Tuesday 21 August 2018

Chilling in the sunshine.

I had a nice walk in the sunshine, the flowers at Stapenhill Gardens are lovely, they always have a good show. 

Someone came along on a bicycle and started throwing food for the swans, and they all came swimming towards her. Then they started fighting for the food and she ran away.

Another woman appeared a bit further along, she had a shopping trolley full of food, so they all swam towards her.

After a day of chatting it was nice to relax with a walk through the gardens to the river. See ya, ilona


  1. How lovely to have the gardens near by to walk around.I bet that you have been answering questions and chatting to lots of people today!I hope that alot have gone home and rethought what they can do with stuff instead of it going to landfill xx.

  2. It was lovely to meet you yesterday and see your creations. I'm loving my bag and will never dare put a full price item in it! Good luck with your sales and I look forward to reading about your future antics.

    1. Thanks for coming to see me, it was lovely to meet you too. One picture sold yesterday.

      That's right, always look for the bargains and discounts, save your money for the treats.

    2. Which picture/s did you sell?

  3. Glad you had a nice day and the and the swan is beautiful. Well done that you sold a picture.
    Hazel c uk

  4. The geese on the pond in my local park absolutely terrify me. They fix you with a beady eye and I turn to jelly. There is no way I would venture anywhere near them with a bag of food.

  5. Those swans can be vicious, as a child I was mugged for my whole bag of bread (which one should not be feeding wild birds anyway.)

  6. Really really really happy to see you still posting! Have you seen Eat Well for Less? I catch it on the YoooToooob because it’s a British show. Just love it and love seeing people learn how to save money on food and cook.

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