Friday, 27 April 2018

I've been stickered

Hello. Mission accomplished. I've been to Tesco tonight for the yellow stickers, haven't been for ages, thought it was about time I did. Got a good haul, this little lot was £7.46. The rest of the shopping was £13.95, making a total of £21.41.

So, a brief breakdown, they all had the third sticker on so it was a 75% reduction. This will keep me going for a while.

Cooked chicken for the cats 50p
Cous Cous 56p
Melon Medley 50p
Doughnuts 16p
Yoghurt 26p
Cheesecake 12p
Bananas 6p
Veg selection 32p
Seasonal veg 50p
Bread 40p
ourgettes 17p
Brussels sprouts 38p
Brassica veg 25p
Small potatoes 44p
Crispy potato slices 40p
Noodles 31p
Mushrooms 22p
Mangetout peas 25p
Salad leaves 38p

This is what I had for lunch today. Iceberg lettuce, salad leaves, avocado, spud in the microwave, and an egg.

Where's the best place to look if you can't find your cat? On the top of the fridge of course. Heidi can be a little madam sometimes. The cats have been bored today because it's been raining and they haven't been able to go out.

I'm off to bed, thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.


  1. Your little kitties are so cute!! You made an excellent job of grocery shopping. What deals. We are going to have a rainy weekend too. Just in time. I won't need to continue scrubbing down the deck. That can now wait till next week. Think I will read and watch movies!

  2. Nice looking lunch. Always enjoy seeing the photos of your meal creations.

    --and , once again, I am gob smacked at your grocery shop. Wonderful. And all good/nutritious packets. Well done.

  3. That WAS a good haul. We live 10 miles from town, so no chance of us ever taking advantage of 3rd yellow stickered products! However, we can do really well on boxes of fruit and veg from a retailer at Abergwili, and if you are prepared to use it quickly, can get up to 7 lbs of fruit or veg for £1 a box!

    Our dear little tabby cat, Banshee, loved high places, and in her latter years took to living on top of our tall fridge-freezer, until her eyesight went and she could no longer jump up there. Heidi looks pleased with herself!

  4. Morning!!,Another great selection with good reductions on them.Your meal yesterday,is what I am having today.We are going to Brighton tomorrow for 3 days,so because I hate leaving anything fresh in the fridge,we have just enough food in there for today and to make us a packed lunch for tomorrow.All that will be left in there,is fresh milk so my Mam can have a coffee when she comes in to feed my cats,Love it when a plan comes together,lol.Well another cold,windy wet day for us in Leicester and its forcast the same for Brighton...till Tuesday..the day we are coming back!.I dont really mind it like that cause I would still get out n about...but hubbys in a disability scooter,so not much fun for him.Oh well,we will have to find a shelter and sit n watch the sea!..Love your photo of Heidi.Tiara,one of my cats like to sit on top of the fridge...or anywhere else that takes her fancy!.Mine are all the same when its raining,just sitting and sleeping around the house.xx

  5. Good haul on your 3rd sticker 75% reductions, I'm happy with those prices too. I have a Morrisons close to our nearest Tesco and they're still doing 90% reductions. I get my bread from Asda as they reduce the bakery items to 10/15p at 8pm. Heidi has a good view point up there doesn't she x

  6. Good shop there, well done. I like bananas but find they go mushy pretty quickly so am now peeling them and freezing them and get required quantities out the night before to use the following day: I suppose considering how far the fruit has travelled it shouldn't be a surprise that they don't last too long. Our elderly Jack Russell loathes the wet weather and so after a quick dash into the garden she sits and watches the wildlife in the paddock; it's really rather sweet.

  7. Good for you with the yellow stickers. I managed to visit the large branch of Tesco in our area recently. We have a little one near us but I can usually find something useful in the yellow stickered section in the large one if I get there at the right time - only to find that they have stopped yellow stickers except for bread and some fruit and veg : (

  8. I was wondering what you thought about the news that Asda and Sainsbury's are set to merge? Can't see how fewer competitors will be good for the consumer.

    1. I am surprised that two competitors at opposite ends of the affordability scale are planning on merging. Are they going to meet in the middle with their prices, or are Sainsbury's going to cut their prices, or Asda increase theirs. Or are they going to continue in the same format as they are now.

      Sainsbury's is nearest to me but I don't shop there, too expensive. Asda further away but better prices, but I am not prepared to travel there on a regular basis.

      I don't like the idea of them merging, seems pointless to me, two completely different trading models. I hope it gets rejected. For one large company to have so much control over the worlds food supplies seems wrong to me.

      If they do merge, a lot of stores will be closed.

    2. Thanks for your thoughts. I agree I thought the two companies seem like an odd pairing, but to them it must make business sense I guess, I'm sure more details will come out this week.

      On all the news articles about this there are loads of comments saying how Sainsbury's is so much better than Asda, but they seem to forget that however much one supermarket is supposedly better than another, not everyone can afford to shop in a place that is more expensive.

  9. My cats seem to be a permanent fixture on top of the freezer, only place I can feed them thst tbe dog cant reach.

  10. Fab haul Ilona! Lunch looks lovely x

  11. Cheryl Jane from Australia29 April 2018 at 02:14

    That is an amazing shop. I can't imagine going to our supermarkets here and bringing home so much at a quarter of the price. I occasionally find reduced sticker meat that is close to use by date, which is not a problem as it goes straight to the freezer for later use. For fruit and veg we do a weekly shop at the market. Its about a 15 minute drive down the freeway but the prices are so much lower than the supermarkets it is well worth our while spending on the petrol. I love the photo of your cat on the fridge. She has positioned herself perfectly!

  12. Its nice to find food on low cost. I find some too at times. Heidi was visiting her cat friend on top of your fridge! It's probably warmer up there too! Cheerio!