Thursday, 23 November 2017

It was only a matter of time.

Hello. Look at this little madam. As soon as I vacate my seat, she is in there. Even if I get up to make a drink. Isn't it strange how cats don't stay in the same bed for very long. She has been sleeping in the wool box, now fed up with that. Then on the fleecy blanket I have on the sofa to cover me up if I am cold, now she wants my chair. As I am at this moment sitting on it, she has moved onto the piece of fabric I have placed on the table for the zippppeeeee picture.  
Now Mayze is upset because Heidi has got the best chair. They don't like each other very much, a touch of jealousy I presume. Mayze was here first so she feels pushed out and wants to stake her claim. Her eyes widen and she glares at her rival. Heidi is a tease and knows she can come running to me for sympathy. Whenever there is a kerfuffle and I am not near, I never know who has started it so they both get shouted at. Then I feel guilty and give them both a cuddle. 

They are not very often in the same room, Mayze stays mostly upstairs in my bedroom, and Heidi downstairs in the living room. They avoid each other whenever possible. If one wants to go out, the other guards the cat flap. Sometimes one sits on the outside wanting to come in, but can't. I have to open the door so they can both go in and out without clashing with each other.

Mayze sleeps with me on the bed. I take my bottoms off, and get into bed and read for ten minutes, then take my tops off in one go and lay them on the bed. Mayze likes to sleep on my fleecy top. I have two fleecy tops on the bed, in the morning I put on whichever one she isn't lying on, ha ha.

I went to a different library today because I saw on the web site that they had a new book in that I want to read. I could have reserved it and waited until it was sent to our mobile library, but I thought I would have a trip out to Barton and collect it. I found some arty/crafty type books while I was there, that I haven't seen before, so it was worth the drive out. While I was there I had a walk along the waters edge, boy was it windy and cold. Lucky I was wearing a thick jacket with a furry hood.

Well it looks like I am not going to be able to do much on the zipppeeee picture tonight, Heidi is still lying on it. I won't disturb her, I'll have a read of these books. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. My top dog sits in my place regularly.Always on the thicl<est fleece,but he is very polite and will move on my return.Mop dog isn't a gentleman though and mutters.Top dog then puts him in his place.Lovely Lily let's them get on with it,she sprawls out wherever she chooses and wants no bother.Even whilst out on wall<s she splits up unpleasantness between bicl<ering dogs.There is an understanding here top dog is number one,as hes been here 12 years lovely Lily next as she is sensible and then mop dog who is cute x

  2. Cats are just like ourselves..they like each other or they don't. But they cope with the situation, because they love you. How nice you found a few good crafty books, too. Have a nice evening, A cuddle for both of your girls!

  3. We just have the one cat (hand reared from a feral mum). She ignores her fleecy cat beds and her vet-bed fleecy rug in favour of our bed. For at least 5 years I've slept at an angle to accommodate her at my feet on my side. Poor hubby hardly has any bed😂. If I change the throw that's across the foot of the bed she gets very agitated until she gets used to it.

  4. Lol.just like my cats!!,At the min. ive got two asleep on a newspaper on my kitchen work n hygine would have a field day in here!, who has took up residence on my record player,so i cant play any music,another on what was my lovely blue velvet cushion and another in the bedroom!..Still at least they are all in home!I love it when i know they are all indoors.Suns shining here in the mids and not too cold,so a bit more time out in the garden today!Hope the suns shining for you all too.Debi,xx


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