Monday, 4 November 2013

Another recycling project.

I like taking things apart to see what's inside them and how they work. You never know what you might find, something interesting perhaps, something that can be used to make something else, or not very much at all that perhaps needs dumping. Anyway, it's a good idea to at least look before you chuck. Take this airbed for instance, it's very old, I have slept on it many times, it's been handy for camping, and using as a spare bed. But now it has an air leak somewhere and I can't find it.  It's a bit manky, and it takes ages to blow up, so I think the time has come to either chuck it or give it another life. It is made out of a heavy, waterproof fabric, red on one side.....   
and blue on the other. By an amazing coincidence it is exactly the same as the brand new never been used one, I got out of the skip last week.

After attacking it with a large sharp pair of scissors, I separated the two sides by cutting around the edge, to find them internally joined with lots of small pieces of stuck on fabric. They needed cutting apart and all these tags could be pulled off, like removing plasters.

I was hoping to add more pictures to show what I am doing with it, but I am a bit behind as things keep cropping up which need my attention. Jobs need doing, but I am beavering away and hopefully soon I will have something to show.

I was talking to a man today who lives at the other end of the village, I have spoken to him before. He had done some tree lopping and was clearing away the debris. Me being nosey I asked him what other jobs he could do. Oh, a bit of plumbing, a bit of decorating, assembling flat packs, cleaning gutters. That's interesting I thought, my gutters need cleaning. In fact he could be a useful bloke to know, for any other jobs that might crop up which I can't manage myself. Anyway, he is going to come and do my gutters sometime in the next week. If I had the right ladders I might attempt the job myself, but his quote is fair, so I'll take the easy option.

I really must get my spuds dug up now. We had a frost last night, must do that tomorrow. There are jobs that need doing in the garden, the runner bean poles need dismantling and removing and storing in the garage. A couple of the veg beds need digging over, but I have been putting it off because a frog lives in them. I have brought the three massive money plants inside now before the frost kills them, so I need to make room for them somewhere inside the house. I need to take stuff to the charity shop. I need to do lots of things. Not enough hours in the day. I need to eat something now.
Toodle pip.


  1. Have a bit of cake!

  2. Very smart of you to get those gutters cleaned out. Clogged gutters can cause lots of problems with your roof and wall cladding, as you know. It's even smarter of you to get someone else to do it! Interested to see what you create with the torn apart blowup mattress.

  3. I had a day like that, running like a hamster on a wheel. You must be a mind reader, I just offered my window cleaner an extra £10 to clean the gutters out- job done!

  4. good for you, hope he does a great job for you!

  5. oh dear , I do things like this , the looks of horror i get from the rest of the family makes it all worth while

  6. Good morning Ilona from Housefairy
    A new day begins! I wonder what you will be up to today?

    Yesterday, I made a draw string bag in lilac out of an old sheet and put fancy pockets on the front. I thought of you and your recycling. I was practicing fancy stitches on the sewing machine.

    Three money plants! that is a lot of luck and good fortune! I have had one for years. This summer I moved it onto the window sill in the conservatory. Well, the jade leaves have turned red on the edges and it is about to flower for the first time. It must have liked the move.

    Have a good day! It is raining here in Hampshire.

  7. We all take things for granted and never give it a thought as long as it does its job. Who would have thought the airbed had all those loops inside, obvious really or it would blow up like a ball.
    I've saved money by taking things to bits. I found a fuse had gone in the microwave when i took the back off it which saved repair or replacement costs. The boot of my car wouldn't shut, so i took the lock off and discovered a broken spring which i stretched back on.
    The handyman sounds handy if he does a good job for a reasonable price, hope he's insured.

  8. I am sure you will find something to use that heavy material for!

  9. My mind is boggling now in anticipation of what creation is coming.

  10. Mmm.........a canopy for shade? An all purpose carry all for the garden and gathering leaves? more Bags?!
    Can't wait!

  11. Lovely blog.. I must say i am looking forward to seeing what that air bed turns into, i hope the reveal doesnt take too long :)
    AFM xx


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