Thursday, 7 July 2016

Joining in with village life.

Hello. Second post of the day. Lovely morning at the Bowls Club. I've never played this before so a nice young man stepped forward to give me some tuition. It's not as easy as it looks. The balls go veering off course depending on the slope of the green, the speed of the delivery, and in my case, the not very smooth take off.  Sadly, there are no holes in these balls to get a good grip so mine did have a little bounce as I let go of them. It was good fun and my teacher was very patient. Ooops, forgot to ask his name. 
The event was well supported, it is such a friendly club.

Greetings cards for sale in the club house, a raffle with lots of prizes, and another raffle to win a big hamper of food.

A home made cake and biscuit stall, the scone I had was delicious, all light and fluffy with a real buttery taste.
Tea and coffee was served with tents to sit under. Luckily it didn't rain.

This is an annual event which raises funds for the club. Pity it doesn't happen more often, I would certainly go. I didn't sign up to join, because I don't have time to spare to bowl on a regular basis, and I think, even with practice I wouldn't be that good at it. It's funny, I used to be very good at ten pin bowling, but this is nothing like that. It was fun to have a go though, especially with a nice young man to guide me through it.

Catch you soon. Toodle pip.


  1. I'd never turn down lessons from a young kind teacher. What a lovely day.

  2. How nice that this lovely young chap gave you some tuition. Reminds me of when I went ice skating. I was completely useless, but a lovely young lady came to my rescue and took me round with her.

  3. Lucky lady being asked to take part in so ma y different things.


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