Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Life is back to normal

Hello. So it's back to normal, tidying garden, dog walking, and library today. There is housework to be done, but I will do that in dribs and drabs when I feel like it. The fridge is empty but I can manage a bit longer on what I have in before I go shopping. 
I am walking Bailey poodle again, Joyce is finding it a bit too much, she is a bit unsteady on her feet. The hedge next to the path through the Village Green is overgrown forcing people to walk over the grass. It's also difficult for those with mobility scooters, and now it's becoming quite muddy. Someone asked me if I knew anyone from the Council to report it to. It has been like this for a few weeks, the Council should have sent someone to cut it back by now. There's one way to solve the problem. I took my loppers, a pair of shears, and a brush to chop it all down and clear the path. If you want something doing, do it yourself, that's what I say. 
After lunch I went to see Stan on the mobile library, and changed my books.
Look how well my herb planter is doing. It's about time I used some of it in my cooking. I have no idea how much to use, so I picked a handful.
And chopped them up into small pieces.

And added them to this. Quorn chunks, Quorn mince, frozen beans and peas, and a tin of chick peas. I added turmeric, vegetable granules, splash of orange juice, Danish Blue Cheese, and some porridge oats to thicken it. It's bloomin lovely, two more portions for the next two days.

Oh dear, it's starting to get dark earlier now. I am layering up with extra clothes. Not looking forward to winter. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Your dinner 😳😳 love everything you do x

  2. You are soon back doing lots again Ilona.I have walked with my dogs and gardened but you have helped your community too.My dinner was chard,marrow,potatoes and a couple of poached eggs on top with toast x

    1. Your dinner 😳😳as bad as illonas lol xxxxx

  3. Good on you for cutting the hedge - I do the same with litter. While following some of your local walks, I use Google Maps to get a better idea of the scenery, and came upon an interesting fact. The Brough Aerodrome to the North of you and across the Trent is the world's oldest aerodrome. BAE has a facility there, but Wiki doesn't say if it's still in use. Keep up the good work. R/Tim

  4. Your planter of herbs looks amazing!
    Your problem with the path reminds me of something that happened here a couple of months ago. Apparently there was a rather steep slope leading into one of the parks and people had requested some steps from the city. The "Study" that had to be done indicated that these few steps would cost an unbelievable amount of money and therefore could not be built at this time. An enterprising retired fellow in the neighbourhood - with a background in this type of work - built the needed steps and installed them over a weekend much to the delight of the park's users. Of course Health & Safety got involved and ordered him to remove them under threat of arrest because they couldn't possibly be safe (but folks falling down the steep slope was somehow ok). Cue the hue and cry in the papers and the media and the city suddenly found the money and the manpower to install a proper set of stairs in a matter of days! That man should have gotten a medal!

  5. I use a lot of herbs, I even chuck them in the juicer x

  6. Your supper looks delicious, I think I can see chives, parsley and mint in your herb bed. I'm not a fan of the winter, dark now at 7pm. However, a very good result with putting bath/hair washing water down the loo - the water bill has reduced dramatically, thank you for this tip (have been given water buckets so will be using those as well when we have the next downpour). We're also getting the jumpers on as we had an e-mail from our gas & electric supplier saying they were going to double our monthly payment as winter approaching, spoke to a lovely lady and told her we weren't happy about that as our consumption is low and we're never in debt to them, I asked her if she had heard of you and your money-saving tips, she had, and she agreed to keep our payments the same. So thank you again! Amanda

  7. I was just thinking about your herb planter yesterday and wondered how it was doing!! It looks amazing and very healthy.Ive got mint and chives in mine,which i think i mentioned a few months ago,is made out of an old wicker laundry box.My kitchen scraps celery stump is growing its 3rd lot now,so while its still growing,i will keep eating!Ive still only got 2 tomatoes on my plant,but one has gone red now so that will be used soon!My kitchen scraps garlic seems to be doing ok,its got very long leaves on it now,...God knows what it looks like under the soil!!...Im not to sure when to attempt to pull it out!!..oh and my kitchen scraps potatoes look ok aswell..they are also planted in an old wicker drawer.You have given me an idea for my dinner tonight..i just wish that my hubby would eat less meat!!,Braising steak for him...We too are layering up on our clothing..and you know what ..i feel much healthier for doing so.I think the central heating makes me feel sluggish.Only thing is,with hubby being disabled he cant move around fast like i do,so feels the cold more.But we are doing ok with it at the moment...Im having another sort through any stuff we dont use today.There isnt as much as there was because i have already done it about 3 or 4 times this year.It will either be reused in some way or given to the animal charity shop.It feels so much better now and gives me more brain space!!..Although,there are still some things that i cant bare to part with,lol.Oh,you have given me so many ideas over this last year Ilona,so thanks!!,Hope your all having a good day,Debi,x

  8. Love your attitude, we also do a bit of trimming back. Accross the road from us is a footpath and between three neighbours we keep the grass and nettles back. You'd wait forever for tne council to come. I also pick up the odd litter, clean the 30 mph street sign and road name if needed. Just looking after blighty. Rae x

  9. Great herby planter. Natalie

  10. Good for you trimming the Council's hedging back. Your neighbours will be grateful. Isn't it nice to have made a dish which will provide several meals? We are currently working our way through a large pan of Veggie soup. Tomorrow will be the third (& last) day. All veggies which needed eating up(potatoes,carrots, onion, garlic, parsnip, green and red pepper, parsnip, celery ) and a large handful of split red lentils which have lurked in a jar in my cupboard for a very long time. Really delicious soup! Yes, it is getting darker and colder, my husband has just made the same comment as yours.

  11. You can also freeze the herbs in ice cube trays and pop them in your soups and sauces so none goes to waste.

  12. Your herb planter looks amazing! I love reading your blog and look forward every day to seeing what you have got up to, I find you very inspirational you don't just sit about thinking poor me, you are up and out doing exciting stuff and leading such a fulfilling life, even finding time to do a lot of community work and help your neighbours. Ilona, I take my hat off to you!


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