Saturday 26 January 2019

A walk to Wirksworth.

I am running out of new routes to walk in this area, my map is covered with coloured lines, the creases where I have folded and re folded are getting tatty. Today I walked from Cromford to Wirksworth, a place that I haven't explored before. 
The A5036 out of Cromford is very steep. After a mile I went off left down a track across a field, and picked up another track at Black Rocks, then joined a minor road to Bolehill. 

The road narrowed down to a track as it came into Wirksworth, passing over a stone bridge at the back of the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway.

I enjoyed a bimble around the town, and came across this tiny cinema. I asked a local about it and was told it is indeed a working cinema where you sit on a sofa and have a drink while watching the film. Sounds very cosy.

The Town Hall and Council Offices, and Library. Age UK have a charity shop there.

The big church is just behind the shops on the main road going through Wirksworth.

I just happened to be passing this dinky little shop when I came across the owner chopping wood outside on the pavement, for her wood burner. Dog was strolling about and of course I have to speak to dog people. We got chatting and it turned out that Jo started this Ale House with very little money. Found the premises and furnished it with a mish mash of bits and pieces she found in skips and scrounged off friends, in a similar way that I built the summer house in my garden.
I asked if I could take a photo inside and I was immediately invited in, even though I said it was a bit too early for me to be drinking beer. Tempted as I was I had to keep a clear head for the walk back to Cromford.

A friend of Jo's strolled in so that was the cue to put the kettle on, and we got a free mug of hot tea. A very enjoyable hour or so later, more people came in, and I had to go, time was getting on and I didn't want to be caught out in the dark.

Getting the fire stoked up. There is a room upstairs which is used for entertainment and quizzes. No food is served but anyone can take their own. It's a very friendly place, if I lived near enough you might have to drag me out. Jo has a Facebook page here, The Feather Star. 

A few doors along is this second hand re cycle and re use centre, with some very interesting furniture in the window.

I next went to the main entrance of the Railway.

Not much happening in the winter, getting things ready for the summer season.

Spotted, a Blackpool Tram.

More information about Wirksworth on this web site.
Time to set off back. Had to walk through these cows, they were curious but not threatening. My boots and the bottoms of my trousers are getting a bit mucky now.

My map reading went a bit tits up. I was going to do a circular but ended up back tracking along a road so I could walk faster, didn't want to be wandering around fields in the dark. There are many footpaths which crisscross each other around this area and it can be a bit confusing at the best of times.

It was dark when I came back down the steep hill into into Cromford. A relief to see the street lights. The hotel is on a hill so the lights shine out quite a distance.

Dinner in the dining room tonight, a table for myself. There are two large groups in, one a coach party, and the others came in cars. It was Swing Dance night Forties Style and I was invited to join them. I had stuff to do on the computer but I did go in the ballroom for half an hour to be sociable. They were all dressed up in the forties style, with forties music. I think they must have a club where they learn the dances because they were all step perfect.

Nine miles walked today. One more day to go, I'll post about that tomorrow.  ilona


  1. That sounds like an amazing day! I would have loved to have done that hike, and all of the things you saw and did. Bet you slept well after all of that!

  2. I do enjoy reading about your life and it looked like Cromford was a lovely little village/town.

    Hazel c uk

  3. Loved the Ale House. Shops/businesses like that would re liven our town centres. Brilliant.

  4. Lovely day. Thank you for sharing.

    Once again, I must tell you how much I have enjoyed your "walks"/photos, and bits of info about folks/locations/interesting stops. It is not likely I should ever get over there, but if I were to, would love to copy your steps.

    Here is a route (although maybe no where you would be finding yourself, as I no idea how far from you) I saw on a show, and passing it on. The White Horse Route

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Wiltshire is a long way from North Lincolnshire. The route is 90 miles long it would take 5 - 6 days to walk it, a day to get there and a day to come back. Accommodation is more expensive in the south so I tend to stick to the Midlands and North.

      There is a White Horse in Yorkshire which I have walked around.

  5. That little ale house looks so charming, Ilona. I always like to see what your hotel room is like when you're away, so would it be possible to have a photo of that please? Thanks, Eilidh x

    1. Hi. No room photo's this time. It was a single room, plain and simple decor, white sheets, TV on the wall, coffee and tea making facilities, wardrobe to hang clothes, very nice ensuite with big shower cubicle, all clean.

  6. That's quite the walk you went on that included walking amongst the cattle! Good thing they were ok with you....obviously a animal loveršŸ® Glad you had a nice time and kind of people to invite you to the room where they were dancing. Happy weekend!

  7. Yet again you've wet my appetite to go exploring, this time round Wirksworth!
    We've only got one night in Matlock so maybe it will have to be on another visit!
    Today we have gales with gusts of 60-65 mph so I think a3 mile walk will be quite sufficient! Sue


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