Sunday, 14 June 2015

Checking out the art at the Ropewalk

Hello. I should have posted this hours ago but I got distracted. Got my arty crafty head on again, it comes and goes, it went, now it's back. I'm back on the landscape, adding bits here and there, but my head is filling up fast with other arty ideas. I watched a programme last night about the Royal Academy getting ready for it's summer exhibition. A fascinating insight on how much work goes into putting on an event of humungus size. How the artworks are chosen and set out in the galleries, and the extravagant opening night. The exhibition is on until August so I might get myself down there for a closer look. Here is the link to the BBC website, but it's only available for the next 29 days. It's not up on yoootooob yet, but there are snippets from previous years exhibitions, some more for me to watch later I think. 
Me and the pooch went to Barton today. I wanted to see the new open exhibition at The Ropewalk Gallery. He wasn't allowed in so he had to wait in the car. It was cold, and I was only gone ten minutes, so no baking dog to rescue. Afterwards I took him for a walk, and a ride in the buggy. 
I took a few snaps of pictures that caught my eye. I am always amazed at the prices people ask for their work. If a lot of detail has gone into it the cost is sometimes justified, but £500 for a few strokes of the brush with black paint, in my mind is utterly bonkers. 
As you know I like bold colour, lots of it. 

These two pieces were my favourite, I have a fascination for mixed media. Building up a collage of scraps of fabric, with added paint and stitchery.

The papers are torn, not cut, crinkled not smooth, and seemingly randomly placed, though I'm sure there must be some plan in mind for the construction of it. This appeals to my slap dash attitude towards life. A loose plan which can change direction at any time.

There are plenty of videos on yootoooob about the different techniques that can be used. I must study some more, and maybe have a go.

How are you all getting on with your crafty and arty stuff? Any projects on the go? Tell us about them.
Thanks for reading. Toodle pip.
PS. Sorry can't credit the artists, didn't get their names. There was a list available, but it cost 50p so didn't get a copy.


  1. I've recently taken up the banjo, for the second time. It helps satisfy that 'bug' we get when we need to be creative. Maintaining the garden is another creative pursuit. It all feeds the soul.

  2. Your visit to the gallery with beautiful Rocky must have been wonderful,thanks for sharing your great pics. I'm crocheting a rag rug, using up old sheets. Now it's winter here its lovely to do some creative craft inside. AussieCheryl

  3. Thanks for the photos. I love the varied colors and textures in the mixed media and cannot wait to see what you come up with. I'm not very crafty but do make cards for people and I'm buying the supplies as I can over the Internet. Nice bag, too. Cheers!

  4. Hi.The art gallery photos was much enjoyed and interesting to me.Ummm,no projects on the go at the moment as in warm weather I usually garden,fix things, go on outings and of course read a lot.I have a lot of ideas for the colder weather and indoor days.I've made art with feathers,bird wings,dried fowers and textiles and was inspired by the landscape of the Northwest Territories when living there.I crochet, paint, do needlework,sewhooked rugs,re-do old furniture,make wreaths. dry herbs and flowers,enjoy thrifting and reusing and repurposing things,seasonal displays for our nest and crafts..Lately we are always busy with something getting done in the house since we moved here and I expect that to go on for a ong while.Always something to do I find,bye for now,D.

  5. I like the paintings / collages you photographed and the happy colors.


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