Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Who has won?

Woopsadaisy, a bit late tonight, I've been chattering to John on the Skype from Don't Unplug Your Hub, blame him, ha ha. I thought I would have a different kind of lunch today, something sweet for a change. I fried up some slices of Polenta in a little olive oil.
Put it on a plate with a chopped banana, a few peach slices, and drizzled with honey. Next microwave it for a minute.
Add some plain yogurt and chopped nuts. What was it like? Sort of quite nice-ish. I think the fruit and honey would have been alright by itself, the Polenta did nothing to make it any better. My conclusion is that Polenta is best served in a savoury dish, as an alternative to Quorn, as the texture is similar to that. I will buy it again but not as a regular food, just sometimes for something a bit different. I wouldn't rave over it, it's ok but not great, I wouldn't buy it in a packet and cook it myself, too much messing about in the kitchen. I would get the ready made stuff. 
I have three bags to send out to three lucky winners.
All finished, the colour is darker than is shown in the photo's, don't know why that is, I didn't use a flash.
And here is John to witness that the draw took place fair and square. He saw my every movement as I reached in for three names. No cheating, I didn't look.
Here they are, in a basket, ready to pick out the winners. Do you like my mouse mat behind it.

And the winners are .................Oh, I think I'll leave it till tomorrow, it's getting a bit late, and no one will be still up at this time waiting for the announcement, will they?

Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bugs bite. Toodle Pip.


  1. Hi, Ilona ... don't know what time it is there right now, but here it is only 5:30 PM ... so, YES! I'm still up waiting for the announcement ... LOL

    Catch ya tomorrow,
    Sharon in Alabama

  2. LOL love it Ilona talk about keeping us on tender hooks will be back tomorrow to see who the lucky winners were.
    Much Love
    Claire xx xx xx

  3. Oh, you really are the Meanqueen LOL!!!

  4. Haha you got me! I was all excited you are a lot of fun to be around! Have a great day!! :D

  5. Yep, I'm up! It's even earlier here--5:15 p.m. I think that means that it is 1:15 a.m. in England.

  6. Aaaaaargh!!! You tinker!!!
    Jane x

  7. ha ha! had us all going!
    the fruit looks delicious!

  8. I think polenta is pretty much like tofu; needs to be doctored up to taste good.
    Love reading about your walks. I think you have the best places to walk; beautiful scenery and historic places to see.

    Maggie from US

  9. Aaaaaarrrggghhh! I've been to bed, but couldn't sleep, so I'm just reading your blog (and supposition that no-one will be up) at 5am in the morning - a pot of tea and 2 hours on the laptop since I left my bed. . . . . .
    So I need to keep everything crossed for longer, then. No wonder I can't sleep - it's uncomfortable!

  10. Haha...... you tease :-)

  11. You're a wicked woman!!!

    I've used Skype on audio only but I just recently got a little webcam from Amazon and what a difference it makes! It's just great to see who you're talking to. In case anyone else is interested this is the link to the webcam on Amazon - it's cheap without bells and whistles but it does the job brilliantly .

    Linda xx

  12. What a cliffhanger ending. You could write for a soap!

    Or you're just a cheeky tease! Love it!

  13. You are so funny...
    BTW, your lunch looks super yummy!


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