Thursday, 16 May 2013

One year older

Well, I'm one year older, another year has been and gone. Now I start on number 65, wonder what it will bring, more of the same I hope. The only part of me which is deteriorating at the moment is my memory, can't for the life of me remember where I put my teeth, only joking, God forbid when I have to have dentures, ha ha. This morning I couldn't find my specs, hopeless without them, on my hands and knees next to the bed, Heidi cat had knocked them onto the floor.
Thank you all for your good wishes and kind words, I'm feeling a bit guilty though. The card thing was a joke, you didn't really think I had that many did you? Ooops, ha ha. You know me, a bit of a clown. Some of those cards are more than forty years old, some were sent to my mother from me and my sister and brother, and I can't bear to part with them. There are so many memories there, to be treasured until the day I die. 
I actually only had three cards, which I am pleased about, I tell people not to bother because I have all the cards I need. I don't expect anyone to send me a card, because I don't send them one. I would much rather pick up the phone and speak to friends and family to keep in touch.
My day was enjoyable, this morning I took my two black lab friends for a walk along the hills. The cargo boat was heading out towards the Humber and the North Sea, after docking upstream at either Gunness or Flixborough. I watched it zigzag from one bank to the other to avoid the sandbanks. It's very shallow in places.

Alfie and Ollie posing for the camera. Now the woods are greening up it is lovely with the sunlight flickering through the trees.
I couldn't be bothered to make lunch, so I had it out, in the local cafe in the High Street. Please note, that this was a one off, I will not be doing it again. The sandwich was £4.50 and the drink 90p.
It's a popular cafe in the mornings for breakfast, and they have a Bistro Night from time to time, which is always sold out.
This afternoon I had a bimble around town. I paid a bill at the bank, had a look in a couple of charity shops, picked up a few essentials from B & M Discount Store, and looked round the exhibitions in the Arts Centre.
Now was there anything else I should mention? Ah yes, before I forget, the winners of the three shopping bags. Here they are, well done. I need three postal addresses from you please so I can get them off to you pronto. My email address is on the side bar. Sorry that you all couldn't win, maybe next time when I make some more bags. Someone asked if I sell them, sorry, I don't. I would rather give them away, don't want to get into the situation of running a small business, it's a hobby which I fit in around everything else I do.
Someone also asked about buying a cat food pouch bag. I made them to show what can be made from recycling rubbish. I use them for demonstration purposes when I do talks for groups, to encourage others to have a go, and think about the rubbish they throw away. I haven't got time to make any more at the moment.
Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. Sounds like a lovely way to spend a birthday, including lunch out. The black labs are really gorgeous,just look at their shiny coats! Congrats to the winners of the bags!
    Jane x

  2. Happy Birthday Ilona! I think lunch out is ok once a year for your birthday!

  3. A very good reason to have a rare lunch out. It looked very appetising. Wish I was 65 again.

  4. Happy birthday Ilona, sounds like a lovely day!
    Congrats to the bag winners :)
    Judy xx

  5. I take it you won't publish my post ha ha
    I forgot to look for your email address.....see old age.

  6. Happy Birthday and may you enjoy many more.

  7. Happy Birthday Iona. Glad you enjoyed your day and some wonderful company as well by way of the dogs. Your lunch looks delicious. Looking forward to your travels again. :)

    Sue R

  8. Congratulations to the lucky winners of those lovely bags, and Many Happy returns of the Day to you Ilona.

  9. Happy Birthday Ilona! I'm happy you had a great day out!
    The food does look good for a special day for a wonderful lady.
    Congratulations to your winners.
    Love the photos, the dogs look sweet.
    Hope this begins another year of wonderful walks and adventures for you.
    God bless you & many more to come!

  10. Happy Birthday Ilona (from across the big pond)!
    from Nancy in Northern California

  11. Happy Belated Birthday, Ilona! I tried to send an email card, but got an error message that it didn't recognize your address; I played around with the 'dot' and the 'at' but still no go...

    Anyway, congrats also to the bag winners.

    Sharon in Alabama (USA)

  12. A lovely looking lunch out for your birthday :-)

    Sometimes it does us good to go out just to keep tabs on the prices and what you actually get for your money. I always sit there and think what I could have made an identical meal for pricewise. I bet your sandwich, coleslaw, crisps and drink would set you back a lot less than £5.40 done at home.

  13. Happy Birthday, sounds like you had a lovely day.

  14. Sounds like you had the perfect day!!!

  15. Happy birthday to the cheery lady who makes my day! You deserved a lunch MADE for you on your birthday. We all need to feel someone has done something especially for us once in a while! Forget that it had to be paid for and that's your present to yourself;)

  16. your food looks much more satisfying but hey ho if you cant eat out on your birthday when can you.

    Many happy returns


  17. The little meal out looked good Ilona and a wee treat now and then wont do you any harm. Congratulations to the winners of the bags, I am sure they will trasure them. Dont know about Lincolnshire but Scarboroughs blowing a gale and some, the sea is really wild tonight, Have a good weekend
    From Danneke


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