Friday, 17 August 2018

Alternative Big Brother

It's that time again..........

See the connection? Dress these monkeys up and you wouldn't know the difference  ;o))

Skip BB and go here instead. A fantastic day out.

Going to collect my new hearing aid. Toodle pip. ilona


  1. Hmm, I think I'll watch the ones with the most appeal and intelligence - yes, the chimpanzees!

  2. Loved the video of the rescued monkeys!.Thats really cheered me up!For some reason,I was feeling really down this morning...but after watching that,Ive now got a smile on my face!xx

  3. We try and visit Monkey World once a year or so. They do such wonderful work with primates all over the world! X

  4. hi ilona mayze and heidi thank you for the fun video it cheered me up and was so funny. i tried out recycling this week bought a very cheap sweater on the sale which looked silly as it was so short so i cut up an old tea shirt and have transformed it into a nice wearable sweater. thanks for the inspiration and great teachings. have a lovely weekend. love liz amy and adorable benny.xxxx

  5. You have made my day with your humor! First, bags as bribes and now this Alternative BB. You are a funny, creative and talented lady. Best of luck with your art show.

  6. couldn't be bothered with rubbish. your alternative is so much better - more intelligent too


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