Thursday, 18 April 2019

A lovely afternoon

This afternoon I went to a felting workshop at Brigg, hosted by Sue Hawkmoon, a felt artist from Hawkmoon Crafts. My friend Lynn came with me, we booked this a couple of months ago and was looking forward to it. Joyce would have said you must go because you can't let friends down. She was like that, she never let her friends down. 
It was held in Sue's house, there were five of us, from complete beginners to those who had done some wet felting before. The table looked very colourful after we had laid our wool out in the design of our choice.  

This is my design before we started sloshing the water about.

Sue did this one.

After a coffee break outside on her new decking area we went back inside to begin the felting process, which involves hot soapy water and a lot of pummeling and kneading the wool. It's a bit like bashing bread dough about.

Five finished pieces, all different, mine is top left. It could be better, it will be better when I have added some hand embroidery and beads to it.

This is Sue's Facebook page. She has a stand which she takes out to various shows and events, and she also sells kits to make needle felted items at home.

It was a lovely afternoon with great company.   ilona


  1. Of course you should go to it!,I am sure that Joyce would have wanted you to!.And you left a great tribute to her at the church,where her funeral was held.I am yet to try this wet felting..not too sure what you should do!But Im sure if I look on Youtube it will give instructions,xx

  2. I lovely tribute for Joyce by doing the Felt workshop and we will be able to see the finished product. I am so pleased you went to it.
    Hazel c uk

    PS all the pieces look good.

  3. This is a nice craft. I like the poppy one and the daffodil in the bottom right of the picture.

  4. Happy Easter Ilona Mayze Heidi and Oscar - Weather lovely at the moment. Enjoy the weather and love your artwork. Im into crochet at present its good to be creative and lifts our spirits not to mention having gorgeous fur babies in our lives. Thank you for all your lovely blogs so cheering and positive. Lots of Love Liz Amy and Gentle boy Benny.xxxxx

  5. These all came out so well, bright and cheerful.


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