Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Thought processes

Hello again. Just popping in with a quick one. Remember the chrome coasters I bought for £1 from a charity shop. This is the stage where they're at. I am wrapping wool around the spirals. My first thought was to completely cover them, like the purple one on the bottom row, then I decided to stop and not cover the outer chrome circle. Still not sure, will decide when I have finished the frame. 

My first idea was to join them all together without a backing, then realized that wouldn't work, they would be all floppy and wouldn't be rigid enough to hang on the wall. Then I thought about making a wall hanging and putting them on a fabric backing. Green fabric might be nice. I only have green silk though and that would sag with the weight it's too thin, they are quite heavy. Should I buy some thicker green fabric, decided not to. Then I spotted a ball of thick green wool in my wool box, aha, another idea. I had already found a frame which they would fit nicely into, so now I have wrapped the frame in the green wool. Now I can picture the finished art in my mind, it's coming together. Not telling you any more, you will have to wait and see.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. I do think that the purple one looks the best!,More complete and better to work with!...But thats just my thoughts.They all look very lovely though!I have tried unraveling an old knitted scarf today with not much success...but the wool,i have been able to use,I have put aside to make a pompom and the rest hanging from the trees hoping that the birds will take it for their nest,xx

    1. Debi, I love your idea but the latest news from the RSPB is that scraps of wool left out for the birds can kill them. They've found that it gets caught up in their feet & wings in the best and also some chicks try to eat it thinking it's food. I was putting mine out until I heard about this. If you have dog or cat that you groom then put their fur out instead.

  2. Hi. I love this idea. Does your mind ever switch off from ideas? X

  3. Your swirls look like crochet rounds Ilona. I like both designs and immediately thought the they would make a lovely mobile decoration. If covered in sparkly yarns it would catch the sun.

  4. I too thought of a mobile Rae. If done a particular way, each circle would twirl independently of the others. Little added mirrors, jewels or sequins set in the middle of each circle, would catch the light. Just an idea.

  5. If I was making something like this, I think thay would look really nice strung together vertically with cord; enough vertical columns to cover width of a door frame; attached top & bottom to a shee of curtain fabric; then hung up - would make an excellent draught excluder behind a front door? Just an idea - you can tell i'm not that crafty... only dafty?!?!!!