Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Slap it on.

Hello. I've been to the galleries to see the exhibitions, I've watched the yoootoooob videos, I've seen how it's done, and this is the challenge. To produce a piece of artwork which is a load of old codswallop, with an asking price of £1,000. Shouldn't be too difficult, I'm going to give it a go. 
My canvas is a 35 year old piece of hessian wallpaper. Left over from decorating the front room in my first house. Stick on some pieces of dry wipes, and a torn factory hairnet, with PVU glue.  
Waiting for it to dry. I have no plan, I shall wait for it to suggest the next move Wonder what will happen? It will evolve. I am determined to crack this modern and contemporary art mallarkey. Slap it on in no particular order, ha ha.
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  1. I wish you lots of luck with your money making venture. Have the feeling that 'proper' artists might be horrified! xx

  2. Hilarious! I am sure there is someone who will buy it. JanF

  3. Too tame and normal, perhaps you need a pair of specs that you can not see through, and then squint a bit. Goodness knows why people buy the stuff, perhaps if you have money to burn it looks different. Keep going, you may make a fortune.

    1. Hey, Pam, how about sticking the specs to the canvas instead.
      I don't understand modern art either, some of it is too weird.

  4. laura Blackpool17 June 2015 at 20:51

    I thought it's the start of another axing ilona creation when o saw the picture. Them I read it. But it shows what skill I feel you have that you'd be able to turm it into something amazing. It reminds me of a ladder over the sky to the clouds.

  5. Enter your new sunroom for the turner prize it stands a good chance......don't you think that art is all a bit emporers new clothes? long as what you create pleases you , does its monetary value matter

  6. well Ilona, as they say on tinternet ....lmao ! ha ha. Might not be laughing if you sold it for loadsamoney.

  7. my old man says stick it on Ebay!

  8. I think I may have told you daughter and I went to an art exhibition at the Yorkshire sculpture park where we stood amongst amazing works of art, looking at a chair with an egg glued onto it. It was the comments from people around us that gave us some entertainment. Debbie.

  9. The value of art seems to increase with the popularity of the artist. If you put a tent up you're camping but Tracy Emins tent is worth £thousands.
    Banksy could paint a masterpiece down the local precinct but you'd get arrested for vandalism. It doesn't seem fair but i'm not an artist so i wouldn't understand.
    Good luck all the same.
    I've just watched 'The Artful Codgers' on BBC i-player about an art forger who made the pieces in his garden shed and fooled the artworld and museums.

  10. You may have to write down the meaning of it to be valuable. Like: "a post modern take on the working life with overtones of the 70's" ...

    ;) :0

  11. Oh Ilona that is a cracking post , I love it ! Modern art ! Such an interesting topic . I saw a recent UK show where they put up an Ikea print at an art gallery and asked people to comment on the piece . It was hysterical !!!


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