Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I thought I saw a pussycat

Anybody would think I don't feed this cat. Mayze brought me a present this morning, I don't know if she was planning on eating it, but she was a bit put out when I took it off her. She had dragged it through the cat flap and carried it upstairs to hide it behind the desk. It was the trail of feathers that gave it away. Poor little pigeon, naughty Mayze. This is the first hunter cat I have owned, have been lucky up to now that my other cats don't feel the need to do this. Oh well, she is only young, she might grow out of it.

I can't seem to get on with any jobs this morning. I have two pairs of jog bottoms which need lengthening. I bought them from Matalan a few years ago and they've shrank slightly, oh well I suppose that's what you get from cheapo gear. I've cut some strips from an old skirt, (I don't do skirts any more), to add to the bottoms. As you can see, cat has brought the job to a halt.

Oh well, I'll pop upstairs to do a bit on the computer. Oh no, now Lily wants to park himself on my knee, and he won't give up trying. I haven't the heart to shut him out of the room.

Now he is on my knee, come on Lily, I'm going to have to get up, I've got things to do. He is a silly old sod, going a bit senile I think, just wants lots of love. Toodle pip.


  1. Oh, what a lovely present from Mayze(?).
    Ours are all indoor cats as it's not safe for them to be outside here...and I don't want feathered presents. It's bad enough when I find dissected mice in the house.
    Jane x

  2. I'm glad that there was a trail of feathers, the idea of the stench if you hadn't noticed doesn't bear thinking of.

  3. One of my cats did the same but the bird was alive, it was flying around my living room, which is difficult because the ceiling goes up to the landing. Did manage to catch it though.

    I always give up what I'm doing if Merlin wants a cuddle, am sure you do too.

  4. We have 2 x 8 month old kittens and one is very friendly. He comes for cuddles several times a day and will climb up my front and rest his head on my shoulder. And then he'll lay his head back so I tickle under his chin. His favourite time to do this is when I'm sitting comfortably on the sofa with my laptop. Very hard to type with a kitty cat glued to your chest!!!! Both of them also get very interested when I start my card making. A favourite pastime is to skid across the table top sending all my papers flying, or to sit right down on the pile of paper and card I'm just about to use...very helpful.

  5. We had a cat who would dissect starlings all over the floor during the night. A nasty surprise if you blundered through bare-footed and didnt bother to switch the light on LOL

  6. This is why we don't have a catflap ;-p

  7. Oh I just love how she is oggling you in her 'I know you don't approve way', our dog used to do that too.
    We had a few birds brought in when we had a cat too. Our cat seemed to lose interest the minute he put them down though.
    The dog was much more ambitious and even brought a pheasant home once after she caught it on the heath and OH didn't know what to do ,leave it or let her have it, she didn't want it once it was home either.

  8. I like how the pussycat sits on the chair, dead centre, "Right, I'm here now and I'm not budging, you aren't getting any sewing done today, Mrs". My pal has a little cat that goes mad for plastic bags, pawing at them and making them fly up in the air. Jumps in the suitcase if you are trying to pack. He's a wee devil. Hope that's Mayze's first and last "feathered friend" she brings home. Regards, Christy x


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