Saturday, 16 November 2013

Gold rush

I did something yesterday that I have never done before. I was in town and I noticed a posh jewellers shop with a sign outside that said Gold Bought Here. I had thought about selling my mothers wedding ring, but couldn't get it off my finger. Several months ago I went into a jewellers to ask if they could cut it off, they said they couldn't because they are not insured to do that. So I didn't bother to try anywhere else.
The ring has been on my finger for 28 years, ever since my mother died. It had bent into a funny shape and I managed to straighten it with a pair of pliers, it still wouldn't come off though. There is no reason for me to keep the ring. My mother wore it long after her marriage broke up, though I'm not sure why, it was an unhappy marriage.
I have struggled to get the ring off my finger for ages, and given up, but yesterday I was stood in front of the shop twiddling with it and it came off. I don't know how, my hand must have shrunk. I went in and asked what the value would be, how much would they give me for it.
I felt a bit embarrassed asking actually, it's not like I needed the money, I just didn't want the ring. Anyway, the valuation was £8.30, it's a very thin band of gold. The nice young lady seemed almost apologetic when she told me, she probably thought I would expect more. I didn't know what to expect, having never done this before. She suggested that I might like to try other places to see if I could get a better price. I was on the verge of accepting the cash, but then thought, ok,  I'll look elsewhere.
The next place was another jeweller, they offered a miserable £5, no thanks. I almost went back to the first shop, then I remembered Cash Converters just round the corner. Worth a try. The young man took it into the back room and returned with an offer of £10. Well thank you very much, that will do nicely. Wooohooo, made £10 today :o)) 
Seems strange looking at my bare hand now, but I'm still wearing a silver ring that my mother wore, I won't sell that one, it means a lot to me.
I've just had a look in my box of bits, mainly broken jewellery, and found my own gold wedding ring. I wasn't actually married, just lived with him for a couple of years. I remember going into a jewellers shop with him to buy it, he didn't want to bother, but it was at a time when people didn't live together out of wedlock, and I wanted to look respectable. We moved to a new area and I got a job, I called myself Mrs. The relationship didn't last he turned nasty and was horrible to me, so I moved out.
I might go back to Cash Converters and see what they will give me for this ring. Might as well, I don't need it any more.  
I wonder if there's any gold to be found at car boot sales, might have a look when I next go. Could make me a bit of pocket money. Probably not, I think most folks are savvy now. Bye the way, this isn't an advert for Cash Converters, there are plenty of other places which buy gold.

Hey, what about this then, a doggy party on the hills this morning. I love it when they all turn up at the same time. The dogs chase about and the blokes chat. The topic this morning was the recent Rugby game in Hull. I didn't join in, ha ha.

Have a nice weekend.
Toodle pip.


  1. I took a few items in to be valued a few weeks back and the price they offered was really low. I was advised to sell it on eBay and I got £150 compared to the £60 they offered me. It was a jewellery set though.

    It makes sense to sell it if you no longer love it or need it. Glad you got a good price.

    X x

  2. I sold a lot of broken bits of gold jewellery recently, I did mine online, just Googled gold bought for cash and it brought up the name of a company, I filled in their form and they sent me an insured envelope to post it in. No complications and within four days I had a cheque for £117 something, I couldn't believe how simple it all was.

    Well done on selling your ring, much better to have a bit of cash than something you don't really want.

  3. Well done, Ilona. You've inspired me to sort through my odd bits and pieces. There's not a lot because I'm not a great one for jewellery but I know I have a couple of broken earings at least. Checking on Money Supermarket there's a recommendation for Tesco Gold where they send you a prepaid envelope so I think I'll try them. Even a few £s will help towards Xmas.

  4. I'm not one for jewellery either but I'd inherited a nice ring and a necklace when elderly relatives died. I couldn't see the point of hanging on to them so I passed them on to my only niece for her Christmas and birthday. It kept them in the family and I got rid of them. I wear my watch and wedding ring and that's it. If I hadn't had my niece to pass the jewellery on to, I would have done the same as you Ilona, and well done for making some money out of something you no longer want or need.

  5. Didn't see the point of hanging on to my wedding ring once divorced so took it to a local jewellers. What they gave me for it was divided 50/50 between my sons and put into their savings accounts. This process not only helped me to move forwards but raised a small amount of money that my boys will benefit from in the future.

  6. Well done Ilona. Funnily enough I have a small bag of bits of gold items next to me waiting to go down to Ledbury to the jewelers there - I might try one of the online variations instead. Silly to have it cluttering up the place when I could get some money for it.


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