..

  4. When the council came to relay the tarmac on one of our neighbouring roads, they took off all the top surface, laid the coarse bottom layer of tarmac, painted all the lines back on the road and THEN they came back and laid the finer top layer of tarmac and covered up all the road markings. It was over a year before they came back to paint the markings again...

  5. You're not in your second childhood Ilona, you're just being yourself. Sadly that is missing in most people today, they are all trying to put over an image of what they want you to think they are.
    I know lots of people think we are odd, they used to think us odder when the children were at home and we used to go out in a convoy of bikes all with our jacket pots and flasks ticked into the saddle bags. lol
    I love the cheese sandwich bit, my first laugh of the day.
    Carry on just as you are, its great.

  6. Hi there, I really enjoy your blog, one thing that I am suprised about though is that you have no savings, why doesnt the meanqueen have any savings?

    Another thing though that I wonder if you would comment on is that all this frugality is all very noble, but doesnt there come a point where it is "easier" or more effective to earn more or extra money rather than cut back, because eventually you will reach a point where there is nothing to cut back from and one wonders then whether you are effectively living in poverty?

    Not criticising, love your blog, I just wondered if you could provide your insights.



  7. Hi MQ
    First blog post up; short but not sweet :( find it here;-
    John (murphyfish as was)

  8. You know what it is? They've still got some money in the 'pot' and they have to 'spend' it, because if they don't, then they won't get as much funding or more next financial year!
    We're waiting for the annual surge in windscreen replacements, due to the gritty top-dressings they do around here!
    Mind you, your pavement looks good - not got any tatmac on paws and feet yet?

    Sandie xx

  9. I have commented on your blog before, but would like to share again. I enjoy reading your blog so much. It is like I am sitting in your kitchen enjoying a cup of tea with you. Oddly enough, I find myself reading it with an English accent! Ha! I have mentioned you on my facebook a couple of times and have recommended you as a good read. Toodle Pip!

  10. So, now you have groupies! What larks.

  11. FrugalFishFinger100128 March 2012 at 07:46

    Have you really not been food shopping since 10th March?? WOW!

  12. Hi FrugalFishFinger. I went shopping on the 23rd, I have the receipts and will add it to the list asap. Sorry a bit behind with everything.

    Claire I will respond to your questions in another post. Thanks for your comment.

    Hi Randi. Glad you like my blog, Toodle pip.


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