Saturday, 14 January 2012

Secret Millionaire

I was struggling all day yesterday to think of a topic for my post, suddenly it came to me when I noticed my lotto ticket on the kitchen worktop. I am normally a down to earth person, not prone to dreaming about what might happen, but more making plans for what will happen. I don't believe gambling is the answer to anyone's problems, no matter how desperate they are to get out of the hole they are in.

Gambling is about luck, pure and simple. Of course if you have a flair for a particular job, a determination that you are going to win at whatever you do, then you do have a better chance. Some of the highest earners got lucky in the first place, but then went on to exploit that to their advantage. I was never lucky enough to have the brains to push myself, I just wasn't focussed.

I don't think there is one person on this earth who hasn't hoped for a big win, but most realise it is just a dream. I don't win because I don't gamble, because I know I will never be rich. Why hanker after something you will never have, be gratefull for what you have got.

My post has prompted Kateg and dancingonabladeofgrass, to ask the question what would I do with a big win, maybe a million or so. For a few minutes I will have a little daydream and answer that.

Family first, make sure they have enough and don't have to worry about struggling to make ends meet. My nephews wouldn't have to worry about paying the mortgage. I think that goes without saying. I wouldn't have a party, but I would visit them all individually and take great pleasure in handing them a big fat cheque.

Next I would help my very best friends. Sue could do with a bigger and posher house, with a big garden for all her cats. I would send Janet and Paul on a nice holiday, they deserve it after losing several of their cats and two dogs last year. My friend Carol would like to move but she can't sell her house at the moment. I would give her enough money so she could sell it cheap and pay for a new house. I have several friends who could do with a bit of a helping hand, mainly animal lovers, they are kind and their hearts are in the right place.

Then I suppose I'd better spend a bit on myself. I would have a bigger, nice house, probably in this village, and a new car. I would invest a lot of it to provide me with more money to give away. My time would be spent finding good causes. All begging letters will be destroyed, I will know who I want to help after I have met them. A bit like the Secret Millionaire programme. I read a story yesterday about a single mum who has taken on her best friends five children, after their mother and father died within months of each other. She needs a bit of help with an extension for the house. She intends to continue working because she loves her job. She is a true hero, I would go and give her the money.

Animals will benefit from my win. I would visit small rescue centre's to see what they need help with. New pens, fencing, buildings, food, vet's fees, for dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, any animals.

I would still be a bit frugal in my own spending but I wouldn't be shopping for reduced prices at 8pm any more. Other people will need it more than me. Looking for bargains would be a hard habit to give up. I would not pay extortinate prices, but I wouldn't need to buy the cheapest. I hate the idea that it would change my personality, because I like who I am. I will do more long distance walks but maybe pay a sherpa company to transport my luggage. A few more hotels instead of hostels would be nice. And I would pay someone to stay in my house and look after my cats while I am gone.

Phew is that it, have I come to the end of my list. Dream is over now back to reality. I think I'll go for a walk, it's lovely and sunny here. Toodle pip.


  1. OK, I'll tear up that begging letter I have just written! I do believe that the way we use our money says a lot about us, and I see that people and animals are close to your heart. As you say, it wouldn't change your personality.

    We used to be millionaires years ago, but that's because we lived in Africa where you got 500 CFA to the £1, and we were paid in six monthly instalments, so every six months we had about 1 million CFA, which is not really much in pounds sterling, but it was nice to think we were millionaires!!!

  2. Haven`t played the lottery for yonks. About 10 years ago I once won £50. Never again after that. So, I gave up playing and wasting money and time on it about 8 years ago. DB still plays on occasions. I`m not interested anymore as I`m quite content with what I have. The most important thing is to have a roof over my head, and all else is a bonus. I`d also rather put that £1 of lottery money to one side each week and treat myself to something I truely need, after a few weeks. But, I can see that playing and hopping for that big win can get to be an addiction for some people. I don`t feel that I want to be like that, always waiting for something to happen that will take me up a social ladder. Money would not make me happy.
    I`d rather stay the way I am and enjoy what I have. Don`t forget. When you have money, people will be knocking on your door to get their share, even if they`re not entitled to it. I`d worry more if I had money of that sort of calibar, wouldn`t you too?

  3. I was thinking about you earlier and thought that if you're spur of the moment ticket did lead to a big win, you'd be much the same person - still frugal and thoughtful of others, but perhaps have the heating on a bit more often! I don't think a lottery win would change you and your values, no matter how big it was.

  4. I like the way you are planning to spend your winnings Ilona, now you just need those numbers to come up :0)

  5. Spooky - that is exactly the way I would spend my winnings too. I would also make sure a couple of elderly people I know would never have to worry again about heating their homes and there is an animal sanctuary near me PAWS at Findon, http://www. that would definitely be in line for some financial help. It breaks my heart when I see what limited resources they have there, yet their love for animals is unlimited.

    I suppose one extra thing I would buy would be a state of the art sewing machine!

    Linda xx

  6. I wouldn't have expected anything other than that from you Ilona, nothing will ever change you, thank goodness. It's nice to daydream once in a while.

  7. I was thinking of you this morning Ilona, I don't now need to send you a begging letter because this morning I had a great big win on the Premium Bonds. The grand sum of £25! Don't worry, I shan't let it change my life and I shall still look for bargains.

    No, I can't see you changing at all, other than being a little more comfortable - you would never 'spend, spend, spend' other than on helping animals and people.

    I think animal charities would receive some of my money too. I have a friend also who could do with a bit of a lift. Goes without saying my son and fiancee (soon to be wife) would not go short either. My husband would be given a cheque to completely clear his business debts and buy a small house somewhere with large garage so he could work 'at home' when he wanted to! He could take it easy and look after his health, which he is not doing now.

    I was almost going to by a ticket myself but the magnitude of the win made me forget, mind you I went on a bike ride with some ladies on the Breeze network, together with one little boy on a BMX, who had to get off up every ride. How silly those bikes are for general riding as the knees are bent double all the time.

  8. Exactly what I'd do too!
    Some people say that when it gets to a huge amount it's 'obscene', let me tell you, it would be pure gold to some folks as I would spread it about until I had just what I NEED left!

    Good luck next time then?

    Sandie xx

  9. I've just read your post with interest, because I am another one that never buys a lottery ticket. One day the lady in front of me at our local store brought a £1 scratch card. I thought to myself, I'm going to buy one of those...I won a tenner! I was well chuffed about that, so brought another one ticket with my winnings and won a quid LOL. Its still on the pinboard waiting to be changed into another scratch card...its been there 6 months now! I like this new comment box its much better to be able to see the post you are rreplying to in case you miss something you wanted to reply on. I think I'll do this to my blog too if I can suss out how you did it lol. xx


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