Thursday, 9 August 2012

A new addition to the family

Thank you all for your kind thoughts, you're right of course, there was nothing I could have done to avoid the accident with the deer. When I drive around and see dead animals on the road I always feel sad and think thank goodness it wasn't me who killed it. I can't even run over an animal that is already dead, it seems disrespectful so I always drive round it.

The dent on the front of my car is going to cost £120 to repair. My garage man uses a body shop man who works for himself who is very reasonable, he says he can push the dent out and make a good repair without replacing the whole panel. He can't get it in till early next month because he is booked up with work, so that's a good sign if he has lots of customers.

Little Rocky was pleased to see me this morning. We went a long walk, where he did his usual trick, jump on every bench we passed waiting for his treat. I have just taken him back after his evening walk, he has been here since 5pm, ssshh, don't tell anyone.

At last I have some runner beans to eat, and had my first picking with my dinner tonight, along with the dead cheap brocolli, cauliflower, and marrow I got from Tesco last night. I got quite a haul for £15. There's going to be a lot more beans coming in the next few weeks. Yum, I love them.

I have five plants which are sprouting a few courgettes on each of them.

And I think my spuds must be ready for eating now, I'll have a firkle tomorrow to see if they are big enough.

Meet our new addition to the family. Yes, I have decided to let Heidi stay, as she seems to have settled in now. I am back up to three again, that's my limit, no more. Her kittens are still in a pen at Sue's house. There was an enquiry while I was away, but it never came to anything. Some people make a phone call, we tell them what adopting is all about, they seem keen, then we never hear from them again. Very strange. Welcome to your new home Heidi.


  1. Both Heidi and Rocky are gorgeous, Ilona! I'm glad you're feeling better about the deer incident.

  2. I'm pleased you are OK Ilona. That seems a reasonable price for the car repair. the tiny little scratch I caused to someones car the other day is going to cost between 375 and 475 pounds! Nice to see you and Rocky together.

  3. I was hoping you would keep Heidi!!!I would have done the same..hopefully yoy find homes for the rest soon...
    Sorry to hear about the accident. Here in the US (East coast) we have LOTS of large wild deer that run in front of cars is like hitting a pony. Not good for anyone involved...I too, wich they had injected it..

  4. Welcome to your forever home Heidi!
    Jane x

  5. What a pretty little cat. No wonder she is staying!

    So sorry to hear about your accident with the deer. Horrible when it happens. Thank goodness you were not hurt.

  6. I just came over from Don't Unplug Your Hub. I try to be pretty frugal too. I think maybe your Brit-speak is thicker than I'm used to!

  7. Very upsetting about the deer. You have done well to find someone who will do a repair for so little. Wish we had someone round here to fix an argument I had with a bollard. Not much of an argument but it definitely was one!

  8. Heidi looks all settled in and enjoying her new home.
    Glad you found an honest repairman to fix your car.
    Your Rocky looks like my Einstein that passed earlier this year.
    Your veggies are coming along nicely....enjoy.

  9. Hello! Been following John's blog and he appears immeasurably pleased by your visit, so I poked around here and found much that is supportive and instructive. I too am retired, 3 years now, and adjusting to an new system of endeavor and reward --one that is not based on money. You set a good example and I think joining your site will be good for me. my compliments.

  10. I am truly sorry about your accident. Heidi is there to bring comfort and happiness. I have tuxedos and they are wonderful.

  11. So sorry about your accident. Glad you are okay. You have such a big heart and the fact that you did all you could for the deer is a big testament to what a caring person you are. Take comfort in knowing the deer is in a better place.

  12. Golly, that quote for your car repair is a good price! Something like this could cost me hundreds round our parts of the country. As you`ve noticed the other day, even charity shops are expensive down south.
    Nice to hear you`re keeping the cat. She looks lovely.

  13. I'm glad you're feeling better. You are Ok and Rocky seems happy and healthy, you are getting some inquiries for kittens, Heidi has a new home, veggies are doing well and you got a good price for the car fix. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

  14. That's not a bad price and you are supporting a small business too. Ilona, your runner beans look wonderful. I used to grow courgettes when I lived in a flat, there was a garden around the side of the house and that was dedicated to vegetables. The other bit was just a lawn and I put shrubs in it, never bothered with annuals, and still don't.

    All the vegetables I put in this year were eaten almost immediately. I think I must try runner beans next year and put them against the neighbour's fence. That way I'm not gawping at them in the garden. They say they don't mind that! We get on well.

    I'm glad you have Heidi and she looks very pretty.

  15. why am I not surprised you kept her LOL

    I'm glad you're feeling better about the deer incident, it's horrible for an animal lover like yourself to have been involved in such an unpleasant event.

  16. I've just been catching up... what an awful end to your holiday. One of my greatest fears is running over an animal, big or small, and it not dying straight away, I can't bear the thought, I get a bit upset and feel bad for days if I accidentally step on a snail! But, these things can't be helped, there's nothing you could have done, just a tragic accident and it sounds like the deer didn't suffer for too long.

    I think you were extremely lucky to have done so little damage to your car and not to have been injured yourself. My ex hit a one cow out of an escaped herd on the road and that wrote off the car.

    Rocky looks so happy in that photo and I'm glad Heidi had found a nice home!

  17. Rocky is looking great. I remember his tricks up and down on the benches!


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