Thursday, 8 March 2012

Visit to Barton under Needwood Marina

These are a few pics from my latest visit to see my family. I should have tagged them onto the end of Sherwood Forest really, but forgot. It was a bright but nippy day when we visited Barton under Needwood Marina in Staffordshire. Although I grew up in this area this is all new to me. I once walked along the canal from Burton to Lichfield when I was about 17, it was never like this. The marina sits on the Trent and Mersey canal and was purpose built in 2001. It is privately owned.

We had a walk round the ponds. This is my nephew Daddy Adrian pushing Jacob. My sis is in disguise with the headscarf and shades on, ha ha. Next to her is Jo, Ade's fiance, mum of Jacob.  
Isn't he a gorgeous little fella. If all babies were like him, happy go lucky and never throws a wobbly, I would have a dozen or so, ha ha.
We browsed the shops on the waterfront.
And browsed inside as well. Sis wonders whether to buy something, I talked her out of it. Noooo costs far too much.
We went in the cafe and had coffee and cake, yum.
Too expensive but it was a one off.
A pleasant afternoon spending time with the family.


  1. What a lovely day you had Ilona, it is nice to catch up with family every now and then. And you are teaching your sister to be frugal too :0)

  2. spending time with your family is priceless...


  3. What is in the picture #3? It looks like a rivercraft of some sort. If you want to see how much I care for animals, go to

  4. What a nice little boy ! He is the only one who does look chilly in the outdoor photos.

  5. It looks a lovely area Ilona, I bet the houses are expensive there.

  6. What a lovely coincidence, Ilona, the last time I saw my brother (2008) that's where he took me and my Mum for a meal with his then partner. He lives in Burton on Trent, but we live in Lancashire. Don't see him very often as he doesn't have transport, but that doesn't stop him when Burnley are at home!

    It's lovely there and your great nephew looks such a bonny baby, I could hug him for you!

  7. Well, I have read the entire blog from start to here - great blog and so enjoyable to read your tales.

    Seeing BuN made my eyes pop out - I used to live there about 30 years ago and it looks so different now!

  8. What lovely pictures, I love reading your blogs. I totally agree time spent with family is priceless.


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