Friday, 8 November 2013

Thank goodness for convenience foods.

I've been out all afternoon, helping Helen deliver the Parish Council newsletters. Lots of walking, up and down steps, and getting my fingers trapped in letterboxes with strong springs. I couldn't be bothered with cooking tonight, so I resorted to convenience food. Take one bag of strong and peppery wild rocket, was £1, I paid 10p. Microwave one pot of minty green vegetables, ready prepared, peas, green beans, and broccoli, was £2, I paid 20p. Grill one Linda Mac's mozzarella quarter pounder burger. £1 for a box of two. It's hidden under the greenery, please excuse hazy pic the steam is coming off it.    
And there you have it, a cracking good convenience meal for 80p. That will do nicely. I'm going to  put my feet up and watch the third episode of George Clarke's Small Spaces, and get an eyeball at the scrummy William again. They are building a tree house for this series. Have a nice weekend, I'll catch you tomorrow.


  1. A quick meal is often more enjoyable!! We're watching that tv programme too, I love the mirrored tree house, but ever practical Mr Twigs said think about the bird poo and tree sap :)
    Twiggy x

  2. I know, know, know you say the meetings are boring and undoubtedly you are nodding off! But you are doing the legwork for your Parish and I still say (much as you may protest for the reasons above!) that you would be an excellent Parish Counsellor (and liven up proceedings!) Vote Ilona, I say!!. Look at your readership through your common sense and no nonsense approach! Am going now..... : ) Louise from Burton

  3. I agree you would make an excellent local elected representitive of some sort - parish, town or county. People who care always do!

    Tired from apple ness of Herefordshire xxx

  4. Both George and William are fitting eye candy after a hard day at work! x

  5. Love Rocket! I thought of you when I saw the tasty William on the screen. I should watch the 2nd one and now the 3rd one on catchup, at I forgot to watch them on TV.

  6. I havent tried that burger but it sounds nice. I'm having a quick stir fry of tofu and veggies for tea tonight.


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