Thursday 2 August 2018

Too hot for cats

The heat is back. I have got a watering up job for my friend who is on holiday. I rather hoped that we would get some more rain then I wouldn't have to do it so often. She has a big garden with what must be a couple of hundred pots. Thank goodness that she has two hose pipes which squirt a long way. I only have to drag them around and waft the water over the lot. No hosepipe ban yet, it might not happen due to the last few downpours filling up the reservoirs. 
When Heidi has had enough of lying in a sunny windowsill, she moves to this one in the shade in the kitchen, and takes cover under the net curtain.  
Mayze likes to lie down in a darkened room. I close the curtains for her. She loves my duvet and sleeps all night with me there. Yes, I still have a duvet on the bed, it's a lightweight one, I pull the corner across my body and stick my legs out of the side.

I had a no-cook dinner tonight. Fabulous salad. Iceberg lettuce, salad leaves, potato salad, large tomato, two small tomatoes, two mushrooms, cucumber, and a quarter of a cheese and onion quiche.

All the artwork is packed up and ready. Now need to do the paper side of things. A reporter from the local newspaper will come and see me on the first day when I am set up. Take photographs and do an interview.

It's great that so many people are still walking, thanks for checking in, I'm proud of you all. I shall be off for my walk shortly, just waiting for it to cool when the sun goes down. Adios. ilona


  1. My cats are keeping in the shade too,They move around the garden and house,to just lay there with their legs in the air!Very angry about the owners of a really nasty cat that lives in the close.Ive already had it attack one of my cats,which i had to take to the its attacked Lily,the oldest,but smallest one by biting her side twice.The nasty cat is even coming into my front garden looking for my cats,and if i go out to shoo it away,it goes to bite and spring for me...I makes me feel like moving house,it is getting that bad!.The owners make out they dont understand,when Ive been round and told them that they will be sent the vets bills if they keep letting it out.Ive never,ever seen a cat as nasty as theirs.....Your dinner looks lovely.You have given me an idea of getting a quiche now and cutting it into smaller pieces.Im the only one in the house that eats it,so I never seem to buy it.I wonder if the rest of it can be frozen?..The sky looks grey here in Leicester today so Im hoping it will be a bit cooler.I will never moan about the lack of sun again!.I just want it to rain all day so that I can walk into the garden and not feel as though I am walking into a sauna!!xx

  2. The salad looks lovely Ilona, colourful and healthy. Yes Debi, you can freeze quiches, I do it all the time, buy a couple, portion and freeze, absolutely fine. At least it's cooler at night which aids sleeping but i do agree I would really like some rain now.

    1. Thanks Amanda!,I will treat myself to one now that i know that they can be portioned and frozen,xx

    2. Thanks Amanda. I've just looked at the box, and yes you can freeze it. I get four portions out of it, you could maybe get five or six if you like them smaller.

  3. I’m getting so excited about your art show. Wish I could pop over and see it. I was wondering if you could post the show? I’d love to see the exhibit. I’d like to see all your pieces at one time. Thanks, jlynn

  4. Mayze is such a pretty cat. I don't know that I seen that intense red brown before.

  5. Heidi and Mayze look so content & happy Ilona x

  6. Hi Ilona,
    I laughed out loud at your duvet comment. We have a duvet on the bed here in Phoenix...and I always stick a leg out of it to regulate my temperature. :). Of course, it is so hot we have to run our AC at night to survive...but the duvet is a constant.


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