Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The house of make do and mend.

In my quest to spend as little money as possible on house and garden stuff, I am always looking for ways to cut corners, to problem solve by using given and found things, and not running to a shop every five minutes to buy what I could make. So here is a little project I knocked together which didn't cost a bean.
First of all I needed a plastic tray which would not deteriorate and crumble in a short period of time if I left it out in the garden. I just happened to have one of those large containers which they transport fresh fruit and veg in, and end up on the counter in Aldi. They have large cut out holes for easy washing and drying, and the air can circulate around the produce while it is under refrigeration. Just the job, lucky I had one.   
Next I needed some fine netting. Lucky that I had a large roll of this green stuff, given to me by a friend a couple of years ago. Here I have used it for a temporary fence between me and the next door neighbour. I still have lots left, another freebie.
Cut off a suitable length of netting and place it inside the plastic tray, overhanging the sides. Can you see what it is going to be yet?
Put a layer of fine sand in the tray, about five inches deep. The sand was also given by a friend, she has loads and wants to get rid of it. Another freebie.  
You've guessed now, haven't you. Yes I have invented an outdoor cat litter box. The idea is to try and keep mine and my neighbours gardens free from little parcels deposited all over the place. Cats love freshly dug soil to poo in, failing that they will do it anywhere around the edges of gardens, under bushes, in long grass, and in places which are well hidden. Then someone comes along to do a bit of tidying and yuk, a stinking mess which gets stuck to your boots and hands.

I wish mine would do it in the middle of the lawn where I can see it and pick it up. I do try and encourage them to use the litter boxes indoors, much more convenient and safe. Bugsy the old boy is ok with that, but the two young ladies are ready to dash out the back door into the garden first thing in the morning. Hopefully they will find the new outdoor litter box, and I can scoop the poops out of there and the rain will wash the piddle straight through. We shall see, I'll let you know what happens next.
Toodle pip


  1. A really good idea this. My friend, who has a lovely garden lives in a street, where most gardens are slabbed over (grrrr) and so the cats from those houses all congregate in my friends garden.. and she doesn't even have a cat!! I reckon she should deliver one of these boxes to each house!

  2. Perhaps if you see one of your cats poo-ing in the garden,you could scoop it up and put it in the new loo and they will smell it and the penny (and poos) might drop with the cats!
    Clever idea Ilana!

    1. Yes! We moved our rabbit from living outside ( she had a run and a house) because we knew in the bitter winter she would have no company. We took the sand in her outside box as it was (not cleaned out so the smell would be familiar) and placed it in a large kitty litter box indoors. She used it right away and for the rest of her long bunny life (9 years).

  3. A brilliant idea.......I'm going to try this as an alternative to the local cats (and mine) using my raised veggie beds next spring. I hope it works........

  4. Good idea. My cats tend to come indoors to do their business as I have litter trays for them in the warm and dry. I prefer it that way as their poos and pees are a good indicator of health.
    I will try to construct something similar for outdoors too.

  5. what a good idea! I hope it works!

  6. Seems a very good idea. Let's hope the pussy cats think so!

  7. Good plan. I wish there were more thoughtful cat owners like you near me. My garden seems to be the cat's public loo. I hate finding it among the veggies.

  8. Good idea Ilona

    We had a cat once who would ONLY go outside so we made him a wooden frame ( bit like a small raised bed) and put it on the soil with some sane - this got moved around the garden in areas we did not mind him pooing in.


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