Saturday, 22 December 2012

Might as well stay in bed

Another day of rain so no walking today. I went to the bank in town and paid my water bill, any excuse to get out of the house. It was busy, shoppers scurrying from shop to shop, loaded up with carrier bags, trying to dodge the rain. I just ambled around thinking thank goodness I don't have to do that. I bought some wash up liquid for 39p from Home Bargains, cooked ham for the cats for 99p, water colour paints for £1, something to play with, reduced crisps from Poundstretcher, and potatoes and sprouts from Aldi. I almost went into Thorntons and bought a bag of treacle toffee but thought better of it. I saw a programme on the iplayer about sugar addiction, the presenter had diabetes, and my friend has recently been diagnosed with it. I don't want to find myself in the same boat, with no teeth left, so common sense prevailed.
There was such a lot of Christmas stock left on the shelves, the newspapers are reporting that sales are down on last year. Only two shopping days left, I can't see them shifting it all. It would be a good idea to buy up whatever you need for Christmas 2013, after Boxing Day, when the prices will be slashed.
The police were out in the town, they had a mobile office parked in the shopping precinct, and these two gee gee's were strolling around being patted by all the small children, and me. They will probabaly be out later on tonight rounding up all the drunks staggering around and collapsing in the street. Gorgeous horses.
A bit of good news landed on my door mat today, a letter from HM Courts & Tribunal Service. Phew, I don't have to go to court, that's a relief. It's also a bit of a shame, I would like to go and listen in on a case or two, just out of interest, but it wouldn't be right to sit on a jury if I couldn't hear every word. I don't think they would like it if I kept saying 'pardon'.
Dinner was quite simple tonight, no picture, you know what a plate of iceberg lettuce and a load of cous cous and grated cheese looks like. I didn't need a big meal as I had a big lunch again, well it was a second, late breakfast actually. My first breakfast was eaten in bed, a bowl of cereal, I didn't get up untill after 10am, no point when it's wet and dark and miserable outside.

I mentioned paying my water bill, it was £42.75 for six months. This is for 9 cubic metres of water, and disposal of the same amount of dirty water. I pay Anglian Water for this. They break the bill down into £13.02 for the actual water, and £14.95 for a standing charge. Then £14.88 for taking it away. There will be another bill coming soon from Severn Trent, they charge me £28 for the surface water drainage.

I've opened a bottle of red wine tonight, a cheapo one for under a fiver, it will last me three, maybe four days. I must say I am not very impressed with it, and wouldn't recomend it. Typical Spanish plonk, it's called, Las Primas, Gran Familia, Tempranillo. On the label it says it's fruity, soft, and spicy, with berry and plum flavours. I reckon it would do a good job on cleaning up the family silver. I need to go and brush my teeth before they turn a funny colour. Have a good weekend. Toodle pip.


  1. I always feel sorry for police horses. I know they are well trained, but what those poor things have to deal with.
    Jane x

  2. How did you manage to get out of that jury duty? Did they drop you because of your hearing problems?

  3. I can't save anything that's sweet either.
    I have recently discovered M&* are doing veggie Percy Pigs - I could eat a packet a day :-)
    (I don't obviously.)

    Hope the rest of the weekend is dry for you so you can do some walking.


  4. I'm glad you are taking the diabetes thing seriously, Ilona, as sugar is one of the most addictive things that there is. And when you are deprived of it (as I am, because I am diabetic) oh, boy, do you crave it! I restrict it on a daily basis, no sugar in tea (don't drink coffee very often) try to not eat biscuits. Will sometimes if blood sugar is low, have jam on toast. But this time of year is a really big challenge as now, my doctors have decided that my cholesterol is not that good (4.2 are they having a laugh?) So, where I would say, oh, no pudding for me, I'll have some cheese instead... well, I'm, still having a bit of cheese. But not as much butter.

    And, also, my son in law is a dentist, so he will be really happy that you are thinking about your teeth.

    Hope you find a nicer wine, if you don't like this one, maybe pop it into the freezer for casseroles and buy a nicer one?

    Think I'm back on google..


  5. My late mother in law had iron self control with chocolates and sweets. She liked the family to buy her chocolates for Christmas and would only eat 2 a day. They used to last until Easter when we topped her supplies up.

    1. My mum does that. She's 92 but chocolate actually upsets her. She has an iron will but it is for her own sake she does it. She has a really sweet tooth and loves chocolate too.

  6. Oops, I have a bottle of that wine, it was a raffle prize, I got a free ticket from the local shop. I think that I better turn it into sweet mulled wine jelly. I am with you on the sweet stuff, my weakness is ready to eat prunes They are a terrible price and I would have to buy 2 bags, 1 to eat on the way home. I got up late, rain rain and more rain, walked my dogs and stayed in the kitchen baking most of the day. I bake small cakes, pies and cookies, 8 of each. We keep 4 and my neighbours on both sides have 4 each, we all have a treat and I do not pig out. Win win.

  7. Greetings!
    We got a foot of snow this week; i'd be thrilled with rain!
    Loved the comment about needing to brush your teeth. I think if this blog gig doesn't work out you should try comedy!

  8. Too bad regarding the wine - if you spot discounted Australian reds with labels such as Penfolds or Wolfblass, rest assured they will be of consistently good quality (I am biased though!).

  9. Have you turned your heating on yet Ilona? Although I realise we are having a somewhat 'warm' spell at the moment...

    1. Hi Sue. I had my heating on about ten days ago, for about an hour, not had it on since. I only use it when it is freezing and frosty, then just to take the chill off. It is quite warm at the moment.

  10. Hi Ilona, I have managed to make wine drinkable in the past by mixing it with grape juice which comes in cartons from the supermarket, red or white depending on the wine. It can both stretch it and make it taste better for very little expense,

    1. Thank you Detta, I will do that. Good idea.

  11. As Jess already said, there's nothing to stop you going and listening to a court case if you're interested. They are, generally, public affairs. You could even go along on the date you would have been on a jury and observe a case that you may have served on. As an added bonus, it'll be a warm place to spend a day :-)


  12. Good morning Ilona from House Fairy.
    Good on you staying in bed, nice and cosy.
    I am the same, do not rush. Have a coffee or 2 and watch tv or read.

    The shops are really busy, I ventured out Tuesday to Asda. Wednesday to town and Thursday for the dentist for my broken tooth.

    Husband has got the right idea. He drops me off with shopping bags and comes to collect me several hours later.
    Not every ones cup of tea!
    I like to look at the clothes, and house hold things, get the items I need with vouchers. Plenty of fruit and veg.

    Dentist, he delights in telling me as we get older our teeth need more care. Tries to get me to go every 3 months. I feel like telling him I know! He can only make a new NHS charge for check up and clean every 3 months.

    My tooth broke away a bit under a crown. It felt a bit rough with my tongue so I put my finger in and out came a chunk of tooth.
    The dentist said as it was the same tooth he did work on in May there was no charge.
    He seemed to be saying the NHS can only charge for work on the same tooth once a year. I did not know that. Well he has put some filler in.I was delighted to have no injection.


  14. I quite like Montepulciano d'Abrizzo (I think that's spelling) it's £3.99 in Aldi and pleasant to taste too. You can get it from Asda too, probably a different brand of it.

    Have a good Christmas & all the best for 2012.


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