Saturday, 9 March 2013

It's about priorities, simple really

It had to be done. After squelching my way around Weardale this week, in soggy boots and soggy socks, it was time I invested in some new footwear. My old boots looked like these new ones when I first had them, they have served me well, so I wanted a similar pair.
The nice people at the Trespass shop showed great patience as I tried on several pairs before I made my final choice. As I sit here writing this I have the new boots on. I have 14 days to wear them around the house, and if I don't like them I can take them back. They feel quite good actually, I'll let you know how I'm getting on with them in a weeks time. I need to get used to them in readiness for the big walk. The cost? Not too bad, £60, supposedly half the recomended retail price.

I had a letter from Santander today, after paying off a chunk of my mortgage recently. Technically I am mortgage free now, as my emergency fund in the bank exceeds the balance I still owe on the house. I could write a cheque for the remainder and say bye bye mortgage, but it would leave me skint. I am going to leave it as it is at the moment, my piddly monthly payments are easily manageable. I need to keep a bit of cash. My pussies might need veterinary treatment, council tax is about to start again after the two month break, my RAC renewal is due next month, my computer might break, I need to put money aside for a new car in a couple of years time, and I need some cash for holidays and days out, while I am still fit and able.

Although my finances are looking quite healthy now, I shall still be exercising the same amout of self restraint when it comes to my day to day living expenses. No need to go bananas just because I have got money in my purse. It is all earmarked for something, none of it is spare cash. Tonights dinner was steamed potatoes, carrots, and parsnips, topped with half a tin of baked beans with garlic puree stirred in. About 30p I reckon.

It's all about priorities, each and everyone of us has a choice. I choose not to eat out, go to the pub every week, walk about with a cardboard mug of coffee in my hand, buy newspapers and magazines, have takeaways, sit outside the coffee shop in town, buy new clothes when I don't need them, visit the hairdresser, and buy new makeup. No Sireeeee, I don't need all that stuff.

What makes me happy is a new pair of walking boots, a car which will transport me on trips out, and a bit of cash to pay for some nights in a B & B. This will enable me to go out into the countryside to enjoy all the best things in life. Simple really.
Toodle pip.


  1. I try to buy out of season - my snow boots were really cheap when I bought them in June!

    I am working on self restraint - no debt but I could be a lot stricter. Just need to limit the mindless spending! x

  2. Always sensible to have a bit in resrve.

  3. I agree happiness is about choosing to be happy - so many expenditures can leave you feeling flat. Happiness is knowing how to spend your money wisely. Enjoy your boots xo

  4. Wise spending and happiness..winner!

  5. Hello Ilona from House fairy.
    Glad to see you have bought new boots, nothing worse than soggy feet.
    With hopefully the better weather coming you will be out and about.

    Money - we all need some to live. Our washing machine packed up this week after 9 years loyal service.First thing the family said was "OMG, you have ordered a new one?".Panic soon sets in with all the washing we go through here.

  6. Your priorities seem spot on to me! :) Even saving a fiver a week will pay for a nice camping trip once a year!

    Well done on being technically mortgage free! :D

  7. I agree, congrats on your money status.

    Well deserved.

    We do without the things we don't need so we can afford the things we do...

    Your boots are a great purchase and will be well worth it.

    Sft x

  8. You are so 'sorted' Ilona, you know just what you want from life and work things out so you get it. And not many people can say that. You truly know contentment.

  9. Hello Ilona, Toni here.

    Here's to many more days of walking in your new boots :-)

    Congratulations on being technically mortgage free.
    You're very right to keep your emergency fund as it is.

    I agree with Kate G - you truly know contentment.

  10. Nice boots. Priorities better than nails, hair, makeup, Starbucks and packet sandwiches, any day. I've got to pay off the rest of my mortgage, I could have paid it before but wanted to keep a bit in case we wanted to move house. However, have been unable to do that so will have to pay it up, as it is an endownment one, due at end of March. It's a good feeling isn't it?

  11. Great post and great boots. Good idea to keep your emergency fund, you can pay off the mortgage when you see a good time to do it.
    It is great not to have a mortgage. I took out a fifteen year loan and paid it off in ten.........have nt had a mortgage for over 25years.
    Dont have any debt at all and I have saved for a new car for several years so when this one kicks the buckets I have the money to replace it.
    Several years planning ahead is what is good for big items.
    I do all the things you do though, why waste money, if you do your options shrink for years and years.

  12. I hope you love your new boots as much as the old!

  13. I am learning from you all the time Ilona. Just need to clear what are actually quite small debts, compared to some I hear about.

  14. I went on a spending spree yesterday and spent £230 on a pair of custom made insoles to fit walking boots, ski boots and running shoes. Priority spending indeed. Will post about it when they're made. Want to resume long distance hiking that I haven't been able to do with burning pain in feet. Fingers (and toes!) crossed. x

  15. Hi Ilona,Wendy here.

    Congratulations on being nearly mortgage free.We have had two mortgages over the 33 years we have been married and finally paid ours off in February this year,three years and four months early and that is by overpaying each month when the interest rates dropped and by not eating out,not buying plastic wrapped food and drink each day and our holidays are the camping sort although now we have a caravan instead of the tent due to me having Arthritis problems and the cold and damp are murder on the bones...

    Being mortgage free is a wonderful thing because now we can save the money towards retirement that we were paying in repayments plus the interest on top and it is nice to know whatever life throws at us no one can take our home away from us...

    I really enjoy reading your blog each day and the travels you go on as it is nice to see other parts of this beautiful country of ours through the eyes and lens of someone else...

    Many Thanks and keep up the good work...


  16. I hope your new boots work out for you Ilona, they look strong, yet comfy at the same time.
    Congrats on being technically mortgage free at last....very very happy for you.

  17. Very nice looking pair of boots! Glad for you and your morgage free days ahead. I think your priorities are great. I`d choose days out and freedom to roam instead of take aways, magazines, unecessary clothes too. Happy walking days!


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