Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Surprise food.

Hello. Sometimes I get fed up of going into the kitchen three times a day, then have to decide what to eat, and then spend time cooking it. Breakfast isn't too much of a chore, everything goes in one bowl, bran flakes, nuts, seeds, and fruit, milk and yogurt. It doesn't take long to knock that up. 
I always try and make a quick lunch, but often I end up adding a bit of this and a bit of that, and before I know it I have double the amount that I actually need on my plate. Today I made a pan of veggie curry, a mild curry, don't like it too hot. Quorn mince and chunks, frozen mushrooms, broad beans, sweetcorn, sultanas, onion, and lettuce. I was stewing some apples at the time so I put some of that in as well.
So, this is my lunch. It looks a lot but underneath it is the crust from a seeded loaf of bread. I don't know why but the crust is always twice the thickness of a slice. Must be something to do with the slicing machines.  
To save time tonight I have had almost the same again, only instead of the bread I made up some couscous, which only takes a couple of minutes. Tomorrow for lunch I will have exactly the same again, so it will be a very quick meal indeed. I made too much couscous, so tomorrow night I will be looking for something to add to that for my dinner.

I never know what I am going to eat until I open the fridge and cupboards, and see what's left. I like surprises.

Are you ready Walking Group? Tomorrow is the last day of November, on Friday it is check in day. Let's have some numbers please. I have just managed to make the 100 this month, now on 1103. It was touch and go, the weather has been awful today, didn't really want to go out, but I did. It has to be done.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. That's really odd because I had couscous today and yesterday.Last night I lool<ed into the pot and I thought I'd pop some in because it lool<ed a bit thin.With thebeans,ginger,onions,carrots,potatoes & spinach.Tonight some tin tomatoes too.x

  2. Walking group person here! Ready to report ma’am! I did four miles today, so am quite pleased. Funny how some days, I am just not inspired, so I say, I will do my one mile, then go home...then I get to the critical corner and turn right, and that turns the walk into two miles :). Then home for some breakfast and I head out and do another mile, that sometimes turns into 2. I don’t ever do four all at one time...need to save a challenge for next year :). Hilogene in Az

  3. Veggie stew rules. For the last couple of days my family eating stew, and it's fantastic for windy, cold days. Last food supplies from the fridge-checked! I'm so proud of my savvy cooking, haha! Thank you for your enthusiastic text, dear Ilona. Inspires as always. :-)

  4. I love how you use what's on hand in your cupboard and fridge to make your meals. It's inspired cooking.


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