Thursday 30 August 2018

More to read, with pictures, alert.

Gayle the blogger I met yesterday has two blogs. I have put their links on the sidebar because they are interesting reads for anyone who likes stories about travelling in a motorhome, and walking in beautiful places. Get yourself over there pronto and find out what they are doing. Seems like they are hardly at home, always off to exciting and interesting places. Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. They look as thought they have an iteresting blog, have put them on my blog list, thanks Ilona.

  2. Thank you - I'm blushing at the attention!

    Whilst I'm here, can I just compliment you on the neatness of your sewing? I was looking at the shopping bag you gave me and whereas I've always been 'functional' in my use of a sewing machine (i.e. I'm no stranger to making things and they're perfectly practical, but I wouldn't want anyone to look too closely at the straightness of the seams), that bag is functional, pretty and has incredibly neat seams.


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