Sunday, 1 January 2012

A bit more Oxford

A few more pics. Now what was this place called :o) Ah yes, Christ Church, entrance through the big gates and gardens off St Aldates Road. An impressive entrance.

Love the shape of the windows.

This tree is clinging to the brickwork, I bet it looks pretty impressive in the summer when it's covered in green leaves. It's like a skeleton at the moment.

Oh dear £5.50 to go in, I'll walk around the outside thank you.

Here is another entrance, still costs the same :o(

The Cathedral from a distance.

Oh dear, now I'm lost. This is a very nice carved wooden gate. I love the bay window above it. Wonder why some of my buildings are leaning over, I can't seem to get them square and central in the viewfinder.

No entry in here, more bikes chained to the railings.

Gates shut.

Walking down towards Magdalen Bridge, starting to get dark now.

The Christmas tree in front of Magdalen College. This is the nearest I could get, poke my camera between the bars of the fence.

Here I was meandering around the back streets, I like the warm glow of the street light against the wall.

Now where was this arch way, I bet someone could tell me :o)

I'm running out of daylight now so I went back towards the town and the hostel. There are a few more pics I want to take, I'll come back in the morning before I set off home.

Today it's been me and Henry choc lab. We have been two long walks and he has had fun playing with his doggy friends. Now it's time to get my dinner, it's looking like a pan of veggie stew is on the menu. Toodle pip.


  1. I remember seeing this bridge on a recent visit to Oxford earlier LAST year and all I can remember is it's called "The Bridge of Sighs", named after the famous one in Venice.


  2. I think it is in Hertford Lane and is the Bridge of Sighs and I think it connects two parts of Hertford College - cant swear to it though.

    Oxford is so lovely from the outside I dont think you missed much by not paying admission fees.

  3. Typical English architecture, reminds me of University Challenge reading this.

  4. Happy New Year Ilona, thank you for another year of information and entertainment.

  5. Lovely atmospheric photos of Oxford. So many beautiful buildings in that warm, golden stone.

  6. I do like going to Oxford but only if staying away from the shops.

  7. Ilona, I spotted lots of places I had seen on Inspector Lewis...such a shame that you have to pay to go in....and expensive!!
    Jane x

  8. Thank you Jane and lizzie, I have just googled the Bridge of Sighs. It's in New College Lane, and used to be called Hertford Bridge. It was built in 1914. It is similar to the famous bridge in Venice but was never intended to be a replica. In fact it looks more like the Rialto Bridge in venice.

  9. Looking at all these photos reminded me of the good times. Also the lovely Morse and Lewis series.

  10. I love the buildings...very impressive. I hate it when my pictures look crooked like that. I finally had to frame my picture and then deliberately get the bottom lined up. It doesn't work if you try to get sides lined up, not usually anyway. However, I would never even notice it in your pictures, just mine!

  11. The architecture on these buildings are amazing. I never tire of looking at them. Gorgeous pictures.


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