Monday, 23 November 2015

Coming soon.

Hello. I've made a video and I'm waiting for it to upload onto yooootoooob, will post it when it's ready, 211 minutes left to go. It's a very important message, so don't miss it  ;o)
Lots of lurv  Ilona


  1. Will take a look when it's ready, x

  2. Will look out for it Ilona.

  3. Doesn't it take ages! I've made a few very short video clips - like a minute or two - of my baby goats to share with blog readers, and I went out and did all the chores while they were loading!

    1. It's been four and a half hours up to now. I wondered if it was my slow broadband signal. Maybe millions of people all uploading at the same time. It's blooming hopeless.


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