Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Cheap and juicy

I'm on a countdown getting my new boots broken in ready for the big walk. I have decided to keep them as they feel pretty much ok anyway, so now I need to walk a few miles in them every day. Today I got the bus into town, then walked the two miles to the shopping centre on the other side. I needed to get an ink cartridge for my printer from Computer World. While I was up that end, I checked to see if there were any offers on cat food at Pets At Home. Oh bother, boxes of 48 Whiskas pouches for £10.49 and I couldn't get any because I only had my small backpack. I also found some bags of cat litter for 99p in Poundstretcher, the clumping kind which I usually have. I think I'm going to have to go back there in my car and stock up. 
I got the bus outside Morrisons, back into town, and started walking home. I was about halfway home when a little red car stopped and two very nice people asked me if I wanted a lift. The elderly couple live in a bungalow next to the village green, and they are in the habit of waving to me whenever I walk by. Well, I couldn't say no could I, after they had very kindly stopped. So I got home a bit quicker than I had planned. I should have walked six miles today, but I only did four. Never mind, I will go out tomorrow. 
I found some tins of fruit reduced to 19p, in Poundstretcher, they are out of date at the end of the month. Only room for three in the backpack, but a few pennies saved, eh! I don't particularly like grapefruit, too bitter for me, but not to worry, it has oranges in it, and it's good to eat more fruit. I have an idea.   
Empty a tin into the plastic wotchamadiddly.
Zap it with the stick blender, and add some water, and there you have a very large fruit juice drink. I cheated a bit and added a spoon of honey, just to take the edge off the grapefruit. It will keep a few days in the fridge.
Even if you can't find any reduced tins of fruit, you could buy the cheaper Value or Saver versions, and make your own juice drinks. Just make sure you don't buy the syrupy ones with lots of sugar in them. Some of the carton fruit juices are quite expensive, this would be a cheaper way of getting fruit down you. You could always make ice lollies out of it as well, or freeze it in ice cube trays for summer drinks. Good eh! 57p for lots of juice.
Toodle pip.


  1. I've often wondered if putting a tiny pinch of baking soda or something would neutralize some of the acid in grapefruit? But I now buy pink grapefruit, which seems sweeter anyway.
    Pineapple, now...I love the taste of fresh, but it means instant canker sores for me :(

  2. I like the lolly idea, Compostgirl likes making her own lollies in the summer and that would be even better than using juice :-)

  3. What a good idea, especially for lollies in the summer :-)

    Sue xx

  4. Hi Debbie here. Pineapple value chunks are 25p now at Morrisons. Great for smoothies etc. I stocked up because they will suddenly go up again.

  5. Great bargains and great ideas...thanks Ilona.

  6. One of my favourite treats as a child was to have tinned grapefruit segments at my nana's house when I stayed there. Great ideas about the ice lollies......

    Gill in Canada

  7. my mouth waters at the very thought of grapefruit...one of my favorite foods...can't eat it any more because of blood pressure medcine...

    I like to make juice ice cubes and add them to my iced tea...

  8. would the pet shop not keep a case for you if you paid for it, until you get back with the car?


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