Sunday, 4 March 2012

Not a day for going very far

The weather has been pretty dismal here today, heavy rain for a while which then turned to snow, and it's been very cold. Thankfully it has dried up a bit now, at just after 9pm. I will still wrap up though when I take Henry choc lab out for his fourth  and last walk  before bedtime. My day has been punctuated with dog walks and hopping on and off the trainer. I didn't get to make the yogurt because I forgot about it this morning. Will do it tomorrow if I remember.
I must knuckle down and get my route sorted for the next long walk, I am aiming for mid April to start it. I've been reading up on where to visit. There are so many interesting places in Yorkshire, I might have to meander a little, along some squiggley lines to fit it all in. I've started by sticking a few pins in the map, starting at one side of the country and finishing at the Humber Bridge on the East Coast. 
Loosely the route will take in Morecambe, Bolton le Sands, Carnforth, Kirkby Lonsdale, Hawes, Pateley Bridge, Ripon, Boroughbridge, York, Pocklington, Market Weighton, Beverley, and the Humber Bridge. This may change as I do more research. I've no idea how many miles it will be but I am aiming for at least 150. Should be good. 
So, what else have I been doing today, reading this book. I love Jo Brand, her humour tickles me pink. I didn't read her first book which covers her life up to the time she was a psychiatric nurse, this one starts from the time she became a stand up comedian.
I wrote to her once when I was doing my trucking talks. I seemed to have a knack of making people laugh, so I asked her if it would be possible for me to adapt some of my material for a stand up comedy routine. She wrote back with some helpfull comments. I gave it a try at the comedy club in Gainsborough, and I must say it was much harder than it looks. I decided it wasn't for me, as I found it very difficult to fit everything I wanted to say in a six minute slot, ha ha, gas bag that I am :o)   
Anyway, her book is very entertaining, written in the same language as she speaks, including all the rude words. She writes about what it's like to tour on the comedy circuit, her husband and family, and the TV programmes she has appeared on. It's an easy read, with not too many big words, just my style. Read it if you want a laugh.
Toodle pip.


  1. Ripon and Boroughbridge is where my Mum hails from...I've never been to either place.
    I've never heard of Jo Brand either...sheltered lives over here!
    Jane x

  2. spent many a summer's day at Morecambe....

  3. I wish my life after money was more like yours...Will see if that book is available here.

  4. My sister in law lives in Morecambe. So, if you need one nights stay there let me know and she might be willing to put up a friend of mine.

  5. I love Jo Brand, she doesn't give a damn and is just herself.

    I love Morecambe too - Shirley Goode from The Goode Life Blog lives there, perhaps you could meet up with her? It sounds like a great trip. I love the Yorkshire Dales - you're not doing that one with a trolley are you, it might be difficult on tracks in Yorkshire.

    We've had no snow here just a very cold wind. I set up my bike on the turbo trainer in my garage and have been going in there listening to music (radio Manchester or such like) that gives different tempo. It's great although I would find it boring just sitting pedalling.

  6. Did you say that you would be using public transport to get to and from your next long walk?

    So you've even tried 'stand up' comedy? You are such an adventurous woman Ilona.

    I shall see if my library has the Jo Brand book, I read her first one some time ago, she is a very grounded woman and very funny.

  7. Hi Toffeeapple. I will be getting the train to Morecambe, then walking back. I live not far from the Humber Bridge and can get a bus back from there.


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