Sunday, 3 March 2013

Kitty Capers

Good morning. Sunday again already, how the weeks fly by. You may have noticed I was missing yesterday, another spur of the moment decision, wake up, nice day, got to go out. I went off down the motorway to visit family in the Midlands. My sister was babysitting her grand daughter Macy, and her hubby was flying from Gatwick to Heathrow, on the computer. He has all these simulator gadget things, the aircraft cockpit comes up on the screen. It's his hobby, he likes being a pilot. 
 I spent a couple of hours sat at the dining room table, suitably protected from splashes and scratches, while Macy did some colouring with felt tip pens, and painiting a pot hippo, then cutting out and sticking pictures in a book. Then we all trouped outside and filled five flower pots with soil, and Macy popped in the sunflower seeds. Nana told her how to look after them, and check them every day, water them, and see how they grow.  
Next stop was Uncle Stan and Auntie Pat. Both seem to be getting on fine after they both had major surgery about a year ago. Uncle is a sharp as a button, he is looking forward to his 90th birthday in June. Although he has had to slow up a bit, he is still painting every day, he wants to have another exhibition and has booked the library for December. He still has a few people coming to him for haircuts, I think he likes the company, and to keep in touch with the business he was in for most of his life. A very enjoyable day out for me.
We have received two new photo's from the owners of Archie and Alfie. You may remember these two were the kittens from Heidi, the mum cat I decided to keep. Just look at them now, they have really fallen on their feet here. From being found under a shed, with their sisters, to living the life of luxury. They are much adored by their adoptive family.
I thought you might like a little chuckle. This cartoon is from a Collection of Great Cat Cartoons, edited by S Gross, very kindly sent to me by Elaine. Ha ha, I'm all for the father taking responsibility for bringing up their offspring.

My Uncle gave me a gift yesterday, a small book called Simon's Cat, Feed Me, by Simon Tofield.
Lo and behold there is a web site also.
There are also a rook of videos on yootoob, made me laugh. Go on, have a titter, it's Sunday.

Oh my goodness, so many of them, go and have a look, hilarious. Enjoy.
Toodle pip.


  1. I love Simon's Cat. They are such fun. The kittens have indeed fallen on their feet and they look as though they know it!!

  2. My friend recently showed me Simon's Cat, they are funny.

  3. Glad you had a good day. Love the kitty pics. Also, love Simon's cat, particularly the noises which are made. Sweet and so true to cat behaviour.

  4. Sounds like a fabulous day! Those kittens are adorable, certainly loved and flourishing in their new home! x

  5. Haha, we love Simon's Cat! In fact, sometimes The Boyfriend just points to his mouth and meows to tell me he's hungry! Lol!

  6. I love Simon's Cat too! Very funny

  7. Nice to see the kittens so happy. The Simons Cat cartoons are so funny. I had a bit of a problem with my computer today because my cat walked over the keyboard and altered loads of settings.

  8. Funny videos, and pretty true to life, too. The kitties are beautiful. I never saw one with a mustache before.

  9. I love Simon's cat, that middle cartoon is brilliant :-)

    Sue xx

  10. I enjoyed this Kitty Capers post Ilona...brought a smile to my face...thanks.

  11. My son introduced me to Simon's Cat. We love it too.


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