Sunday, 17 November 2013

Are you sitting comfortably

That's another weekend gone, these short days sure go fast. I trust you have had a good one, I certainly have. Still no heating on here, in fact we are getting some warm days mixed in with the cooler ones. There has been no wind today, very calm and mild. A good opportunity to do some tidying in the garden as it's brown bin garden waste collection tomorrow, and mine is full. All the potatoes are up now, and the beds are dug over and empty. I have got quite a big basket full, should last a while.
I fancied sausage and eggs for my lunch today, so I made it into an omelette. Two of Linda Mac's Italian veggie sausages, cut into pieces and cooked in a little sesame seed oil. On offer, £1 for a packet of 6. Beat up two large eggs in a bowl, add some chopped pickled onions, and pour it over the sausages.    
When the bottom is cooked, put it under the grill to puff up the top. Serve on a bed of spinach, and drink a glass of beer. That Tetley's bitter I bought for £1.50 for four cans, is lovely, a nice change from cider.

 Can't beat it, a few dips of tartar sauce, 30p from the cash and carry.

I got on with some sewing this afternoon, wanted to finish another cushion cover. Here is the underside of the patchwork piece. 18 x 18 squares. This time I chose the red floral pj bottoms and a pink stripey shirt, I bought from a charity shop.
 It doesn't take me long to do these tiny stitches, I can zip along the seams.

 All seams ironed flat.

I cut a piece of bed sheet fabric slightly wider, and two and a half times longer, than the patchwork. Then cut it into three pieces, and hemmed the two ends. With the right sides up I folded over the two side pieces, trapping the patchwork in the middle.  
I made sure that the three layers were lined up together. You lose a fraction of the patchwork in the seam doing it like this, but it's not noticeable when you have a cushion inside it.

If the fabric is slightly wider than the patchwork you can trim it if you like. When you sew, make sure you are going through all layers, and check you have done before you turn it the right way round. I always use this foot on my machine, for nearly all my work, especially if I need to get close to the edge.

Turn it the right way and stuff it. I've put a slightly flatter cushion in this one. I like cushions of different thicknesses depending on which chair I am sitting in and how much support I need in my back.
That's two done, three more to go. I've made a start on the next one, the squares are cut and ready to take to the Craft and Chat club tomorrow. Has anyone else made a start on an envelope cushion yet? If you have any spare fabric it's a good way to brighten up your room.
Toodle pip


  1. I have been making envelope cushions for about 10 years, and it's the only way to go! Just wanted to let you know that your fabric combinations are fab!

  2. Danneke here, Ilona that omellete looks so good, and as I was feeling peckish I decided to get into the kitchen and make one myself only mine was a cheese one, had it with a fresh wholemeal breakfast roll The cushion covers look smart and I am sure they will cheer your room up and look cheery in time for christmas, pussy cats will just love them.

  3. Your omelette looks absolutely delicious. And another lovely cushion; your stitching is really neat.

  4. the omelette looks so good, and I love your cushion covers!
    the color combinations work well together.

  5. Love the cushion covers! I am busy on a trip around the world :)

  6. You make life after money, good very sweet. Your omelet looks wonderful, Yum :) and I love your quilted cushions.

  7. I was intending to have a go on a patchwork cushion cover myself this weekend, but stepson`s living circumstances changing once again had thrown a spanner in the works for me. Instead, I had to make a start on clearing my craft room as we need to give him accommodation again. That`s the second time a girlfriend has dumped him. She`s keeping the flat they had shared and he`s to be homeless. Off course we can`t see him sitting on the streets, despite the inconvenience to us. So, my sewing adventures have to be put on halt until the dust settles. I`m hoping to be able to have a go with quilting a cushion cover before Christmas.

  8. Ilona I love your new patchwork make it look very easy with your tutorial...thanks.

  9. Do you know what, that looks really tasty.


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