Monday, 25 March 2013

Crafty ideas for plastic

Another cold day today, when will it ever warm up. I went to the mobile library and nearly freezed me tits off, even though it's only two minutes walk away. He had the heater blowing lovely hot air throughout the van, it was toasty. Had to get out at 5pm though, he had to go back to the depot. Lovely bowl of hot curried veg stew for dinner.
Yesterday some people said that they didn't want to play around with drinks cans, for fear of slicing their fingers off, so here's something you can do which isn't quite so dangerous. Make plastic flowers instead. I have a collection of coloured plastic bottles and containers, they are very usefull for crafting projects, and they are free. Draw the shape you want on a piece of greaseproof or tracing paper, and transfer it onto the plastic. Then cut the shape out with a pair of nail scissors. I also use a small crafting knife as well, to trim up any messy edges. You need plastic which is flexible, if it is too thick and too rigid, it will crack.
You can pierce the centre with the point of the nail scissors, and thread some wire through.
The small coloured flower shaped beads came from a childs necklace which I bought at a car boot sale for a few pennies. They are ideal for the centre of these flowers.  
This is a very small section of the project I am working on. I've made a bit of progress today, some new ideas have come into my head, and I am beginning to see how it might shape up.
Erm, excuse me Lady, what do you think you are doing?
Oooops, I've been rumbled...... Look at that innocent 'butter wouldn't melt in the mouth', pose.
Lady, you are a very clever, but cheeky girl. You know that's the cupboard with the treats in, and you have managed to work out how to open the door by yourself. Oh go on then, you might as well have one now. But don't let me catch you doing that again. I'm going to tie the handles together next time you come to visit.
Pam, I haven't forgotten your email, I'll reply soon.
Happy crafting. Toodle pip.


  1. I like the look of the plastic Ilona, but as I am happy working with fabric i am going to have a play tonight. I have a pile of little scraps of brightly coloured fabric and bits of interfacing, I throw nothing away, that need using and this seems the perfect project.

  2. What s clever dog! And such an expressive face! Think you may have to move the doggy treats?

    I wnet for my regular exercise walk on the weekend - about an hour. It was very hot and humid - over 30 degrees and around 95% humidity, think warm drizzle, sun, drizzle in succession. I had to rest as I got a bit dizzy, shouldn't have walked at midday and probably hadn't drunk enough water. Guzzled it down when I got home.

    I was thinking, what is harder to walk in - hot, humid weather or the freezing cold wind you walked in, Ilona, on the weekend? Wonder if anyone has done both and can comment!

  3. Oooooo I can't wait to see this next creation, it looks exciting.
    I did think about the sharpness of the metal flowers but then I assume its only adults reading these blogs.
    Love the plastic flowers, are they to adorn the new creation/

  4. Ruth here. Lady is cute-and clever too!

  5. Ha ha, I did laugh. My mums dog does exactly the same, she has 4 and the boy dog opens the door and let's the others in to get all the goodies.

  6. I love your pretties and Lady is fab, look at her cheeky face! x

  7. If you use a bit of sandpaper on the edges it smooths the rough bits off :-)

    I love your recycled cratfs, they are very good! I am going to add you to my Crafty Compostwoman blog list of crafters as these are really great and I think my visitors to my other blog would be interested in the stuff you make.

    Your dog makes me laugh! Cassi Cat does the same thing :-)

  8. These are much nicer and prettier without being to dangerous.

  9. They are really pretty, can't wait to see the finished project - something with a garden theme? (I'm sharp, I know, tee hee)

    Dogs looking for treats are like heat seeking missiles, nothing puts them off once they are on the scent!

    Linda xx


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