Wednesday, 2 April 2014

I'm off to bed, goodnight.

It's almost 11pm and I'm feeling a bit guilty because someone has just commented that they love my blog, and I can't think of anything to write about tonight. What a let down I am indeed. The day has not been particularly eventful, and the weather has been very murky, it still is. Looking out of the window it looks like a scene from foggy London town in the days of Oliver Twist. The street lights are struggling to light up the road below them in the swirling mist. I hope it is gone in the morning and we have a nice day. I have a walk planned, but if it is raining, I won't go.  

The highlight of my day was going to town. I needed to pick a few things up for me and the cats. Aldi was the most convenient store to visit so I got the basics there, bran flakes, bananas, yogurt, eggs, and cheese. Worth a look in the small Asda while I was there, I found a yellow sticker on a very tasty loaf of bread. I trawled the other shops for bargains, and picked up a few out of date items from the cash and carry. You will be pleased to know that I managed to resist buying a packet of Jaffa Cakes from Home Bargains for 39p. It was a double size pack as well, I was sorely tempted, but I have had my quota of sweetness for this week. Helen bought me a cake yesterday, ooops, don't tell anyone.

I'm getting a bit behind on my crafting projects again. I've several things on the go, but finding it difficult to focus. I've just had another idea for something to try, but I really ought to finish what I've already started.

Anyway, I suppose I had better go to bed, nothing is going to come into my head at this late hour. If you don't hear from me in the morning, I've gone a walk and the photo's will come later. If the weather is rubbish I will be here. Isn't it a chuffin pain when you have to see what the weather is like before you can decide what to do for the day.
Goodnight. Sleep tight. And don't let the bugs bite. xxx


  1. What does 'chuffin' mean?
    From US

    1. From the Urban dictionary.
      To mean good, great, like flipin eck, life is good!!
      chuffin lovley! chuffin eck! (as in heck!)

      From Yahoo Answers
      It is a colloquial expression used by the people of Yorkshire and is a polite swear word.

      I love this word. G can be added to it to make 'chuffing', but I like 'chuffin'

      Chuffin heck instead of bloody hell, much more polite.
      Chuffin brilliant instead of just 'great'. A more enthusiastic response.

      As above, a mainly Yorkshire expression.

  2. Dear Girl, we all have our "ho hum" days, you seem to have hardly any! Good on you for blogging anyway, we love hearing from you.

  3. You should have asked Nellie to do a guest post, we've not had one for a while.
    I'm off to work now, another boring and hassled day no doubt. I wonder if theres any exciting jobs in the job centre.

    1. Yes, where is Nellie by the way, have you seen her?

    2. I'm not too sure what she looks like but i thought i saw her 'stating the bleedin' obvious' in North Lincs the other day.

  4. I don't know how I would cope with it being so cold here in winter that's when my electricity bill is very cheap it's the summer one that comes in February that is the highest an I uneventful day is ok also means no dramas just a slow not much happening day :) saw all the cats out in the sun puts a smile on ya face I liked the neighbors cat very friendly and It liked my dog I use to find it watching me in my front Yard a lot when I pulled up in the car use to laze itself amongst my shrubs just noticed a missing sign and reward offered for her on the neighbors front fence :(Louise

  5. Mary in Perth Australia3 April 2014 at 06:31

    No, don't feel guilty at all...........and anyway you did write about your day after all :)

    Just to say hello from me. I'm Mary and live in Perth, Australia. I have only just 'found' you, but love to read about your lifestyle. We are about the same age but I haven't quite stopped work yet. Originally from the Midlands, so I can imagine a lot of the things you talk about.

    Oh how I miss those wonderful yellow stickers. I'm pleased with myself today though because I bought 2 x dips @.99c each........about as close to a bargain as we get here. Made me imagine myself in Tesco again.

    Catch up with you again soon, I hope.

  6. Don't beat yourself up about it Ilona, we all have days like this when we can't decide what we want to do, or even IF we want to do anything. Mine are few and far between and I know that the next day I'll wake up and be ready for action again. And yes, sometimes I have several things on the go and some don't get finished, but what the heck, I'll go back to them at some time, and if not who gives a toss anyway? As you say, the weather has a great bearing as well, if it's a nice sunshiny day it makes you feel more vitalised, hence the saying 'under the weather'. Anyway, you did pretty well for somebody who couldn't think of anything to say...!!

  7. Nothing to feel guilty about hun. You don't have to blog everyday if you don't want to. And your posts are always interesting even if you don't believe they are.

    Hope you are having a great walk and that the weather stays nice for you.

    Thankfully whilst its not smoggy here it is as dull as dishwater. Be nice to have some glorious sunshine wouldn't it?

    X x

  8. Enjoy your walk today - the weather is lovely here!

  9. You made me smile with your sign off 'good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite'. My dad used to say that to me when I was a little girl :-) I like it.
    It's been extra-smoggy here in London the last couple of days - apparently we have Saharan dust plus our usual air pollution (yuck)

  10. I love you blog and I don't think you are ever a let-down. What I like most is that you are just yourself, as you are, no pretense, and you deal with the ups and downs of life as they come. That is the spirit that keeps me coming back and that I admire. So, I hope you have a lovely day & I enjoyed today's post quite a lot!

  11. I am loving your posts; please keep them coming


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