Monday 6 August 2018

Go Brenda !

I've just read a blog post which is very inspiring. Brenda is a keen cyclist, has cycled long, long, and I mean very long distances, mostly with hubby, sometimes on her own. She has recently done a solo mini tour on her new electrically assisted bike, and she is loving it. 226 miles covered through Yorkshire, pulling her trailer with full camping gear. Photo's on the blog, it's a good read. The link is on my sidebar, if you want to read this report click here.

Brenda, you're a star, I am in awe of your pioneering adventures. Now with the new bike, there will be no stopping you. lots of love, ilona xxx


  1. Amazing woman!.I wish that I was able to have this freedom,but Family commitments get in the way.Although,I dont know if I would be brave enough to go on a bike these days,lol.Well Done to Brenda!!,xx

  2. An amazing lady! Thanks for sharing Ilona.

  3. margaret howard6 August 2018 at 15:29

    Could you tell me how to get a blog template like yours and what the charges are?

    1. Click on the 'B' icon on the top left of this page, it will take you to Then follow the instructions on how to start a new blog. There is a choice of templates, choice of colours, each element of a blog can be changed and edited from the dashboard. You can have the sidebar on the right like mine, or on the left, or one on each side. You can choose which elements you want on the sidebar from the menu. You can change them around. My header photo is my own, there are many others you can choose from. There are no charges.

    2. margaret howard6 August 2018 at 15:52

      Thank you so much for your quick reply.

      I read your interesting blog every day and many of those you recommend.

      It opens up another world and keeps one in touch with what goes on - much more interesting than reading today's newspapers -:)

      Thank you once again

    3. I knew nothing when I started this blog, it was a matter of playing around with it. The instructions are fairly easy to follow. You might find the most difficult part is choosing a name for your blog because so many are taken, but don't worry because it doesn't matter what you call it, as the title you put on the header doesn't have to be the same. I just wanted Life After Money, but that was already gone, so I added Meanqueen- at the front of it.

      You don't have to publish your blog until you are happy with it, move things around and change them if it doesn't look right. Even after publishing you can still alter things around, change layouts, change colours.

  4. Hello, I came to you via John Gray's blog. I'm reaching retirement faster than the speed of light (next May to be precise) and am gleaning all the advice I can in preparation. Thanks for your enlightening and very good advice. It's very helpful to me. My sister has an electric bike and she loves it. You still have to pedal the bike to make it go but not with so much enthusiasm as an ordinary pushbike. Going uphill is less of a struggle too.

  5. Thanks for the link to this blog post which I really enjoyed reading. - well done Brenda. It’s always absolutely great to hear of older women having adventures although I’m sad we do t get the same accolade as younger women.
    Ilona you might like to check out Dervla Murphy. I’m sure you’d enjoy her books.


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