Thursday, 7 March 2013

Quick hello

Hi, I'm back at base, after a nice walk today. I'll get the pics sorted for tomorrow. I'll take this opportunity to catch up on your questions and comments.

Nancy asks if we can take dogs on our footpaths throughout Britain. Yes it is is generally accepted that dogs are allowed, however there are some rules about passing through farmland. Dogs must be kept under control and on a lead when walking near farm animals. We are near lambing and calving time now, so common sense says keep the dog on a lead. A farmer can put his livestock into a field where a public footpath runs through it. Cows with calves are very curious, and have been known to charge at and even kill a person who walks too close with a dog. The advice given in these circumstances is to keep out of the field, or if you have to cross and the cows start to get agitated, let the dog go. It will probably be able to get away, and the owner probably won't get trampled. A farmer has the right to shoot a dog if it chases after sheep, so keep it on a lead. Owners of big dogs might have the problem of getting it under or over a stile. You don't see many walkers with dogs actually, some breeds are not able to do a long distance. Most people stick to local walks with a dog, maybe an hour or two.

FCF asks when I last went abroad. I went to Spain about ten years ago, that's if you don't count the Scilly Isles, ha ha. I went to Salou, with a trip to Barcelona. Before that I went to Orlando, Germany, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Niagra Falls, Toronto, and 17 theme parks in Ohio and Pensylvania. I am happy to stay in this country now, but Las Vegas was amazing, I loved it.

Welcome Janine from South Australia, glad you found us.

Hi Brenda, I didn't go to Durham, I really need a day or two there, maybe another time, when I have more time. Yes, I do have a fold up umbrella, it comes in quite usefull while walking. I used it today briefly.

Hi Mary, yes I do realize how lucky I am to be able to walk freely around our beautiful island. There are a few areas out of bounds, and a few privately owned pieces of land, but that still leaves vast areas available for walking. Every time I am out on a trip, I am gratefull that I have legs to walk with, and eyes to see with. My mantra is, 'Live with an attitude of gratitude'.

I see there are some new readers, thank you for popping in.

Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. I love your mantra, Ilona!
    Jane x

  2. Been reading your blog for some time now and so enjoy it. Hubby and I are in our 60's and frugal - like you - and love the country (although have to do with short trips until we retire). Keep up the interesting posts (I love your meal pics/descriptions and frugal journeys to the grocery store)and the details of your walking journeys as well. You are an inspiration for all and I have nothing but admiration for you and how you've decided to help save the planet in a simple non-consumerist way. Keep on truckin'! DW from Vegas.

  3. Have been reading your blog now for awhile, can't remember exactly how I came across it, but am so enjoying it. I love your photography and your walking excursions are amazing. I am also 63 and retired, but couldn't walk like you do. Thanks for an interesting blog.

  4. Glad you got home safely. I sent you an email before you left and it has just bounced back!! I'm not a city type person but that's probably from living in the Boro. However, Durham is well worth a visit. I know the area where you were walking yesterday such a shame it was so foggy. Lets hope for better nearer Easter .
    Brenda in the Boro

  5. Hi from Nancy in Northern California ~ Thanks for answering all my questions about taking a dog on a footpath in Britain.


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