Monday, 11 July 2016

Felt fashion at the 20 21 Arts Centre

Hello. As promised, a few pics of the new exhibition at the 20 21 Arts Centre, it's all about felt. Black sheep showcases work from seven artists from across Europe and North America. Here we have three dresses from Thomas Horst, a felt designer from Ohio. They are amazing to see in the flesh.   

While looking for more information I found a blogger had written about this same exhibition in December 2014 when she went to see it at Bilston Craft Gallery. You can read her account of it here.

There is more information about Mt Horst on the Felting web site.

There are some videos of Horst Couture fashion shows, but the quality is quite poor so I won't put one here.

This exhibition is on until September 10th, so I will be going back for another viewing. More photo's to follow.  

Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon.
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  1. They look amazing,that purple dress is my favourite. Lots of talent.

  2. Cool! It's certainly different. It looks like it took a lot of work.

  3. Wow, they look amazing! My favourite is the black and white one :) very Gothic!

    Alex :)

  4. I'm from (live in) Ohio! These are really cool looking. No where to wear something like this, but as art they're quite beautiful. :)

  5. The dresses are gorgeous. I love dramatic looking clothes. The purple one is my favourite.


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