Friday, 1 April 2011

Walking towards Stamford

Here we go for another walkabout. This time turn right out of the hostel and cross the main A15, where we find St Firmins church. The tower is the only part of this Saxon church left, which was built in 925 AD, and looked a lot different to how it looks today. Taking a footpath to Kate's Bridge I crossed the A15 again and walked to Wilsthorpe through Obthorpe. How convenient, ha ha. A farmer diversifying perhaps? This barn conversion looks very nice from the outside. I like the way the original feature of the loading bay on the upper floor has been restored, complete with pulley and chain intact. This is St Thomas A Becket Church at Greatford.

This one is St Martins Church at Bareholm.

On my way to Uffington I came across this little fella. Usually sheep with their lambs run away when you walk nearby, but this cute little black one came up to me and let me stroke it's head.

The man At Greatford who was polishing his car, and told me about a good path to walk, said be careful when you cross the railway line. There's no way I'm going to risk crossing untill I can see it's clear both ways along this dead straight track. I aint messing with anything that is travelling at 100mph.

Look at this beautiful dtately home. It's Casewick Hall, set in acres of land with the path running through the middle of it. It appears to have a kind of moat around it, the wall is about six foot high and I am standing on a bank on the other side.

On my way out I stopped to look back. It must be fabulous to live there.

Here is St Michaels Church at Uffington

Ye Olde Bertie Arms at Uffington is getting a new hat put on it's thatch roof. They are replacing the ridge right at the top. A cup of tea and ten minutes to admire their handiwork.

Right, back to work lads, I'm off for another ramble. It's a good life being retired and watching other people work.

Back over the railway line, this time it's a road crossing. It's a very busy line, there are trains every few minutes. I'm halfway across when the warning bells ring again ahead of the barriers coming down. It's unmanned and has cameras on it. I am sure some mean person has pressed the button when they saw me, just so they can watch the look of panic on my face, as I legged it across. Ha ha , very funny. Phew, just made it, but where is the train.

I have walked around or across a lot of fields, so much of it looks the same. I thought this dead tree looked like something out of a horror movie. I can just imagine it on a stormy night with thunder and lightening all around, and bucketing it down with rain. Spooky.

Another 7.30pm finish. Tonight I find my car is the only one in the hostel car park, so it looks like I have the place to myself tonight.
18.56 miles today and I'm well whacked.


  1. Fab photos. I loved Stamford when we lived in Rutland. If you haven't already thought about it Ilona, you would love the walk round Rutland water, a man made lake and reservoir, famous for it's bird life.

  2. Love the photos. It's so pretty there.

  3. Some amazing photos. Loved the old thached roof. You have a good eye for brilliant pictures. Might be another of your artistic streaks, lol.

  4. Ilona the "moat" is a haha. From the house side it would be invisible giving the illusion of vast grounds/gardens but any sheep etc in the fields would not be able to get over it to the house

  5. Oh, that barn conversion is lovely, indeed. Ye Olde Bertie Arms is looking good! Those thatchers sure are hardworking men. There's nothing like seeing a genuine thatched roof on a seasoned establishment.