Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Those pesky cats

How do I keep those pesky cats off the raised beds? My answer is to buy some £1 plastic trellises and stretch them across the width of the bed supported by two pieces of wood underneath. This lifts the trellis by a few inches to give the plants room to grow underneath. Then scatter any odd bits of wood on top to hold it down, and make it more difficult for the cats to dig holes in the compost.  
So what's in this bed? I planted up some broad beans today. As they grow I will have to lift the trellis inch by inch and insert some thicker wood underneath to give more height. When the plants are about 6 inches I will take away the trellis because I don't want the plants to be growing through it. I will insert supporting canes next to each plant, and lay pieces of wood in between them to cover the bare ground. When they gain height and width they won't need so much wood because the foliage will be enough to keep the cats off. In my opinion physical barriers are the only way to keep cats off your freshly dug beds. Doesn't look very attractive but it works.

Household chores day today, so not a lot to talk about. A line full of washing dried in the sunshine, and all the other boring stuff one must do to keep things ticking over.

I had a lovely phone conversation tonight, I like a natter on the phone. I have been invited to a 'do' next month, at a posh hotel, I hope it's warm enough to wear a frock. My friend lives in Norfolk but is coming over this way for a family get together. It will be great to see her again, and at some point this summer I shall be holidaying in Norfolk, a village not far from Great Yarmouth. I shall look forward to that.

I'm hoping for a walk tomorrow. Might be lucky with the weather now that horrible fog has gone. I've printed a map, the start is at Thorne, not too far to drive to.

Off to bed, Goodnight.


  1. We have a holly bush in our garden that needs trimming every so often. These trimmings get scattered around newly turned soil. The cats don't like them. Bit too prickly.

  2. But a lineful of washing isn't boring. Isn't it great when you can dry things outdoors? It smells lovely and fresh afterwards x

  3. holly clippings spead around! hehe!

  4. Believe me I have the same problems! I like your solution though.

  5. Hi Ilona, are you doing a long walk this year? I like to read about them.
    Brenda in the Boro

  6. When you are in Norfolk you could pop down the A12 and say hello!
    Are you planning any long walks this year?

  7. Thorne looks nice although i only usually see the BMW depot and the canal as i pass by on the M18.
    Hope you enjoyed your walk.
    As i write this Police Intercepters is on the tv and they're chasing a drug dealer from Rawcliffe Bridge and onto the M18.

  8. citrus, orange peel can work but needs replacing when its too shrivelled up
    Ive had raised beds for years and my cats avoid them when I place small sticks in, sticking up at angles, like you might find at the bottom of a pit, for trapping animals? Obviously not ooober sharp ones!
    Once the plants start to grow they keep off by choice but Id spread orange peel for the first few weeks of growth to be sure and keep them off.

  9. Doesn't a haircut feel wonderful? The only thing that compares is a new bra! Once I had both on the same day, LOL.


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