Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Walking in South Yorkshire. Day 3

After much scrutinising of the map, I decided to drive to Elsecar after I checked out of the hotel on the third day. I remember visiting there many years ago. There is a thriving heritage centre transformed into a village of shops, traditional cafe's and an antique centre.  There is a very large car park which is free, and free entry to the heritage centre. 
There was a few people about, mums were arriving with their kiddywinks to visit a large indoor play area and café.

The antique centre is massive, lots to browse on two floors.

Next to the centre is the railway station. Closed until the season opens in the spring, got a couple of pics through the wire fence.

After a good bimble I headed off towards the reservoir intending to go to Wentworth Woodhouse, a stately home within a big park, as indicated on the map. The bandstand in the gardens.
There is a little bridge which crosses over the water overflow which runs down into a small pond.

Quite a lot of wild birds to feed.

As I approached them they came running towards me. Ok, I give in, there was a mad scramble for the packet of cheesy biscuits, and the scone. Oh dear, that's half of my lunch gone.

Mother and child came and they were immediately surrounded. I made a quick getaway.

Another nice weather day again. I got chatting to an elderly gentleman walking around the reservoir, he said he comes out every day to do the four miles circuit from his house. He pointed me in the right direction for Wentworth. I am pleased to report that this church has a toilet, some of the bigger ones do, and the door wasn't locked. Always worth a look if you are a bit desperate. 
Across the road from the big church is a smaller one which is not used. There is no access to the tower, but the main building is open. Sadly in need of some TLC, it is no longer used and is rather dilapidated.

A typical English country pub.

There is a group of cottages called Paradise Square. One of these would just suit me.

I went in search of the Wentworth stately home, and found the garden centre. It's massive, but I didn't stay long, I asked a member of staff for directions to the big house. She said, out of the entrance turn right onto the road, turn right at the junction, and right onto the long drive. This is what I found. Oh no, it's covered in scaffolding. 
This part of the building has already had the work done, a new roof.

What a shame, I have come at the wrong time. I thought I might go inside to the coffee shop as it was open, but decided not to because I had a drink and biscuits in my bag anyway. The lady on reception said the new roof was costing millions but it had to be done. The scaffolding will come down in June, so if you are thinking of heading that way, be aware that tours are available but you can't go wandering around by yourself.

This is all I saw of the interior.

Link to Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust. The front of the house can be seen on the web site, without the scaffolding. Tours are available. 

It was time for me to get back to the car and go home. 
And now it's time for me to go to bed, I'm tired. Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. Oh my, kiddywinks - I have not heard that term for many a year. So much nicer than referring to children as kids.
    What a disappointment that scaffolding must have been, but sounds like you still had a pleasant walk.

    1. I sometimes refer to my cats as kids jokingly, but I don't think it's nice to call small people kids. In some parts they are called sprogs.

  2. You really do make the most of your 3 days away!.I would have loved to have a browse around that antique shop and the signs outside it are lovely.I see what you mean about those cottages,I would love to live in something like that.The bandstand photo is very much like the one in our local park and although nothing seems to happen there now,I have fond memories of when I was a kid,sitting on the grass with my parents,eating sandwiches and watching the bands play...it was always sunny in those days!The bird photo is lovely,this is how they are at my local park but there are signs up now telling us not to feed the birds because some people were taking full loaves there and just throwing it all over the ground.So this spoilt it for everyone else...although when I go I always take a small amount in my pocket because they always seem so hungry...little rebel that I am,lol.It is always nice to get away for a few days isnt it.Im thinking of going to Scarbourgh at the end of Feb for 4 days...on a coach trip because I cant go far in a car....It will cost £109,but thats all my travel,hotel,food and its a sea front hotel.Ive just got to make sure that I can sort the cats out with my Mam and sister before I book it.Thanks for taking us on your trip with your photos,I have really enjoyed them!,xx

    1. As an all inclusive price that deal is quite good. Get the cats sorted, get it booked, and enjoy.

  3. Thanks Ilona. Enjoyable as usual!

  4. If you’re interested in a book about Wentworth Woodhouse, there’s one called ‘Black Diamonds : the rise and fall of an English dynasty’ by Catherine Bailey. Takes you through the whole history, reads like a novel. It’s brilliant.

  5. Your holidays are always so interesting! I bookmark and add them to my list of possible future visits. Thank you.

  6. Oh, I love it when you get out there into the country, and we can 'walk' along with you. So many interesting things to see!

  7. My Great, great Grandfather was the gardener at Wentworth, we took my husband to visit and had a great lunch at the pub, my father was born in the area and worked in the Manvers pit for 45 years. It is so nice to see your photos of the area, keep up the good work.


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