Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Two old bags up for grabs

Oh bother, I was going to give you a step by step tutorial on how I made these two bags, but the pics have disappeared. I know I took them but for some reason they have not appeared on the computer. It could be because the battery ran out halfway through taking them and I had to recharge it. Oh well, never mind.
The one on the left is made of all the small offcuts I had left. I pinned them together like a jigsaw puzzle, overlapping the edges, making the two sides. The edges weren't straight so I trimmed them before I stitched them together. Told you I would get another bag out of it. The yellow flower I hand sewn it on, I am not very good at going round corners with the machine. If anyone wants one of these pop your name on the bottom and I'll draw a couple of names out. You don't get to choose which one. As my mum used to say, you have what you get, ha ha. Closing at 8am Friday morning.
Bet you can't tell what this is. Give up? Ok I'll tell you. There is a bench I walk past which is made of rough wooden railway sleepers. If you look close it is covered in tiny shards of frost. Isn't it pretty.
A bit further along is a crack with a weed growing out of it.
And a bit of green moss.
It's like magic the way the frost clings to everything, turning it into a winter wonderland.
This is really amazing, some dead flower seed heads in a front garden caught my eye as I walked past.
The quarterly gas and electricity bill popped through my door today. Both are estimated, but it doesn't matter, it's about right. £82 for both, which is £8 more than the same period as last year. That will do fine.

The man from Anglian Water is coming in the morning to fit my water saving bits and bobs. I'd better have a bit of a tidy up. Can't wait to see his face when he finds my bath full of water, and a bucket of rainwater next to the downstairs toilet, for flushing, ha ha. Oh heck, I shall have to get up early, he could arrive any time after 8am.
Toodle pip.


  1. Your pic of the frosted bench looks like a birds eye view of a forest, it may be treacherous underfoot but heavy frost is quite magical.

  2. Nice pics. Great blog. Good luck with the water man.
    Dianne - Hereford

  3. 2 old bags up for grabs, sounds like you and me, out on the town LOL

    Nice work, very stylish!

  4. Just love your 'Jack Frosty' photo's .. they are so pretty. They would make great Winter Greetings/Christmas cards printed out on some stiff paper. Just a bit different...or a larger pic with one of those small calenders stuck on the bottom. Thats if you can still buy them.

    Keep warm ... Vicky x

  5. Lovely pictures. I think you may be telling the water man about saving water, not the other way round. x

  6. Amazing what a bit of frost can do, I'm going to start taking a bit more notice.
    Gardens have been white for a week now, they look so sad and neglected.

  7. What beautiful photo's. I would love to win a bag then I could tell everyone all about you when they ask where I got it from. Im off out in the morning with my little camera and see what I can shoot- hopefully my wonderful robin who still wont come near lol

  8. Would love a bag, but I'm in the USA.

  9. Lovely photo's. The frost really does make everywhere beautiful.


  10. Nice post!
    I'd love one of the bags, but i'm in the US, as well.
    Even with converting pounds into dollars, we spend WAY more than you on water. I really need to do a better job of bringing the cost down. We let it mellow if it's yellow, and i also put a bucket under the shower, but it's not enough.
    Thanks for the post.

  11. Nature can so pretty at times, even the frost :)

    It is very hot here (41C) at the moment, so a bit of that frost would be lovely...

    Your bags look great!


  12. What beautiful pictures. I would love a bag!

  13. Please enter me for one of those bags - they look lovely.


  14. I'd love a bag as well, but as I can sew, I won't ask to be put into the hat, so someone can win one who can't. I've also got quite a few myself.

    LOVE the 'old bag' joke, I was thinking what Kath said.

    The frosty pictures are beautiful. See if you can find a cobweb with frost on, that will look beautiful too.

  15. Loved the frost photos...very pretty.
    Good job on the bags.

  16. Good morning Ilona
    Yet another frosty day. Glad to see you are keeping busy making the bags and artwork.

    Love tho photo's. You take some lovely photo's to show us. Yesterday I took our dog to the park armed with camera.It is fun to catch the diffrent seasons. The tree's with no leaves.
    There was quite a few ducks on the pond and 2 swans. Other dog walkers like to say a cheery hello.

    Well done on your low fuel bill.
    £82 divided by 13 weeks = £6.30 a week.
    For our home at the moment I am paying £20 a week and lower in summer with no heating on.
    There are 4 adults living here.

    I try to be careful with the electric but we need the washing machine on every day.
    I put the slow cooker on this morning for a one pot meal - beef casserole and dumplings.

    I think you need to give us some clues on staying warm with out your heating on.
    We put layers on. vest, base layer and jumper but still shiver sometimes. walking with the dog warms you and gets you out.

    Take care from House Fairy.

  17. G'day Ilona.........I rarely comment but I read your blog every day, I get up, walk the dog and then settle down in front of the computer with a cup of tea and catch up. Its a good start to the day.
    I'd love to go in the draw for a bag please.
    I took some wonderful pictures of the frost on the spider webs yesterday when I was out with the dog......It makes everything look wonderful. My daughter looked at the bushes yesterday festooned with white threads and said........"who needs a Christmas tree?"

  18. Great savings on your utilites; that takes diligence and discipline which is what is missing in a lot of areas today.
    Love the pictures and the bags, especially the small handles, so great for carrying.
    Living alone saves a lot of money - you only have your wants or needs to contend with.

  19. Love your frosted photos Ilona,as you are like me and like to take photos of things of beauty.Isn't it amazing what nature can do?Makes me appreciate that I have sight and can wonder at the many changes that the seasons can bring....

    Good on you for kicking the power companies up the bum with your frugle ways so they won't be making as much profit as they would like from you and the rest of us...

    Keep up the good work...


  20. Beautiful pics. Ain't Nature wonderful.
    Love from Mum

  21. Good morning,it's Friday and the Old Bag giveaway is now closed. You can still comment on this thread but you won't be entered into the draw. Thank you for taking part, the winners will be posted later today.


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