Friday, 25 November 2011

A nice cat story


You may or may not remember the lost kitty I spoke about a few months back, Smokey escaped from the cattery down the hill. His owners were devastated and put up posters all over the place. Their little girl was very upset, and for a while everyone was keeping a look out for this lost cat.

I thought I had seen him in the woods a few days later, and for several weeks the owners kept coming back and looking for him. They live about seven miles away and turned up most weekends to resume their search. As time has gone on it seemed there was little chance of ever finding him. The posters had faded, and it had slipped from peoples minds.

Anything could have happened to him, did he find somewhere else to live, was he killed on the road, did a fox get him? All questions that no one had the answer to. It's the not knowing that is the worst, for anyone who has ever lost a pet it can be agony.

But hey, as the title at the top says, there is a good end to this story. Smokie has been found five months after he went walkabout. He was spotted living in a stables about a mile from here. The woman who owned the horses contacted Cats Protection, and luckily his details had been posted on their web site at the time he went missing.

I rang the owners to say how pleased I was to hear this news, they are over the moon that they have got him back. The moral of this story is to advertise lost pets in every possible place you can think of. Microchipping will help find the owners more quickly, once the animal has turned up away from it's home. Smokie wasn't micro chipped, but thanks to the internet he was reunited with his owners. Brilliant news.

I've just booked myself into Hartington Youth Hostel in Derbyshire for a couple of nights next week. Might as well as it's so cheap at £8 per night. Lets hope that this nice weather keeps up because I'm a comin for a walkabout in them there hills. Insert big grin here.


  1. What a relief for the owners of Smokey. It's good to hear of a happy ending.

    Enjoy your Derbyshire trip, there's no stopping you is there? :-)

  2. Clever Smokey to find shelter, food, and a friendly face to help him find his home again.
    I can just imagine how spoiled he is going to be at home!!
    Jane x

  3. My Quinn (in Massachusetts, USA) has been missing since 7 July, and I continue to post his picture in the area and online, and talk about him to animal rescue people. Keeping a good thought. It's always so heartening to hear a story like this one! Congratulations to Smokey and his family :)

  4. Fabulous news indeed.
    Have a great time walking. Look forward to the pics!

  5. Enjoy yourself Ilona, I look forward to my armchair trip to Derbyshire :-D

    Good news about Smokey, my neighbours lost cat was found half a mile from home!

  6. That is good news Ilona what a lucky moggy :0)
    Hope you have a good stay in Derbyshire, make sure you allow plenty of time to get back to the hostel in the afternoon before it gets dark!

  7. It's so lovely when a missing animal is found.

    I look forward to reading another travel journal and see the photos. Although I lived not far from Hartington, I used to sometimes stay in a friend's ancient caravan just outside the village. I hope you manage to get to see Thor's Cave which is on the trail towards Waterhouses. I can see you climbing up the path to the cave and taking some photos for us.

  8. So glad to read a good happy tale for a change! Am very glad the owners were reunited with their cat.
    re Hartington,its a lovely place,I hope you enjoy muchly.

  9. Really pleased to hear that Smokey has been found and reunited with his owners. Twitter is good too if ever an animal goes missing, people can retweet the pictures and it reaches a extremely wide audience. Enjoy your walking in Derbyshire, hope it's not too chilly for you, pack your thermals just in case. We've had our first few falls of snow up here in Inverness just the other day. Here's hoping we have a mild Winter. All the best, Christy x

  10. I am so happy that Smokey is alive and well. Pets are family and it hurts just the same as losing a person. Such a happy ending.


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