Saturday, 9 November 2013

Saturday in night with the cats

Hello, and Happy Saturday to one and all. It was a lovely sunny afternoon, just right for a little bimble around Winteringham.  Camera at the ready as usual, it's surprising what you come across. Who'd have thought that anyone would let a beautiful car like a Rolls Royce get into a state like this. How sad that it is so neglected and full of rubbish inside, with green mould everywhere, what a shame. Mind you the house was no better, looked like it needed a mega dose of de cluttering. I took the photo and scarpered before anyone saw me.
I have walked past this old church many times over the years, and it always looks the same, lots of work going on but nothing much happening. There was a large caravan parked on the road at the front for a long time, probably used as living quarters while the owners worked on the property. It looks like a project that a television company would be interested in filming, Grand Designs or something like that.

Anyway, today I actually saw two men pottering about, me being nosey I struck up a conversation. It turns out that one of the men bought it eleven years ago and set about renovating it. He has a wife and family, the youngsters have left home so it's just him and his wife now. It is obvious they are living in it as there is smoke coming out of the chimney and the lights were on in the part that looks like a house. I asked if his wife does some of the work, he said no, they both go out to work, that's why it is taking a long time. I asked when it might be finished, he laughed and said, probably never. I bet the neighbours are fed up of having to look at the mess out front.

Just up the street is this tiny little cottage, sandwiched between two bigger houses. A nice little project for someone. Maybe that man should have bought this one instead.

This little cutie was spotted sitting on a bench outside the old School House, which unlike the old church has been successfully turned into a desirable residence.

Here are a couple of shots of the village church.

When I got back I emptied one of the raised beds of potatoes, still two more to go. You don't get spuds like these from a supermarket, odd shapes and knobbly, and covered in dirt. I scrubbed them outside in rainwater.

 Lovely jubbly, enough for two weeks.

Well we are all snug in the living room tonight, with no heating on. I have found that the desk lamp gives off quite a lot of warmth, and my fleecy dressing gown keeps me warm. Bugsy always wants to sit on my knee, not very practical when I am sat at the table tapping away on the keyboard. So we have reached a compromise. He is happy to curl up on one of my sweatshirts provided that it is close to me. Doesn't leave me much space to work with though.
 Mayze has found the wool box and likes to sleep in this. It's making a right mess of the wool though.

And Heidi likes to lie in the other plastic box on the sideboard, which is full of bits and bobs I use for crafting purposes.

I think I'll move across to the settee and find something to watch on catchup TV.
Have a nice Sunday. Toodle pip.


  1. Your cats look so sweet. Mine is curled up in her winter sweater--a wool sweater she has made into a nest in the rocking chair.

  2. Hi Ilona! U have had a great day, it all looks fab! Me? Did the morrisons shop-collecting for the £40 vouchers, I'm usually a tesco girl!-and boy was it heaving in there! After telling u I bought the morrisons cat food for £1.87 last week, the cheeky beggars have put it up to £2! Hehehehe, I couldn't help but laugh at that! Glad u and your cats are cosy, I am too for now- but 30 reports to write tomorrow, I have the first of our autumn parents evenings this week. Busy, busy me! Regards,x

  3. Welcome pictures of the cats Ilona. As for the spuds, I can remember my Mum buying her spuds like this from the green grocer, god knows how much mud she bought, there would be an outcry now if they sold spuds with mud

  4. If you want to use the wool later it might be full of cat hairs. I had to throw out a boxful because my cats slept and shed in it and I didn't keep an eye on it. Love to read about your walks!
    Maggie from US

  5. A cosy saturday night in for me too. No cats here, but my dog is curled up beside me on the sofa having the colliwobbles about fireworks that are still being let off.

  6. I hate seeing grand old places like that decay, it's heart breaking!
    love the last two shots of the church yard with the old stones showing.
    seems like I just saw that church picture on some movie, I was thinking it was a video of sherlock holmes from the library, but am not certain. i'm guessing they use photos of lots of the old places in film. I enjoy seeing what you post so much. Wish i had some of those fresh spuds of yours! the kitties rule don't they? here it is my son's dog.

  7. The old 'church' looks as if it might have been a synagogue, with those two Stars of David on the façade.

    1. Hello Cro. I've been doing a bit of digging on tinternet. It is a Methodist Chapel. It was listed for sale in November 2005 as a three bedroom flat, for £425,000. Seems a bit odd that, I know house prices in the area are a trifle high, it's a popular area, but you could get a nice house for that. It must be a flippin big flat. If he says he has been working on it for 11 years, then he must have bought it in 2002 or before. The place has looked like a bomb site for many years with the caravan parked on the front. Can't find any record of how much he paid for it.


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